First, the facts: The Associated Press captured the most important moments from the final hearing of the January 6th committee for the summer. Pence's Secret Service detail called their loved ones to say goodbye, believing they were in mortal danger. Some of Trump's top yes-men frantically texted the president's aides in the White House and begged them to issue a statement telling the insurrectionists to leave the Capitol. Trump ignored all of them and chose to encourage his people via Twitter while watching everything unfold on cable news from the White House dining room.

Watch every second of this: If you missed the hearing last night, this is really the only clip you need to see. Come for the obvious intent to destroy our democracy, but stay for the cringe-inducing ass-kissing from Ivanka.

Shaming is good, actually: Primarily, these hearings are about convincing a fractured and polarized society that the last president unlawfully tried to use violence to hold onto power after losing the election. But the hearings have another important job: ruining the reputations of the goons who enabled Trump's coup attempt. Because good old-fashioned cyber-bullying is the only tool we've got left in a "democracy" where only a sliver of House seats are competitive, billions of dollars in dark money floods our airwaves with misleading ads during every election, and even the pro-democracy party can't abolish the filibuster to protect our basic rights. 

With that in mind, treat every co-conspirator like Josh Hawley: These clips were some of my favorite examples of giving a man who continues to fundraise off of his participation in the insurrection. May he be forever be remembered as one of America's most cowardly ambition monsters:

Can someone check to see if Hell has frozen over, because I agree with a cop:

Capping off our insurrection coverage with a reminder of how Hawley — and any of Trump's gremlins — should be greeted whenever he enters a room for the rest of his career in public life:

Well, this is what we expected: As the lawyer for Charleena Lyles's family predicted, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg declined to charge either of the officers who killed Lyles after she called 911 to report a burglary while experiencing a mental health crisis. Satterberg released a memo explaining the decision, noting that his office is bound by the law as it existed at the time of the killing in 2017. That's important because I-940, a statewide initiative that lowered the legal standard for charging cops who kill, didn't pass until 2018. 

In other King County Prosecutor news: The candidates to replace Satterberg are beefing over the future of what sounds like a promising diversion program for youth. Satterberg's chief of staff, Leesa Manion, wants to continue the program that connects kids and the victims of their crimes to community nonprofits that take a restorative justice approach. Jim Ferrell, who proudly touted his SPOG endorsement despite their president's support for officers who attended the insurrection, thinks that the kids need to have the criminal legal system breathing down their necks while they complete the diversion program.

Fellow dog owners, listen to Nathalie: I know, our policy choices make having kids while living in the city an unaffordable nightmare. But that doesn't mean the fluffy replacements for that void in your life get to run buck wild in every park. Also, pick up their shit!

Wait your turn, you selfish drivers: According to the Seattle Times, ferry line-cutting is as bad as Washington State Ferries has ever seen it. One enraged driver even pulled a gun on someone over it. At some point, I'm going to need a nerdy academic to explain exactly why people seem to have lost their humanity in the last three years. 

Inslee wants more cop training facilities: The Governor held a press conference yesterday to announce a proposal to add four regional training facilities for police officers to supplement the statewide training center in Burien. Senator John Lovick, who worked in the Washington State Patrol for 31 years before becoming a legislator, said he didn't know how much it would cost but that the state had to make the investment regardless of the price. If only state policymakers took the same attitude towards spending on building crisis recovery centers, recruiting mental and behavioral health practitioners, investing in additional substance use treatment capacity, and building affordable housing...

Steve Hobbs flexes misinformation-fighting muscles: The Stranger's favorite level 45 necromancer 20 invoker and Secretary of State, Steve Hobbs, sat down with experts on fighting election-related misinformation yesterday to counter the morons who put up yard signs saying drop boxes were "under surveillance." The drop boxes remain just as secure as they've always been, and they are an excellent way to return your ballot once you've voted the SECB slate.

Washington's annual crime report dropped: These reports constitute the juiciest of bait for mainstream media looking for copaganda, but Lewis Kamb over at Axios did an excellent job putting the numbers in context. Murder and violent crime did increase statewide last year, but those who would like to convince you that our fine city has become a lawless Thunderdome of violence have to contend with the fact that murders fell 19% and reported rapes decreased by 13.6% in Seattle specifically.

Gas prices falling in Washington: Prices still average over $5/gallon, but they have dropped 11 cents in just the last week. Workers already hit hard by inflation should see some measure of relief as we enter the busiest driving season of the year.

I leave you with this clip from England, which I've been thinking about since I first saw it on Wednesday. It will continue to dominate my thoughts while our city roasts next week: