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«...crowd near Mar-A-Lago continues to grow into the night following that search warrant»
Notice these hicks can just barely get near Mar a Lago without being shot.
But heck, any excuse to get drunk on bud lite, tailgate, honk yer truck and yip 'wooohooo!'


"I obviously don't support the message, but it sounds at least a little more engaging than the original play."

That was delightful Jas, and a refreshing rebellion from Broadway's decree to sing the praises of 'Hamilton' in every review.


I did not understand the hype for Hamilton either. Lin Manuel Miranda seems like a guy who enjoys sniffing his own farts.


Oh dear, looks like everyone's getting all butt-hurt this morning cuz a multi-talented actor/singer/composer/playwright is more talented than they are. Get back to us when you've all won multiple Tony, Grammy, Olivier, Pulitzer, and Emmy Awards - or even just a measly MacArthur Fellowship or Kennedy Center Honor - and then perhaps we'll take your sour-grapes whinging more seriously, m'kay?


Anything Trump didn't return to the Natl Archives has already been burned.

I doubt President Narcissist ever looked at a single item; that would involve reading and/or listening to someone else talk. He just had someone (with security clearance?) through it and pull out any hand-written notes relating to Family Separation and the like.



Hamilton is wonderful mostly because it is different than the usual Broadway formula but also because it creates another one of those entertaining progressive paradoxes. While the show is populated by a BIPOC cast and broke several barriers on Broadway for underrepresented communities it also provides a fairly positive portrayal of the founding of our country and the men who created it.


It appears she is using "rhetor" inaccurately as it means a teacher of rhetoric but she is using it in the context of a practitioner.

"It also enables a rhetor to announce or advance extraordinary policies that are beyond criticism, because criticizing the policies would require taking them literally, and that would come across as a kind of humorless nitpicking. "

Blah humbug and fucking aye, lady.


@8: I hope you're right, but they've had a year and half of unfettered access to filter and destroy.

i wish we had some idea of what was in those boxes; it's all very vague. presumably anything classified has other copies.


$38M? Just… use it wisely. Hire sober people, improve scheduling, etc. Also, $38M doesn’t go as far as it used to so no administrative trips, please.

Defund the FBI? Hell, no. Not with all this cyber crime lurking about. Re-direct funds, maybe, but defund? No! And let’s not blame the FBI for performing its role as enforcement for the DOJ. That’s kinda the original intent of the Bureau. We are aware of past excesses, but when they are doing their real work, I say, “Thanks for your service.”

Ezra Miller seems hell-bent on self-destruction. I hope he isn’t turning into Kevin. That movie creeped me out for days. Anyway, could we get some mental health care for Ezra, please, before it’s too late?

Just a whiff of Issey sends me back to 1993 and Celebrities on Davie Street and a vodka rocks twist: Martha Wash, Haddaway, Annie Lennox. Good times!

You do not want to get the Broadway queens all in an uproar over "Hamilton." They will find out where you live.


is nowhere sacrosanct anymore?

not even Pie-lo-Garbo!

goodness gracious!


@13: It's not about an ideology, so that's proof positive that you don't understand anything about what you think you understand, but actually fear.


@13 -- have you no
Zygote burials to Attend?


FT - fucking - W, kris.


I think it's probably best to not rely on The Stranger for any sort advice on how to administer vaccines.


@10. Speaking of humorless nitpicking, "rhetor" is also a synonym for orator, and in this context it is being used to describe an orator who employs the rhetoric of demagoguery.

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