Bruce Harrell thinking about intensifying the police state, probably LESTER BLACK



I shop at Safeway to get gas points. Last time I filled up the F-150, I got twenty cents a gallon off. But I only drive that when we go across the mountains. Otherwise, it's the C-Max, which hardly ever needs gas (my commute is two miles)

Plus, I haunt their last chance meat cooler. Got two huge burgers (which I made into four large burgers) for five bucks.


Stop rent gouging, Grandma! Extraneous comma?

$800 in Bellingham? Damn. Sign me up. Here in LA, a $2300 senior housing apartment gets you a room with a linoleum floor because your roommate has accidents and sometimes shits the floor.


"Will this city take every opportunity to better fund SPD and its cops, even when we know offering bonuses won’t work?"

Just a reminder: we "know" offering bonuses won't work because a two-page document (which cited no hiring, salary, or retention data of any kind) opined that offering bonuses MIGHT not work in all city hiring situations.

"Nelson desperately wanted to give cops hiring bonuses even though it's a dumb idea (point and laugh, its okay), so to end her little tantrum..."

Go ahead, make good on your threat to endorse Nikkita Oliver again (and again!), since it worked so well for you last time. Bitter much?



Let's eat grandma!


I’m not sure it’s a money issue anymore. I was under the impression that as major municipal PDs go, SPD officers are currently pretty well paid.

I think a big part of the problem is that for a cop, Seattle is a particularly hostile work environment. Seattle cops are vilified by a large part of city leadership, and they’re trying to protect and serve in an environment where the criminals are pretty much allowed to violate the law with impunity.

We can raise the pay and add bonuses, but we won’t get the best cops, ‘coz they’d probably rather go to jurisdictions where they’re actually supported by the leadership, even if the pay is less. All we’ll get are the amped-up ex-military types who are more ‘warrior’ than ‘protector’.

Before we can rebuild/reform SPD, we need to overhaul city leadership, and flush out anarchists like Sawant.


Hannah in April:

"SDHR found inconclusive results regarding the efficacy of hiring incentives."*

Hannah today:

"even when we know offering bonuses won’t work"



@6: Yeah, history gets blatantly re-written, right before our very eyes. (Which side won WWII and the Cold War, again?)

The Stranger's spiteful loathing of CM Nelson means they also must conveniently forget the issue of SPD hiring bonuses predates Nelson's time on the Council, or even Nelson's election. Hannah Krieg knows this, because she covered it:


@5, "but we won’t get the best cops, ‘coz they’d probably rather go to jurisdictions where they’re actually supported by the leadership,"

Yeah it's super hard to find police leadership in this country that will cover for police malfeasance


The city council shouldn't forget the firefighters. SFD is understaffed as well. They're also busy responding to spikes in overdoes and encampment fires.


@7 Yeah, it's unfortunate. There aren't that many outlets providing in-depth coverage of the Seattle City Council's process, so this is a niche the Stranger could potentially fill. But it's hard to take the Stranger seriously when, as we've both noted, editorializing on police funding takes priority over objective reporting.


You all know police funding is ludicrous. Their budgets are insane, and that's just what we pay them. The federal subsidies, the private industry freebies, and all that free military gear make their budget even more insane. And for what? "Nice town you got there. Be a real shame if crime were to get 'out of control' wouldn't it? Now, let's just get those hiring bonuses into that budget nice and easy like, ok?"


We have more police with more gear and support than we've ever had. What's it got us? Do you feel safer? Do you feel like if your house were robbed or you were mugged that the cops would actually catch the person who did it and restore you to your prior state? Ask yourself if you're truly better off now, with these insane police budgets than you were back in 1979. And if you say, "Yes! Yes I am!" then go watch the Uvalde videos and ask yourself that question again.


The author herself summarized Seattle Department of Human Resources's findings on the bonus-for-cops question back in April. As she noted then, SDHR was unable (with limited data) to prove that bonuses work. That's much different than "we know offering bonuses won’t work." Do you think we're not paying attention? I consider SLOG to be a news source, but when I see this type of disinformation it makes me really question the Stranger's commitment to Truth.

Personally, I'd love to see SPD hand out hiring bonuses, but not to just anybody. Got a degree in social work or counseling? Congratulations! You get a generous bonus. Got a HS degree, a couple tours in the military? Sorry, we got plenty of your type already (no bonus).


The cold hard truth is that the SPD Chief isn't filling the positions, and that's on the Mayor.



@11: We have more police? Get the facts right first, then make your arguments.


let's Pay them More
to do even Less
til they're

they know when
to say When


I strongly recommend viewing the new WA GOP streaming ad featuring chair Caleb Heimlich doing a really creepy Agent Smith impression on innnnnnnflaaaaaa-shun.


@14 Deny, distract, divide and obfuscate. But don't ever answer the question. You might have to think for a moment and who knows where that will lead?


well TR, dancing around
queries is their Speciality*

*just after pop 'psychology'
oh and Equivocation


Says the gaslighting addicts. Call 911 to verify.


raindrop dear, calling 911 to research crime statistics is a terrible idea. Even for a Republican like you.


@11: "We have more police with more gear and support than we've ever had."

"Over the past two-and-a-half years, more than 400 have left the Seattle Police Department (SPD). That’s the smallest the department’s been in 30 years." (

Seattle's population increased 43% over the period 1990-2020. So, per capita, Seattle has ~ 2/3 the number of police officers it did thirty years ago. Little wonder they can't even investigate felonies anymore.


"....but the Slog readers are strangely sympathetic to the British and very mean to me via email..."
Aw, poor baby. We need to get you a better job more suited to your delicate sensibilities. I hear now that Li'l Abner is gone, his job as Mattress Tester is available.

@2, Yes the rents are actually rock bottom out here. But as you see, the bumpkins have the sophistication & life experience of house flies.......@4, I rest my case.

@5, sounds like reasonable insight to me. SLOG wants policemen like George Floyd but they want protection like Derek Chauvin.

@10, "...hard to take the Stranger seriously when...editorializing on police funding takes priority over objective reporting."
I'd have said at the Stranger manure spreading takes priority over everything else. But what you said.

@12, "I consider SLOG to be a news source...."

@14, Facts???!! We don't need no stinking facts.

@17, I think @14's point is there's no answer to a pile of manure & no sense in thinking about it. And asking someone to get their facts straight is neither denial, distraction, division nor obfuscation.

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