"At least we can dance. The world may be going up in flames but there’s still some fun to be had"

Shipping powders back and forth
Singing black goes south and white comes north
And the whole world full of petty wars
Singing I got mine and you got yours
While the current fashions set the pace
Lose your step, fall out of grace
The radical, he rant and rage
Singing someone got to turn the page
And the rich man in his summer home
Singing just leave well enough alone
But his pants are down, his cover's blown
And the politicians throwing stones
So the kids, they dance, they shake their bones
'Cause it's all too clear we're on our own
Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down
Ashes, ashes, all fall down

Grateful Dead - Throwing Stones


Temps in the low to mid 90's certainly isn't awful or horrible. It's summer after all.


Re: the erupting volcano in Japan is "far away from large population centers".

Although not "large" compared to Tokyo, the city of Kagoshima is about 10 miles away. It has a population of 600,000 which is about the same as Wyoming and it gets to have 2 US Senators.


I don’t understand, why the dig at Obama?


"Sultry" means it is humid. It is NOT humid in Seattle when it is hot.
The low 90s is hot, but it is the normal summer temperature everywhere in WA east of the Cascades.
I'm still mad about that kid getting killed in Parkland.


I love the heat. And I love the tunnel. It's the fastest way to get through downtown, as all the cheapskates are either on I-5 or the surface streets.

But I will say that the waterfront is starting to really shape up nicely.


@5 - "Thanks Obama" is a fairly established meme these days which blames Obama for random/outlandish things. I don't care to look it up but I believe it started with conservatives sarcastically saying "Thanks, Obama" for things they blamed Obama (like the ACA). Since a LOT of these claims were either inaccurate or overblown, internet culture started being double-sarcastic, saying/typing "Thanks, Obama" for actual helpful stuff and then it later evolved into sarcastically "blaming" random shit on him as a joke. For example, when I scraped my finger this morning I could have said "Thanks Obama" and that would have been current "correct" usage of the term.

@6 - No doubt. I have to actively tamp down my anger about this. People don't take driving seriously enough and they don't understand goddamn physics. Even if there was no fine/jail punishment, I'd say killing someone in this situation should be an automatic 10-year suspension from driving at the very least. Or you have to keep a picture of the dead person on your keychain or some shit like that so that you're forever reminded/haunted that someone died because you're an impatient dipshit.


LOL “if you happen to know any youths.” Based on the comments section The Stranger is mostly read by old scolds/ holdovers from the paper weeklies of the 1990s


@6, What do you think should have happened to the driver in Parkland?

Someone dying at the hands of another is not a crime. Most homicides are civil, not criminal negligence, by a large ratio. So how would Parkland be a crime? What would be required to take it from wrongful death (civil homicide punishable by lawsuit) to criminal homicide (manslaughter)? How do the facts in this case take it to the latter?

Other than a visceral reaction (mad), what's should be the appropriate concrete action toward the perpetrator? Changing lanes is not unlawful, or a civil infraction with proper signaling, etc.. Going through a crosswalk is not unlawful, or even a civil infraction? A yellow flashing light on a crosswalk does not require one to stop, like a red light. Going past such a signal, in and of itself, is not even a civil infraction. It's an indicator of a POSSIBLE hazard, and we regularly drive past them all the time without stopping or slowing.


What is it about "Home Owners Associations"?
I think the Tacoma Farmers need to find a new locale
right away-- that is apparently not a neighborhood that
deserves to have anything as pleasant and fun as a
farmer's market.


@8: Aren't we all impatient drivers at one point in time or another? Let the saints raise their hands. Not excusing the driver but they are no different than any of us.


Yeah I definitely don't have a flawless driving record either and perhaps I've just been lucky on the Random Encounter table that my vehicle hasn't collided with another living entity (since I hit that poor owl in Kansas, at least). But if I can get ticketed for sliding on an ice patch in a parking a lot and hitting another car (that had just slid on the same patch), with no injuries and very little damage (roughly 5 mph collision) then how in the fuck is killing a person at a crosswalk not subject to some level of (scaled up) consequence per the system?

Impatient drivers fuck up and get penalized all the time - so why not this?


@10: i'm mad at multiple factors in the story.

i'm mad that the kid followed the rules and got run over. it means that crosswalks w/ signals are a joke, and people who trust in them are suckers. this is what I do for pedestrians at crosswalks every day; i stop. now it seems like that's setting pedestrians up to die. parkland should remove the crosswalk or put a proper traffic light there.

i didn't say it was a crime. i understand why the driver's not been charged, although they changed lanes and went around a stopped car. it was reckless, if not legally negligent.

anecdotally, my wife knew someone who killed themselves over a similar incident decades ago: they'd been driving the stopped car and felt responsible.


Since we (the species) obviously aren't going to do nearly enough to mitigate climate change and since the PNW is obviously getting warmer, isn't yesterday a good time to invest in air conditioning systems for our homes and public buildings?

