Pretty much everywhere it’s gonna be hot. So at least you don’t need a jacket. Anyway, it’s going to be in the 80s today, and in the 90s through Friday (thanks, Obama). If you want to keep cool, check this map for cooling centers around the state. Or if you want to stay home, I recommend putting some damp washcloths in the freezer ahead of time and taking them out one by one to drape over your forehead while muttering “it’s too goddamn SULTRY in here.” More hot-weather recommendations here, and you can still vote in last year’s poll about who’s to blame for this awful weather.

Prepare for trouble. This weekend was Pokémon Go Fest 2022 at the Seattle Center, drawing crowds of nerds who scampered around collecting creatures. I stopped by for a bit and unfortunately did not encounter my boyfriend (Trubbish). But speaking of Pokémon going to the polls, there is an election happening right now, and most of the ballots have so far been returned by people over 45, so if you happen to know any youths, please remind them that the deadline to submit a ballot is August 2.

Look out below. A volcano in Japan has forced the evacuation of several dozen nearby residents. It's far away from large population centers — about 600 miles from Tokyo — but there's a risk of falling rocks, mudslides, and searing gas.

Cars kill. Two weeks ago a driver hit and killed 63-year-old Robert J. Mason near the Spokane Street Bridge. You can read about Robert’s life here, and there will be a Critical Mass ride in his memory this Friday, July 29. A few days after Mason's death, a woman hit and killed 13-year-old Michael Weilert in a crosswalk in Tacoma; the woman remained at the scene to answer questions and so far has not been charged. Michael’s family held a vigil this weekend, and they have a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses.

What on EARTH. The Tacoma Farmers Market says that the Point Ruston Owners Association has ordered them to ban "any style of Mexican food" from being sold. 

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Could we transform the SR 99 tunnel into a water park? In news that absolutely nobody could have seen coming, the SR 99 tunnel has become a massive money-loser, with revenue forecasts going far into the red. It’s hard to know what the future could hold for this disaster-project, but personally I’d like to see it become a lengthy subterranean whitewater rafting course. At any rate, I hope we’ve learned a valuable lesson from this disaster. Meanwhile, work continues on the Alaskan Way project.

Set right what once went wrong. Duke Ellington was supposed to get a Pulitzer Prize in 1965, but he didn’t, because … well, the official reason is a bit murky, but it’s not hard to guess what was going on. Now a petition is asking the Pulitzer Board to give him the recognition he was denied.

A Louisiana librarian could be fired today for defending LGBTQ+ books. I hope you’re ready to be depressed! When a local resident asked the library to ban This Book is Gay, Library Manager Cara Chance spoke out against the censorship. The library board will meet today to discuss whether she should be fired. No word on whether anyone’s discussing whether the library board should be fired … out of a cannon.

Probably counts as an illegal move. A chess-playing robot broke a kid's finger in Russia. You can watch the video here, if for some reason you are the kind of person who can live with the knowledge that you willingly clicked play on a video for no other reason than to see a child in pain.

Summertime funtime continues in Bothell. This weekend was a pleasant Art Night with vendors, and next weekend is a cultural celebration with Aztec ceremonial dancers. Once again, I put the question to you … Bothell: Why the hell not?

At least we can dance. The world may be going up in flames, but there’s still some fun to be had. This weekend the city’s holding Dare to Dance Summer Festivals at Roxhill Park and Othello Park. Free dance classes! Open to all skill levels and ages.

Some bike lanes got makeovers this weekend. The bike lane on NE 40th Street just got a little concrete curb, which isn’t HUGE as far as bike lane protection goes, but it’s better than the nothing that was there before. This is part of an SDOT pilot program that will investigate various different types of bike buffers; future locations for the program have not yet been identified, but SDOT says they’re considering Columbian Way S on Beacon Hill, 9th Ave N in South Lake Union, and Pinehurst Way NE between Northgate and Lake City. Also getting some upgrades this weekend was the intersection at 1st and Denny, which (finally!) went from plastic flex-posts to concrete curbs. 

Happy birthday, West Seattle. This weekend was the 115th anniversary of Seattle’s annexation of West Seattle. Maybe one day it’ll be possible to travel there directly.

Get a load of this champ. A good dog!