Seattle was thirsty last night: Day In Day Out festival, which ran at Fisher Pavilion over the course of this weekend, ruled in numerous ways The Stranger will describe in other posts throughout the day, though in the festival's final hours the VIP section ran out of Red Bull, soda, tonic, and hard cider. A friend also reported a beer shortage in general admission. I overheard a bartender say they had seen attendance numbers and ordered mixers accordingly, but apparently the city was just a tad thirstier than anticipated!

At any rate, for my part, I appreciated The National kicking off its closing set with "Don't Swallow the Cap," which contains the line, "If you want / to see me cry, / play 'Let it Be,' / or 'Nevermind.'" The crowd caught the local reference, and all in attendance danced little awkward personal dances in celebration, except for those two girls who did lazy summersaults on an open patch of grass throughout the performance. Did not know that was a thing, but I support it.

Another hot one on deck this week: Thursday could hit 90 degrees, but evening temps will stay cool, The Seattle Times reports. And here you thought summer was over. 

Woman killed by light rail train: The woman became trapped between the train and the platform at the Mount Baker station on Sunday afternoon, though details remain unclear, The Seattle Times reports.

Fishing vessel carrying oil sinks near San Juan Island: The commercial boat carried five people who were not injured, KING 5 reports. The Coast Guard says the boat held about 2,600 gallons of "diesel/oil" onboard, and various agencies are responding to the pollution. "A subcontractor has been placing absorbent booming in the water to recover visible material in the water. The contracted divers are working to determine the best course of action for the sunken vessel. The depth of the wreck poses some additional safety concerns that the team is working to mitigate," the Coast Guard wrote on Twitter.  
In other boat news: Three boats stashed in a marina south of Seward Park caught fire, leaving two people "forced to shelter in place on the dock," KIRO reports. Kinda freaky: 

Ferry damage watch:
West Seattle Blog reports that no repairs have started on the damaged M/V Cathlamet or the Fauntleroy dock two weeks after the ferry crashed into a structure near that dock. Washington State Ferries says it's still figuring out timelines and costs. 
Family of Federal Way road-rage victim says they haven't heard from police: The family tells KIRO that 25-year-old Travis Santos was shot and killed in a road-rage incident, and that Federal Way police have not contacted them. "We just want to know what’s going on. Just have regular answers, you know. Regular questions," the man's brother said. Federal Way police had not responded to KIRO's request for comment as of publication time.
A spate of shootings over the weekend: Four people were shot and wounded at a park in Renton. A man was shot and killed near Cal Anderson Park. Two people were injured in Hillman City. A man was injured in Pioneer Square. And a 14-year-old girl was shot in SODO, where she was a bystander to a shooting at a sports bar, according to KOMO. "No arrests have been made but police said they collected 12 guns from private security guards who were working at the site and are trying to determine if any of the guards filed their weapons," KOMO reports. 
Nikkita Oliver is out: The attorney, educator, and activist is off to the midwest.

The country's drunk uncles are fighting: Late Friday the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security released a bulletin announcing an observed "increase in threats to federal law enforcement" from domestic terrorists following the search of Trump's Floridian palace, reports HuffPost. The cops see most of the threats online, though there was that guy in Cincinnati who took a nail gun to an FBI building before police chased him down and shot him. I'm sure law-and-order types will make Republicans pay for this at the ballot box. 

Prepare for more abortion refugees from Idaho: Next Thursday, our eastern neighbor will enact its "near-total ban" on abortions. In the meantime, the state's bounty hunter-enforced six-week abortion ban will go into effect. All of this cruelty comes as a result of a recent judgement from the state's Supreme Court, which ruled that the bans can kick in while legal battles play out, according to the New York Times.

Last year, the Northwest Abortion Access Fund told me that 60% of the people they serve live in Idaho. Abortion advocates expect that number to skyrocket as a result of the ban. If you have the time and the cash, then celebrate the Court's decision with a nice little donation to your local abortion fund. 

Salman Rushdie is off the ventilator: The author of The Satanic Verses (and also of Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights, a copy of which currently serves as part of my makeshift "laptop stand") remains in "critical condition" after a man stabbed him during a reading in New York. His son told the BBC that the author's "usual feisty and defiant sense of humour remains intact," however. The cops arrested a 24-year-old named Hadi Matar for the stabbing, which will likely leave Rushdie with nerve damage and one fewer eye. 

If this becomes some kind of bullshit cancel culture thing I'm going to log off forever ... oh fuck: 

Oof: "At least" 45 people burned or suffocated to death and 41 others sustained injuries after a fire ripped through a Coptic Orthodox church in Giza, Egypt, according to Al Jazeera. “Suffocation, suffocation, all of them dead,” said one witness. Officials blamed the blaze on an electrical malfunction in a second-floor air conditioner.  

Let's end AM the way we began: "Don't Swallow the Cap."