It's primary time! Floridians, New Yorkers, and Oklahomans are all heading to the polls today in the final primary day of August. In Florida, state agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried and Rep. Charlie Crist are facing off in the Democratic primary for governor, where the winner will challenge the truly heinous Ron DeSantis in the fall. In New York, there's been tons of redistricting dramá, with high-ranking Dems Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler fighting to represent the Manhattan-based 12th district. And in Oklahoma, voters are looking at a Republican runoff in the Senate race between Trump-endorsed Rep. Markwayne Mullin and former State House Speaker T.W. Shannon. Yucky! Follow the New York Times' liveblog for more updates throughout the the day. 

The Trump documents saga continues: The former President is suing the Justice Department over their Mar-a-Lago raid earlier this month, reports BBC. Trump's legal team has asked for an independent lawyer to oversee the eleven sets of classified documents the FBI took from his residence, characterizing the raid as "a weapon for political purposes." They described the Justice Department's search as "simply wanting the camel's nose under the tent so they could rummage for either politically helpful documents or support efforts to thwart President Trump from running again." Cue eyeroll.

ANYWAYS, the New York Times dropped a report saying that Trump had over 300 classified documents from the CIA, National Security Agency, and F.B.I. at Mar-a-Lago, including the documents from the 15 boxes he gave to the National Archives in January. I don't believe in prison, but bruv should be looking at jail time.

About that eight-hour, 36-course Wu-Tang themed dinner at Queen Anne Beer Hall by Seattle chef Syd Suntha...The big day is September 11. According to Eater's Jade Yamazaki Stewart, it will be a "cacophony of food, drinks, and performances." Bar Dojo's Luis Brambila and FeedMe Hospitality and Restaurant Group's Shubert Ho are among the line up of chefs slinging dishes that night. Suntha also promises "9 Wu-Tang themed performances," as well as craft beer pairings. Tix are $333 ($425 after fees and a service charge) if you were thinking of going. Save some for me!

A power outage is responsible for the sewage spill that closed two Lake Washington beaches: The power went out at King County Wastewater's East Pine Street Pump Station in Madrona, which led to an overflow into the ancient lake, reports the Seattle Times. Officials are looking into why the emergency generator didn't turn on automatically. In the meantime, don't get sick going for a dip.

👀👀👀 Whistleblower testimony by Twitter's former security chief, Peiter "Mudge" Zatko, accuses the microblogging site of having "hidden negligent security practices, misled federal regulators about its safety, and failed to properly estimate the number of bots on it platform," reports The Verge. Zatko filed a 200-page complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission last month, which CNN and WaPo published in redacted form this morning. Twitter says Zatko's complaint is "riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies." This, obviously, could have federal regulatory implications and a huge impact on Elon Musk's dramatic un-acquisition of Twitter.

OK, sorry, this is the last time I'll talk about Trump in Slog AM: But there's FINALLY news on Trump's post-presidential portrait. According to the Washington Post, Trump's Save America PAC contributed $650,000 to the Smithsonian Institute for his and Melania's portraits. This is the "first time in recent memory" that a PAC has funded a presidential portrait. Trump loves being first. Apparently, two artists have already been commissioned, but mum's the word on the identity of said artists, as is a finish date for the portraits. I'm giddy with excitement at how lumpy and cold those two will look!

Jupiter is so sexy... The James Webb Space Telescope continues to stun us with incredible images of the galaxies, stars, and planets that make up our universe. Now up: these infrared, composite images of Jupiter. The second image also includes the planet's two tiny moons, Amalthea and Adrastea. More from NASA:

In the standalone view of Jupiter, created from a composite of several images from Webb, auroras extend to high altitudes above both the northern and southern poles of Jupiter. The auroras shine in a filter that is mapped to redder colors, which also highlights light reflected from lower clouds and upper hazes. A different filter, mapped to yellows and greens, shows hazes swirling around the northern and southern poles. A third filter, mapped to blues, showcases light that is reflected from a deeper main cloud.  

An owl dive-bombed a woman from Sammamish as she ran through a park the other day: The park's name? Soaring Eagle Park, lol. 

Fuck a pipeline! Along with the Oregon and California justice departments, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is leading the charge against a $335 million natural gas pipeline improvement project by Gas Transmission Northwest, reports the Seattle Times. Filing the challenge yesterday with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Ferguson said that the project, which would increase greenhouse gas emissions for the next 30 years by 3.47 million metric tons, "undermines Washington state's efforts to fight climate change."

My own personal nightmare: A San Diego-bound Alaska Airline flight had to turn around after a metal panel covering the engine flew off shortly after departure, reports KING 5. The plane landed safely and has been taken out of service, but that one episode of Twilight Zone has forever scarred my experience in the you think Alaska checked for goblins?

Biden finally will announce a decision on student loans as soon as Wednesday: The President is apparently leaning towards relieving $10,000 in student debt for borrowers who earn less than $125,000 a year, reports Business Insider. But it's not far enough—there's no good reason why Biden can't relieve $50,000 for people in all income brackets RIGHT BEFORE the November election. At the very least, it appears that the federal government will extend the moratorium for a few more months. It doesn't need that money anyway!

Demanding my bosses fly me out to San Francisco so I can personally critique some trash cans ASAP: SF is trying out three different, innovative public trash can designs, one of which costs north of $20,000. And they all suck, apparently. 

Finnish prime minister apologizes for partying too hard: I say, party on. 

For your listening pleasure: Bad Bunny's "Neverita." Look familiar?