And Kanas voted no, you creep. The state turns out to hugely value the rights of pregnant people. Kyle Rivas / Getty Images



"The midterms tend to be bluer because they attract more voters."

Erm, I think you got this backwards. Presidential years attract more voters than the midterms. The fact that Kansas got presidential year general election turnout for a midterm primary shows how important the abortion initiative was. Also, more than half of the votes in favor of abortion came from Republicans.


Traffic improvements on 85th between Aurora and I5 are most welcome!


I’m head over heels for Jon Stewart, who spotlighted the vets bill, and shamed the Senate into quick passage.


Americans love socialism, as long as it's called something else.


85th St. SUUUUUUCCKKKKS. Phoebe is right. Do whatever you need to, SDOT.

@3: the Senate GQPs were just pouting about the Manchin Reconciliation Bill - they planned to vote yes on the vets, but they wanted to punch themselves in the face 1st.


What are the carbon emissions of those exhibitionist flying death machines? How much careful conservation are they undoing crapping those exhaut all over the city?


@4 Americans love socialism for themselves but not for those others.


Re: Kansas. The fact that people are hailing this as a victory has two major problems: one, rights should not be up for majority vote. Either we as citizens of this country have rights or we don't. Imagine if gay marriage were up for a vote by the majority? Imagine if women having the right to vote were on the ballot for the majority to decide? Or whether or not white people have a right to own slaves?

It's fucked up and we should not be celebrating this as a victory. Redder than red Kansas made it clear the majority believes women should have the right of bodily autonomy and the privacy of making their own medical decisions. Wow. Redder than red Kansas believes women are human beings. What a fucking victory. Notice 40% of the people who voted DO NOT BELIEVE WOMEN ARE HUMAN BEINGS AND HAVE NO RIGHT TO THEIR OWN BODY OR PRIVATE MEDICAL DECISIONS.

Secondly, 50% (and they haven't calculated if it even hits the 50% mark) of eligible voters voting is NOTHING TO CELEBRATE! This country acts like having half of the people who could vote voting is some sort of incredible turnout. It is not.

We have a compromised, corrupt and criminal SCOTUS, NOT ELECTED, most of whom were appointed by presidents who did NOT win the popular vote (and one who was handed the presidency by the aforementioned SCOTUS), and a fraction of the voting eligible population voting in a country that tramps around the world pretending it is a champion of democracy. 9 people who were never elected, at least 3 of whom lied to Congress under oath to get put on the court, are now making decisions based on their religious beliefs (and one of them, Alito, is traveling the world bragging about it).

It's a fucking atrocity.


the "... Stranger wants to own the Repubs..."


"... but fails to fully acknowledge... "

you want?

this ain't
The sea Times

"... their 'progressive'
champions got owned."

Progressive politics're
much more Popular
than you Repressives
give them credit for

thank Gawd
for "republican"
Overreach eh & for Rudy &
Alito and "justice" Uncle Thomas

without which
we'd all likely
be Dead* by

*or wanna be
looks like they've
Awoken the Electorate



Jesus Christ, xtina. Your shitty shouting won’t damper the excitement here in KS for this victory.


the fasciis
are who's Victorious
Corporate Rule SUCKS

they're Awful Hard
to Un-elect.


"Or [the majority Voting on]
whether or not white people
have a right to own slaves?"

according to Originalist
Alito, if the Founding
Fathers had them
then Obviously
we Whites
Can now

and won't former 'just-
us' 'Uncle' Thomas
be Surprised?!

I'm thinking anyone
Not pink's Eligible

'less they Po!

then it's



"Socialists Make No Gains in Congressional Races" Yeah, no kidding. No surprise here.


bingo lioness:
Corporate Welfare's
the Only Good Welfare

speaking of Socialists:
FDR got Elected


@15: Had more to do with WWII than "socialism"


you mean
you'll take


we all kkknow you will.

*corporate rule
means never having
to say you're ''sorry.''


Wow, does this headline post contain some secret message about Amanda Knox, one that I'm now way too old, and (always was) insufficiently hip to catch? Because I've never seen xina throw a fit like that without a mention of Amanda:

"Imagine if gay marriage were up for a vote by the majority?"

That has already happened, right in Washington State. Under the leadership of then-State Senator Ed Murray, the legislature removed the opposite-sex requirement from marriage law. Bigots then forced a public vote, which gay marriage won.

"Imagine if women having the right to vote were on the ballot for the majority to decide?"

That also already happened, in the United States, over a century ago -- and it required a super-majority to alter our federal Consitution, which also happened.

"Or whether or not white people have a right to own slaves?"

That happened in the US after the Civil War. (See the movie, "Lincoln," for more details.)


you mean
like a

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