As expected, the church that is the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade today, June 24, 2022. The constitutional right to an abortion has officially entered history. This decision, which was similar to the one leaked in May, gives governors the right to impose pregnancy on people, and it was made by a court that politically represents a handful of rural white people who believe Jesus was the same color as them. The decision contravenes American sentiment, according to a CNN poll showing that 66% of the country "did not want the Supreme Court to completely overturn its decision." We live in the age of radical minority rule. Because our civilization is in moral and economic decline, because wealth is more and more concentrated and centralized, and because our president is only trying to do something about gas prices, we can very much expect things to get worse. The 1970s will indeed look like the good times.

And worse:

And worser:

And this is what Rich Smith said this morning: "They deliberately tried to say gay marriage/contraception isn't next, but why do I find it difficult to believe." He is right. In this ruling, Clarence Thomas explicitly said he thinks the Court should overturn the cases protecting sex, gay marriage, and contraception. And the most consistent thing we have seen in this whole situation is deliberate mission creep. This inch is about state rights concerning abortion, but the next inch will not be: it'll be nationwide gun rights.

The empire has struck back, but the resistance continues:

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Congressional Democrats:
Basically: "We expected it, but we don't know what we're going to do about it quite yet." 

If you got some dough to spare
, today is clearly a great day to donate it to Northwest Abortion Access Fund. Expect in the months ahead unwanted pregnancies to flow into Washington from surrounding red states. 

King County is expecting as much: Today King County Executive Dow Constantine announced a plan to give the Northwest Abortion Access Fund $500,000 and to send $500,000 to the health department to deal with the anticipated strain on the county's health care system. 

Washington State is expecting as much: In a press release, Attorney General Bob Ferguson pledged to protect the right to abortion in Washington, which we codified in our state constitution in the 1990s. He's also "working to protect medical professionals who are prosecuted in other states for providing essential health care services that are legal and protected in Washington," and actively looking for "opportunities to bring or support legal efforts to overturn this extreme opinion." 

Bremerton High School football coach provides the U.S. Supreme Court with more materials to establish a theocracy in 21st Century America. The court/church "is expected to rule soon on whether a former Washington state football coach went too far by leading students in prayer after games." 

Joining Seattle's Pride weekend are closed I-5 lanes between I-90 and Spokane Street. Telling is the name Washington State Department of Transportation pinned on this work, which will certainly frustrate thousands of Seattle drivers during the weekend, and not free them future from congestion, as there is no way around the law of induced demand. It's called "the Revive I-5 project." Clearly, some people do not live in the increasingly warmer 21st Century. They instead live in an age that's as fantastic as the Third Age

The more Seattle looks at the very interesting year of 2020, the more missing government texts it finds. The Seattle Times has this story: "More destruction of text messages emerges as Seattle pays $1.5M to settle cannabis shop’s lawsuit"

Let's look into the crystal ball called the future. What do we see? A boy in bed. He is all tucked in. The stars are in his window. They are above the snowless peaks of the Olympic Mountains. The boy turns to his Alexa and says, "Grandma, please read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." And grandma awakes and reads from the book. But grandma died when the boy was 4. He is now 6. How is this possible? KING 5 reports: "Amazon's Alexa could soon mimic voice of dead relatives." 

Officials suspect that the dead grizzly bear recently found on a Whatcom County beach (rotting claws on the sand) was carried there from Canada by floods that happened not too long ago. This theory is not empty. It's backed by the fact that the area has no known animals of this kind. 

Some hoop dreams come true. Seattle Sports reports: "Seattle native Paolo Banchero goes No. 1 in NBA Draft to Magic." But the vast majority of hoop dreams remain dreams that's even less real than dust. 

In case you did not know and were interested in knowing, these are the five Republicans who wanted pardons from Donald Trump: Reps. "Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Mo Brooks (Ala.), Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Louie Gohmert (Tex.) and Scott Perry (Pa.)."

Good thing Jan 6 committee postponed hearings until July. It makes a whole lot of sense that the nation focuses right now on all of the bullshit coming out of the church-packed court.

At present, I'm listening to the dub of a dead civilization. It's Röyksopp's "Forsaken Cowboy":