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Vote. Even if you're not into that sort of thing. This is no time to be a neurotic Seattleite who is feeling feelings about how politicians have let them down.


I mask when it is appropriate - at the grocery, on the train. Wearing a mask outdoors when no one else is anywhere near you is unnecessary - and it was prior to vaccines.


«Washington landlords are back at it again, whining that they can’t make people homeless as easily.»

The UK has been doing this landowner-tenant dance for well over two thousand years.
As a result of their many trials and errors with this arrangement, the English decided finally that the interests of the tenants tend to greatly outweigh the interests of the landlords. Furthermore, the State has a vested interest in keeping its citizens healthy and sheltered.
Need outweighs greed in the real human world.


Adam Smith can't afford a decent photographer? Did the GOP place this ad?


there are more reasons
to mask outdoors
than just the bloody virus
dear Horatio!


"we all have to fight the capitalists to let us survive even if we cannot work in the ways society sees as most valuable"

We should also be pushing towards a livable Universal Basic Income (UBI). A lot of this crap becomes much more manageable and equitable when we actually take the figurative gun out of the capitalists hands.


Fluxum dear, what might those reasons be? I'm truly interested, as I see people walking about by themselves outdoors with a mask on, and I've always been curious about the reasoning.


one ass
umes y
ou'd prov
ide examples.


@9 - pollen? Ages before Covid there was a woman on the Sounder train that always wore a mask. Never asked why but I theorized maybe asthma and sensitivity to the particulates that might be present around the station platform.


@4- are you suggesting that you don’t get evicted in the UK if you fail to pay your rent?


UK has council estates state as public housing much the like the proposed city owned housing being pushed in Seattle.

"I think of how much painful, unnecessary death the state sanctioned, " Think of al the lives that would have been saved if only someone had lost the paperwork.

lol state sanctioned


I don’t know why, but I always get a little excited when planets are visible to the naked eye. A telescope is an excellent investment if you’re the type who likes contemplating your place in the universe (and I am), but when Mars gets so close that you can see in the night sky why it’s called the Red Planet – well, I’m sort of thrilled. For those of you who know little about stargazing, remember, planets don’t twinkle.

We more informed humans know the civic mindfulness and the benefits of an effective mask during a pandemic, but I’m getting so worn out worrying and caring about other people not wearing theirs that I’ve just come around to the point of making sure that I and my loved ones don ours and let the ones who insist on being stupid and careless be stupid and careless. No more scenes of lowlifes at Walmart blowing it, please. I know local news loves that shit, but I’ve had enough. I don’t want to think any less of my fellow man than I already do.

Landlords filing suit in Spokane County. Hmm. Interesting choice of venues. Trump country. Have they no shame? Here in LA, landlords are bitching as well because the eviction moratorium has been extended to the end of the year, and renters have until the end of 2023 to catch up on rent. Owners are furious, but as of yet haven’t gone to court. I expect the reason why is because they don’t want their histories told in a courtroom – and since we finally have a pretty strong tenants union here, it WILL represent. I’ve lived in many places around the country, but I have never seen absentee apartment owner/management anywhere like I’ve seen here. I know people invest for rental income, and I want them to get paid, but they must be made to realize, if they don’t, that housing requires a bit of a social contract: pest control, please, emergency contact, please, and don’t raise rent 50% in 60 days because you can. Thanks.

Please let me assume that when Hannah infers that one is allowed one political hit, she means that afterwards you go to jail and thereby can’t do any more. If she means everyone should be allowed one assassination attempt, then, honey, peace out. Forget about going around carrying a picture of Chairman Mao. You ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow carrying around a picture of John Hinckley either.

I’ve never flown Spirt Airlines (I’d heard the horror stories), but I know plenty who have, and the resounding consensus is, “Never again.” And about those double-digit fares? Sheeeeit. My sister flew from Phoenix to LA and she had to pay an extra $150 in fees and purchases by the time she got here. They charged her for choosing a seat, for god’s sake. They’d charge you for air if they could.

Happy Pride Weekend, Vancouver!


@9 Once we get back to complaining-about-the-cold season, a mask helps keep your face warm outside. I'll also often wear one outside if I'm just making a short jaunt outdoors between indoor locations where I'm going to wear a mask, or put it on a little while before getting to the door because I like to plan ahead.


What ever happened with the "tsunami" of evictions the Stranger was predicting?


@15 Socialists love deadbeats. They think that’s “fighting the system.” Once you accept that truth, their whole schtick is clear as can be.


@14 - providing public housing at public expense makes a lot of sense. It is very different from just deciding that no one has to pay their landlord any more, which is what the Scarfed Menace and her band of merry college sophomores seem to want.


"All cops are bastards."

Until you need one. I guess making generalizations like "cops" and "landlords" is easy when you're a silly young woman with no perspective on the world.

Grow. The. Fuck. Up.


Thank you so much for providing a link to the selected writings of Marta Russell on Capitalism and Disability. It's a synchronicity, because I've felt the need to address some personal blind spots.


@1 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Amen!

@2: Rest assured I voted Democrat AGAIN, lil MAGAt sock puppet.
You're welcome.

@17 boatgeek: I, too, am a firm believer in masks. I haven't had a cold in over two and a half years since the onset of COVID, and my lips haven't been nearly as chapped as they would directly exposed to cold, harsh wintry weather conditions.

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