The man with the plan: After the council clashed for months over how to recruit more cops, the body decided to partly pass the buck to Mayor Bruce Harrell. Today, Harrell will unveil his plan to recruit more officers.

This will finally answer the question posed by Councilmember Sara Nelson. Will this city take every opportunity to better fund SPD and its cops, even when we know offering bonuses won’t work? Nelson desperately wanted to give cops hiring bonuses even though it's a dumb idea (point and laugh, its okay), so to end her little tantrum the council voted to free up money to give the executive the option of providing prospective cops some extra cash to sweeten the deal. We'll see if he lands on a hiring bonus program.

Cap the fees: After passing a bill to give (some) app-based workers better pay, the council will now consider legislation to “protect the interests of consumers and restaurants” by capping service fees on food delivery platforms at 15% of the purchase price of each order. The lobbyists for these apps are absolute monsters, so this should be interesting!

Fuck cars! All my homies hate cars! Gas prices are up across the country and the people of Washington found the best way to avoid getting screwed at the pump: Don’t fucking drive. KING 5 reports that Washingtonians are taking advantage of alternate modes of transportation to save some money.

Print more money: Inflation rose 9.1% in June, which is larger than the figure money astrologists divined when they threw a dart at a wall to predict last month's inflation. 

But seriously: As much fun as it is to clown on the economists, inflation is not good for the working class. Exhibit A:

Stop rent gouging, Grandma! Seniors protested rent hikes at an affordable housing facility in Bellingham. Kshama Sawant would be proud. 

Vaxxed girl summer in jeopardy: Though we seem to be well-stocked on COVID-19 vaccines, good luck finding the monkeypox vaccine. When New York City made another batch of vaccines available, the website to book an appointment crashed within minutes due to high traffic and thus high demand for the vaccine.

Closer to home: There’s not a lot of help here in our state either. According to KING 5, as of Friday, Washington got a little less than 800 doses of the two-dose monkeypox vaccine. That’s less than 400 courses. At the time, there were 15 known cases in Washington, but who knows how far the illness has spread.   

Be careful what you tweet: Twitter is suing billionaire loser Elon Musk to stop him from backing out of the $44 billion deal to buy the (very bad) social media platform. Sounds like broke behavior to me. Twitter cited dozens of tweets from Musk in the lawsuit filed Tuesday. Gizmodo has the highlights.  

Based: Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled the country after protesters came to his house, jumped in his pool, and freaked him out over the mess he helped make of the Sri Lankan economy. 

Who will replace Boris? According to Reuters, eight conservatives will fight to replace party embarrassment Boris Johnson. I would make more jokes, but the Slog readers are strangely sympathetic to the British and very mean to me via email when I say anything about it.

We’re living in an episode of Glee: In case you missed all the drama with the Funny Girl revival, Lea Michele (who, as the internet relentlessly points out, has never proven literacy) replaced Beanie Fernstein as Fanny Bryce on Broadway. God is a Gleek.

Also who’s coming to the Barbie movie with me? Not related to the movie, but not UNrelated, Anne Hathaway and Ariana DeBose serving Barbie: