Scientists studying glaciers in Greenland to find out how long we have before the sea swallows us all Lukasz Larsson Warzecha | Getty



"Scientists say the Thwaites Glacier is 'hanging on by its fingernails' and could cause sea levels to rise as much as 10 feet globally if it melts."

that's only like what
Barely 3 meters?
why Worry?

(on the Con-
flagration if you) Please.


Musk Melon
on the ropes!


You just said candidate Ferrell materialized at the presser, followed by, "promised a ... "direct course of action" to address public safety that never materialized at the presser."

Where they too subtle for you Will about that "direct course of action?" I.e. Who to elect.


when BIG Oil decided
to supress the News that
Fossil Fuels were gonna Toast
Planet Earth, our Fate was pretty
much Sealed. oh and let's give Credit
where it's DUE -- the far far FAR "right"
(formerly-) Supreme Court decided BIG
Money could buy ALL the Free Speech it
needed to buy 'OUR' Lawmakers it was Over.

so yeah buy them Massive
Gas Guzzlers and Roll
some motherfucking
COAL babies!



the solution is to throw more people in jail. I mean increased incarceration rates haven't solved our public health and safety problems in this country in hundreds of years, but it might work this time


@7: Universal public education hasn’t solved all of our problems either, so let’s resolve Seattle’s teacher strike by simply firing all of the strikers.

This is fun!


Just because excessive sentencing guidelines didn't win the war on drugs doesn't mean a standard of no jail time is going to resolve the issue either. Particularity for recidivists.


has to be
the worst client
any lawyer has ever
had: According to Reuters"

speaking of peas in pods
lookit at former Mayor
of 911 Rudi Ghoulini

there's a Movie there
gotta be a Bromedy

ending in

'Universal public education
hasn’t solved all of our
problems either,'

when have we Tried it?
if I went to Mercer Island
and you went to The Ghetto
on what Planet is That 'universsal'?


... they Hate each other
and they're Sentenced to
Life handcuffed to each other

like a person with two heads

they Deserve each other
oh and they Gotta
Live-Stream it

ALL of it.


@3 Uh, huh… yeah, only capitalist countries pollute. Those socialist and communist countries are as green as could be! No burning of fossil fuels at all!


@12. There are no communist countries.


I mean, sometimes I do wonder if we're all doomed, why do we even bother continuing on? Shouldn't we just give up?


@7, Actually the solution isn't to throw more people in jail, at least as jails and prisons are currently designed and run.

The rest of the world doesn't create this false dichotomy between having lots of police to make lots of arrests, and restorative justice.

France has 422 cops per 100,000 people. Spain 534, Germany 336, Belgium 334, Netherlands 295, Ireland 293, Australia 264, Japan 235, and Norway 189.

Where does the U.S. rank? Third from the bottom of that list at 239 per 100,000, with around half the cops per capita of France and Spain.

Where we differ, with the rest of the world, particularly a country like Norway, is what we do with them when the prosecutor can prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a crime occurred.

We have the highest incarceration rate in the world. What is that getting us? The highest recidivism rates, and some of the poorest public safety, in the world.

So what should we do differently?

Use the occasion of someone committing a crime as an opportunity to intervene in someone's life to stop self-destructive behavior, behavior that is destructive to other people, and society as a whole.

Give the offender two choices, broadly speaking. They can sit in jail or prison for a long time, or take a short, by comparison, non-custodial custodial alternatives, short-custody alternatives, or a combination of both. The greater the contrast between the two, the more likely they are to choose the second, better for them, and better for us, option.

Most of those resources already exist (but not in sufficient quantity).

Medicaid funded outpatient mental health pays for all the treatment and drugs a given condition requires. Medicaid funded in-patient and outpatient drug treatment is available. The reimbursement rates are too low to attract enough providers to meet the demand, but that's is a relatively easy fix, if there is political will.

We have job training available through Worksource, community colleges, with existing funding sources. By last count the Feds funded and alphabet soup of 47 separate job training programs, with different eligibility, types of training, etc. Combine them and streamline them. Make access easy.

We have food stamps, some rental assistance (but not a large enough supply of rental units), some cash assistance, etc.

So if the offender selects help, the community corrections officer needs to be a social worker, with additional training to be able to go hands on to take someone back into custody, if required.

If we cut the number of prison beds we need, that is a source to fund and fill the gaps in the restorative programs we already have.

Even in that system, we still need cops. The prosecutor can't offer them the option to participate in their own rehabilitation, or a prison cell if they refuse, if we don't first apprehend them.

Once we apprehend them we make prison sentences long, in order to make the alternative look short and less painful.

We create a revolving door between prison and the alternatives. They can go though the door in one direction to non-custodial services and help if they change their mind, and through it the other way, back into custody, if they stop going to drug treatment, job training, or whatever else is mandated.

Even in prison, we should have rehabilitative programs. To the extent they actively participate in rehab and meet benchmarks for progress, they can always shorten their sentence. To the extent they game the system by not participating in what is provided, not meeting benchmarks (e.g. dirty pee tests, fail to take mental health medication, fail to go to counseling appointments, etc.) they can lengthen sentences.

So cops catching people isn't the problem. It's our failure to be rehabilitative once we do, that is the problem.


the Stupidocene era slogs on.


Why can't the Orange Turd and its loyalists be ended by a firing squad already and this global nightmare finally be OVER?

Meanwhile, the grossly inept Prince Charles and his mistress-turned-royal-wife-after-Princess-Diana-was-murdered, Camilla, are about to be crowned King and Queen of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland (a.k.a. the UK)...

Vladimir Putin is STILL violently attacking the Ukraine, threatening nuclear war on those opposing his criminal views...

North Korea's Kim Jong-un is STILL boasting about his nuclear arsenal, all set and ready to go...

Will someone please wake me when we have restored our democracy and have a halfway decent chance of saving this dying planet?


Rest in peace, Mikhail Gorbachev and Queen Elizabeth II.


Zahilay may be right that more arrests will not reduce crime, but I'm pretty sure he is also out of ideas. Let's hear them, Zahilay. Another YMCA or youth center? More activities for kids after school to keep them from carjacking people? Kids today have more distractions than ever and yet some of them would still rather steal a car or shoot somebody in a park than go to the youth activity center, play organized athletics, join an after school club, play video games, jerk off, get an after school job, find a hobby that isn't stealing shit from the Safeway...I could go on.


Fascists and firing squads do pair well.


@18, We have never had a chance of saving the planet. Human nature precludes that. So your sleep will be permanent.


@19: You really are a riot, you know that? You think decent people will stand up and save you, unfortunately there are no good people. There is no such thing. Let's just give in to our fate and at least not try to be so cringe about it


@21:....said the big FOX-TeeVee addled MAGAt Hitler fan.
Try not to fall in when you flush, Elmer.

@22 Seventiesrocked: Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg is one who gives a shit about saving our dying planet. Younger generations are stepping up to slow climate change. I feel there is still hope and conserve energy as best I can. We can all do our part.

@23 Obviously you're more of a January 6, 2021 riot than I am, Ludicrous, all misinformed, fired up, and bent out of shape as usual. Why do you harbor this theory that there are no good people left? Do you run over small children at school crossings or something? Get serious medical attention.


@14: See? You're the one about to push the Doomsday Button from the deep, dark confines of your Archie bunker, Ludicrous, not I. That's further glaring proof that you're more of a January 6, 2021 Capitol riot than I ever will be. Are you "doing it for your children"? Well, I guess they'll love coming to see you on visiting day.


Seriously--the criminal evidence against the Orange Turd and its bootlicking loyalists is so overwhelming that entire GOP should be facing a firing squad.


@26: Hey--it's no secret that RepubliKKKans and their rubes just LOOOOOVE their guns! Let's call 'em on it.


@26: You're one bloodthirsty sick old bat and you lost all credibility.


@24, If we don't all do our part, then you still get climate change anyway.

Those like you, who pay higher energy prices along the way, then others, wind up at an income and wealth disadvantage to bribe benefits for themselves and their families into the dystopian hellscape that emerges anyway.

We have had environmental laws that have made a difference in the past. E.g. Requirements for catalytic converters that applied to entire markets, all at once. We now have global markets, so we need a global treaty that is enforceable.

The Paris Accords are not enforceable, they set targets country by country; however, there is no consequence for individual countries not meeting their commitments, and politicians in those local countries, be they dictators or democrats, cave in the face of their populations protesting to the costs of combating climate changes (e.g. the yellow vest protests in France), which are immediately felt, rather than hold out for the voters that will exist 20 years from now, that will thank them.

So why so much blind faith in humanity, when the empirical evidence about humanity is in, and has been in, via the historical record, for 10,000 years? Why wouldn't you place your hope elsewhere?

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