As he closed out the Day In Day Out festival, The National frontman Matt Berninger said his parents live in Seattle now. "Home is where your mom is," he said. Jeffrey Martin



That Blue Lives Matter crowd sure is an ideologically fickle bunch


why won't Idaho
set up Checkpoints
on their Borders for all
Female residents to navigate
in search of Humane Healthcare
they won't get at Home in Idaho?

and let's not sell any
of our Weed to those
in states that Hate the
womenfolk but LOVE their
baby-making Characteristics.

Papers, please?

the Fourth Reich
is gonna be


I see a skull in that oil sheen.


New Texas Law Requires Gun Buyers To Show Proof Of Mental Illness

“Starting today, all prospective firearm owners must be evaluated by a state-licensed physician and be able to document that they currently suffer from violent tendencies or are otherwise mentally disturbed,” said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, adding that registered gun owners would need to take yearly exams to confirm they routinely threaten people’s lives, fantasize about murder, and actively wish to do harm against others or themselves.

Abbott added that the state had passed further regulations requiring that anyone who had been reported to be planning a mass shooting of any kind be given complimentary ammunition and firearms.


«The country's drunk uncles are fighting»

That gave me my laugh of the AM! Many thank yous!


3: I see it too, a profile view


"Abbott added that the state had passed further regulations requiring that anyone who had been reported to be planning a mass shooting of any kind be given complimentary ammunition and firearms." --@theOnion

and they're giving* Clitorectomy's
to all Females -- 'scuze me - fe-
Male Genital Mutilation (FGM)
nope that ain't It it's ladies'
circumcision -- just like
if you took that last 6"
off your Dick -- nope
like getting all that
Extra Skin off the
end of your dick
it's Always in
the Way any-
way, right?

so much like the
Taliban the Fasciis
got a Plan for the wo-
Menfolk that'll likely Keep
'em Home and Plenty Busy -
there's Broods to Raise, Baby!

where's my Beer oh
and What's TIME's Dinner?
gettin' a little Hungry over here

if ya Know what I

*free! read:



Traffic enforcement way down. Pedestrian deaths way up. Coincidence?

Surprised Rich passed up an opportunity to tell drivers they are a menace.


What @3 said.
What @8 said.

What? @13 said?


Very sorry about the loss of life at the Mount Baker station, but wow…how does one get trapped between the train and the platform? That’s not mind the gap. That’s mind the gape. I trust Sound Transit is making sure that this kind of accident won’t see a repeat at Mount Baker or any of its other stations. Jeez.

I think we can all agree that the health of our oceans and coastlines will greatly benefit from the sweet day oil tankers or other boats carrying large amounts of oil and, for that matter. offshore drilling are no longer necessary. Right after the oil embargo of the early 70s – or even before, say, the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, if life was an episode of “Star Trek,” we would have firmly said, “This isn’t working any longer. Now we must do something different.” But money almost always beats wisdom and foresight.

The goon who multi-stabbed Mr. Rushdie in front of many witnesses has pled not guilty, of course, on second-degree attempted murder. Second degree? I’ll have to research. I thought the difference between 1st and 2nd was pre-meditation. Anyway, the asshole stabbed away. Doctors say the liver was almost destroyed, the nerves to Rushdie’s arm were severed, and he almost lost an eye. Sorry we couldn’t keep you safe, Mr. Rushdie. By the way, security at the institute was extremely lax, considering. No screening. No metal detectors.


No, the asshats who went after Rushdie were not reading Tumblr. They were reading bullshit "fatwas" put out by old lunatics called Ayatollah so-and-so who think they are God's/Allah's personal fluff boys. Just today's little demonstration of how religion is Truly Awesome.


I'm so jealous. The National is such an amazing band.

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