Liz Cheney is projected to lose to a Trump-endorsed candidate today in Wyoming. She'll have a high-paying faculty role at Harvard in no time. Tasos Katopodis / Getty



and its weird festivals!


The Atlas Moth isn’t the only overblown, hideous orange thing flying around these days - and threatening our way of life!
And as always, Jas, thanks for the morning update!


And if Wyoming had ranked IQ voting, Cheney would win in a landslide!


here I am
pullin' for a
War Criminal's
daughter -- who
Happens to be gay
and likely consigned to
the Death Bed of History IF
the NeoCons can steal enough
Votes to Outlaw their Existences

if you're straight
& Stupid you're
most likely Safe

IF you remember to:
keep your head


Trump’s “Call to Violence” Against FBI as He Faces Espionage Act Charges Is “Replay” of Jan. 6 Riot

"Donald Trump’s response to the FBI search of his Mar-a-Lago estate has shifted day by day as more information comes to light.

He has called the probe a hoax. He has claimed to have declassified all the documents at Mar-a-Lago.

And he has demanded the FBI return some documents, claiming they’re protected by attorney-client and executive privileges.

Meanwhile, backlash against the FBI, especially online, is growing across the country following the search.

CNN reports the FBI is investigating an 'unprecedented' number of threats against FBI agents and property over the past week.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security has also issued a joint intelligence bulletin warning of violent threats against federal agents, court officials and government facilities.

Last week, the Cincinnati FBI office was attacked."

--Amy Goodman

tonnes More at

is One Bad
mf Pandemic.


It’s Liz’s younger sister Mary who is a lesbian


A recent background story in The New Yorker on Liz Cheney’s backbone vs GOP lies, mentioned her anti-same-sex marriage votes that angered her gay sister, Mary. Different daughter, Kristofarian.
Liz is not the gay daughter, publicly anyways.

She did vote with trumpox a huge majority of the time, so it’s certainly easy to have very mixed feelings about her.

Makes me wonder… what was it about him that was ‘the last straw’ in such a heinous, loooong list of criminal and cruel acts that did it to her?

Once his hypnosis of the GOP sheep wears off, you’ll see a lot of sudden conversions to her way of thinking and she’ll be a hero. I think she’s playing the long game and we will see more of her, in public office too, in the future.

Not that I could ever vote for a Repubican again. I gave Dixy Lee Ray a chance and I learned my lesson hard.



Everyone who is going to get vaccinated and boosted most likely already did so months ago. Anyone at this point who has refused the multiple offers of free vaccinations over the past 16 months or so is on their own - we've done our part, they refuse to do theirs, so fuck 'em.


@11: Miss Dixie was a democrat.



"Makes me wonder… what was it about him that was ‘the last straw’ in such a heinous, loooong list of criminal and cruel acts that did it to her?"

I think it's pretty obvious and a picture perfect summary of conservative ideology. She took action once her own personal safety and well being came under threat. She was perfectly fine voting in ways that would undermine the rights and subjugate the livelihood of others, but once the threat hit home she developed a conscience.


@13 The stopped clock axiom asserts itself.


Gosh, who’d have ever thought that I would put Liz Cheney and heroic in the same sentence?

I know that the USDA probably loses sleep at night over this, but something rigorous needs to done to prevent all these harmful insects hopping aboard ships and being imported into North America via food or packing material or whatever. Hard to accomplish with world trade being what it is, I know, but it must be done before we wind up having to eat moths for dinner. The person selling cocoons of an invasive species is below contempt. What would be proper punishment? Lobotomy, perhaps? And the person(s) who released Burmese pythons into the Everglades need(s) to be shot on sight. But controlling invasive species is kids’ play next to our homegrown pests that have devastated complete forests like the pine beetle. They used to be kept in check by cold weather which we all know is disappearing. Pine beetle souffle, anyone?

Hoo-boy. This may get me into trouble. I’m never really shocked when a rap performer winds up involved with some sort of shooting. I thought early rap was fun and meaningful; it made an artistic statement, sometimes it was even melodic, and it gave people a needed snapshot, a taste of street life. But some of it – still – celebrates thuggery, homophobia, and misogyny. It celebrates the gun. It celebrates the notion that it can all be settled with weapons. Everyone respects a semi-automatic. Attempts to make those performers dial it down have only made the message more subtle – for a while. That ethic has become de rigueur in the lives of many young people. Imagine, though, facing discrimination AND wondering whether you can walk to the store without being shot and killed. People who have cashed in on the music that keeps that hell alive should use that money for something that helps the situation – and stop re-feeding an amoral culture of fear and violence.


@7 - hey, Kris. You know I love your stuff, but are you saying Liz Cheney is gay?


@15: Thanks. Twice a day is above average for Slog.


@ 7 "it’s certainly easy to have very mixed feelings about her?"

Not really. She's every bit the sociopathic extremist that her father was. The only difference here is that she was on the losing end of a factional infight for control of the Republican party.

That corporate media has tried so hard to portray her as some sort of 'courageous hero' with admirable ideals should be enough for us to realise it's a load of crap.

She 'stood up' to Trump out of naked self interest and an unbridled lust for power. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Liz Cheney's Not gay?
okay. I was misinformed
& now want my Money back
but thnx! for all the corrections

if she's now standing up for her gay sis
and being counted in the Senate per-
haps there's a Decent human being
in there somewhere and'll Escape
the Sooner the Better -- even
Lee Atwater saw the Light

on his Deathbed
let's hope Liz
comes round
Sooner than

her Daddy's STILL
a War Criminal.

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