"According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 44 percent of the homes in the Seattle metro area have air conditioners, which is the lowest rate of any metro area in the country. Jul 1, 2021"


Speculation in the tacoma subreddit is that the Mexican restaurant in the point Ruston development has a non-compete clause.

So it's an asinine thing, but maybe not a blatantly bigoted asinine thing at least?



Aren't our traffic laws predicated on the axiom that "pedestrians legally crossing lanes of traffic have rights of way"? So, if running down someone in a legal, well-marked and signal-lit crosswalk with an automobile ISN'T a crime, then what the fuck IS? We won't even go into how "also ignoring a vehicle stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross and passing it instead" should factor into this.


@14, You just made the case for more cops. You stop (most of the time, sometimes you, like everyone, make negligent, non-criminal errors) for crosswalks like you should (when they are in the crosswalk and within one lane width of your lane) and you feel like a sucker when others don't (and you are). Others don't because there is no reasonable probability of having their conduct observed and corrected (by a traffic stop, a traffic stop with warning, or a traffic stop with citation). So they develop bad, uncorrected, negligent behavior that becomes a habit, and the negligent habit kills somebody. They are human.

The driver's actions weren't reckless (that is one of the elements that could make his actions criminal). He was civilly negligent, which unless he has more than $500k in home equity, or other net worth, or very high income, means his insurance (if any) will pay out to the maximum liability limits, and the driver will have high rates (perhaps double or triple) for three years.

Crosswalks aren't a cure for human inattention, distraction, and error. The driver wasn't being a mindful driver. He was focused like a laser beam on getting where he was going and not being as observant, using high-aim vision 8 to 12 seconds up the road, and everything in between, as he should have been. The pedestrian, who did nothing wrong, didn't act with the common sense and self-preservation to be actively observing and assuming that drivers will err, forgoing the opportunity to prevent the error of others to kill him. This accident was all human factors.

I drove transit for Pierce Transit. I know the area well. There just aren't a lot of good design options for a road with that volume of traffic. Those crosswalks are really helpful at night, more than the day, which is counter-intuitive. The amber flashers lighting up when someone pushes a button is an alert to the presence of someone that you would otherwise never see on the side of the road, let alone entering it. When I drove transit, I honored the crosswalk day or night, and I tried to stop (assuming I could do so without upending, injuring, or killing, a standing passenger or passengers.) at least a bus length short of the stop bar for the crosswalk to improve visibility for the pedestrian and overtaking motorists. A bus is a great thing for moving a lot of people, but its a terrible thing for preserving visibility for non-buses and pedestrians.

My main gripe is with those that RIGHTLY call for rule of law and democracy to prosecuted Donald Trump, but then want to ignore rule of law, and the democracy that set the standard for what is permissible, to see someone charged or held responsible by a standard other than democratically enacted laws that don't criminally sanction behavior they don't like, or behavior that isn't responsible. Democratically enacted norms (laws, rule of law) also mean people get to rely on them for their exoneration (at least of criminal wrongdoing) for choices we don't like, and that are irresponsible.


@15 We just dropped $11k on getting A/C installed in our house. Too bad the install date isn't until the 5th, but it's absolutely worth the cost. Plus added home value!


Speaking of death in SODO, an acquaintance of ours was killing in a road rage shooting down by the 4th Ave S viaduct over the railroad tracks. Apparently somebody cut somebody off at the place where the two northbound lanes are reduced to one because the guardrails are broken. The right hand northbound lane of that viaduct has been shut down for almost a decade now, and there's no sidewalk on that side, or any kind of bike passage on the viaduct.

Our transportation priorities in this town are completely goofy.


@21 It's completely wild that "road-rage killing" is a term I've recently become acquainted w because of how many incidents have happened down here in South King County recently.

Hardly a day goes by where I don't see a gruesome wreck on the highway either. It's no way to live (or die).


@19, They won't put a light in on a state highway. The goal of that roadway is to move people in motor vehicles, including transit (Pierce Transit is putting their first bus rapid transit route on that corridor since it transports more ridership than all but three of the highest volume Metro routes), with as few signals as possible for cross traffic routes. The crosswalks at that point, are roughly 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile apart, and there is little high density housing to create foot traffic.

Eventually, they will need to spend $3 or $4 billion to move the road below grade and lid it, or build overpasses for cross traffic and pedestrians. That's the 30 year plan (or should be). It's the equivalent of Highway 99 through Shoreline and Lynnwood.

And yeah the guy will get sued. But as I note, assuming he has insurance, he'll pay a higher premium for three years, and that's it.


The anti-transit mentality of this blog is nuts. What is this, the Seattle Times? Buses have been running to West Seattle using the lower bridge for a while now. It is quite fast compared to most parts of the city and a lot faster than driving. It seems like you support every transit project -- even really stupid ones -- but are afraid to actually use transit, even when it is faster than driving.

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