A gunman killed six people in Highland Park, IL during a Fourth of July parade yesterday. Jim Vondruska/Getty



She forgot a shooting in our own backyard. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/law-justice/seattle-homeowner-fatally-shoots-man-in-his-yard/


In the US, life begins at conception and ends at mass shooting, just like Republinazi Jeezus craves.


so much weather whining here.



Did you know there are nearly two billion other websites you could be reading? It's true!


Two billion! But of all those websites, you choose to come to this one, then whine about the content.


so much content whining here too


as well as whining whining


at Least
there's damn
little Whinging

so When does PNW's
Smoke Season

I cain't hardly
Wait for that.


@2: Actually, life does begin with a shooting.


Today Is Bloody Thursday, (1934)


@9 -- ah

the Big Bang theory
well whattabout
turkey basters
and Immac-
ulate fuck-
ing Con-


with Today's nra
EVERY day's a
Bloody day.

if Only
we had

and a Copper
on EVERY Corner!

we'd be so
Bloody Safe
we'd not even know
what tf to Do with ourselfs.


2 GOP is pretty much running its mass shooters for office in 2022.


@6 Agreed and I think they’re the best writer.

You know they’re opinion, they’re obviously very progressive but they aren’t insulting about it.

Heck Jas is the only one of the bunch who actually writes persuasively.


ah yes
Progressive Policy
is terribly Insulting
to the Reptilicans

who just
wanna take us
back to the Fifties
either 18- or 17- or
whenever tf everyone Knew
their proper bloody Place. and
Stayed in it. say that reminds me



Always More:

“Nation Under Siege”
Nina Turner on Highland Park
Shooting & Stopping U.S. Gun Violence

Six people were killed and at least two dozen injured when a rooftop gunman armed with a high-powered rifle attacked a Fourth of July parade in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park on Monday morning.

The police eventually arrested Robert Crimo III, a 21-year-old white resident of Highland Park and aspiring musician, whose music videos depicted mass murder and school shootings.

[gosh. NO ONE couldda
seen that one coming]

We speak with Nina Turner, former Ohio state senator and national co-chair of the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign, who says mass shootings in the U.S. are partly fueled by racism, sexism and “toxic masculinity” that equates gun ownership with manhood.

“We have neglected to deal with a violent past and a violent present in the United States of America,” says Turner.

[those damn MEAN Progressives]

tonnes more
as per Usual:



well no JtrbleK
you're 'thinking'
of the Taliban again

you gotta give the gop
til the next Election
to make it Man-
datory oh and
Full Time.



Well, it wasn't a mass shooting at a public event, so it's understandable that this and the probably 30 or 40 other similar one-victim shootings around the nation yesterday were overshadowed by the literal tidal wave of higher-casualty incidents.


Well, if YOU would stop whining so much, the overall whine-count here would plummet. You're basically complaining about your own actions, like when RWNJ's scream about voter fraud, and someone points out that the overwhelming majority of the otherwise miniscule amount of voter fraud that actually occurs is perpetrated by Republicans, they go, "SEE? I TOLD YOU SO!"


@19, Also, unlike the other shootings, that one wasn't a crime. No probable cause, no arrest, no crime. Those shootings get no love from The Stranger.


Ah, SLOG....the consummate collection of hypocrites. Seeking all natural, go with the flow of nature, respect for all indigenous peoples, honor climate preservation......"What do we have to do to get a week of 80-degree days?!?!?" MOVE YOUR HYPOCRISY SOMEWHERE ELSE. I hear Governor Ron DeSantis' state provides a completely honest & natural experience while respecting the rights of all. You'd fit in real nice. (Perhaps a little cheese with that whine?)

The Highland Pk IL shooting really is pretty incredible. Highland Pk is an extremely stable, very upper middle class, North Shore-ish suburb of Chicago. But it's not the Richey Rich type of upper middle class. It's the type where the people are there because they're 'Second Generation Working My Ass Off/In School Studying My Ass Off' so hard they don't have time to be 'Playing With Guns Crazy'. I guess it really CAN happen anywhere.
Oh, and lest we forget that the mantra that this is a UNIQUE AMERICAN PROBLEM, there was another shooting at a shopping mall in Copenhagen. He killed 3 people. (Don't ever forget Anders Breivik & the Norwegian island of Utoya. The record for mass murder ISN'T held by an American. Again, not that that should keep us from trying to end this nonsense.)

"Two men are dead following a trench collapse ....." If you want something that you can REALLY do something about, agitate for the prosecution for murder of the bosses who sent those men down in that trench without a trench shoring box. Before workmen are sent down into a trench to do the handwork, the company is supposed to first dig the trench with a machine, then drop in a heavy steel box to keep the walls of the trench from caving in....as happened here. Every year, workmen who can't afford to refuse orders are killed because the bosses are too cheap to rent a shoring box. It's the law. It's SOP. It's ordinary safety practice. Everybody knows it. Put the bosses in jail for murder!!
"The recovery of their bodies is on pause as the soil remains unstable."....more crap reporting from SLOG: The recovery is ACTUALLY on pause because it was late in the day in a rural area on the 4th of July, and the bosses couldn't get rescue people or actual competent contractors to come out to the remote site before dark. So of course, as the workmen are buried underground, no one actually knows if they are still alive & suffocating or dead & out of their misery. PUT THE BOSSES IN JAIL FOR MURDER FOR A LIFE SENTENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"....community-transmission in those counties are "high," ....."
Hey, it's Bumpkinville. On election day they actually vote for a candidate named Covid.....Opps, sorry. As Sheldon Cooper said, "Those are things we think, but don't say."
"..."vaccines and prior infection are proving less and less effective at preventing infections and reinfection"..." I don't know....I spent a month riding public transit & going to concerts in France this spring where Covid is supposed to be prevalent and I didn't catch anything. Of course, I was a good boy and wore my mask wherever required. (Clean living & a pure heart. That and whiskey are the key to long life.)

"Britney Griner hand-wrote a letter to President Biden"
Ah, Britney.....Lots of tattoos, lots of street cred, baddass on the court.....forgot the Prime Directive of the street: "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime." Even when I used to party all over Jamaica, we always traveled clean. If we rode so much as 100 yards out of town we left our Chronic behind, as the police used to be anywhere along the highway checking vehicle registration. I once saw Ohare airport customs confiscate a very fine, very ornate, carved & painted wood chalice because the owner, rather than intelligently identifying it as a piece of Indigenous Jamaican Folk Art, told the agent it was a Bong. BTW, why can't her sponsors, or whoever arranged for her to go over there to play ball, get her out? If her own mob can't spring her, how does she expect Biden's mob to do it?

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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