Always a pleasant non-goading round up of items when you do it Jas.


Leave Britney Alone! Let her heal and do things at her own pace. She has enough money to not work at all anymore.

If she has something to say or do, she’ll do it in her own time. If only we all had that privilege…but she deserves to be given that space for healing.


Maybe because they are amazing.


speaking of non-goading:

& speaking of 'Stinkers'
Lindsley's just brown-nosing
now so that when his Nazi buddies
outlaw Homoness they Won't be Com-
ing for his gay white ass. he's Strategic!

and when the MkKkonnell Court
De-outlaws Slavery and come
for Uncle Thomas how's
he keep his Black Ass
Out of New Orelans
and Off the Shop-
ping Block?

just asking the

so Many
Nazis. so
little Time...


@2... Coming from you?
That's impressive. Or are you being sarcastic? I can't tell anymore.

So is Megan really back? i hope so. One of the best that Slog has ever had.


The gop is going to pass a nationwide abortion ban as soon as they can so it is never time to take our foot off their electoral necks.


@4 Nope, it's because they're blonde. Y'know, kind of how we care more about missing people when they're blonde.


The Condi Curse is real.


@11. De gustibus non est disputandem.


Whoops, should be -um at the end of that.
My Latin professor is disappointed with me.


This is not the smartest time for Senator Graham to be touting a nationwide abortion ban. But then it wasn’t smart for him to boast about ‘regime change’ for the Russian Federation. Kissing Trump’s ass has destroyed his brain cells.


If you're somehow too stupid to search the world wide web for a site that covers the particular genre of music you're fond of, you deserve to be subjected to nothing but Brittany Spears for the rest of eternity.


Is there anyone who could possibly have less of a stake in the abortion debate than a childless old vaginaphobe?


@16, only if you care about people besides yourself.


"It's likely not to pass out of the Senate, but it will—hopefully—only serve as a reminder that Graham is a sniveling idiot."
And as I keep writing, the reason these politicians keep getting re-elected is that they are doing a really good job of representing their constituents. So what does that say about the people who live in South Carolina? (Keep it classy, children.)

"Britney Spears says she'll "probably" never perform again"
Just my opinion, & if nobody agrees just ignore me, but you can put Britney in the same "If there's something serious print it, otherwise I don't want to hear about him/her" file with Trump.

"....Kelela dropped new music..."
And in the same vein, how much longer before we drop the phrase 'dropped' into the same circular file as 'air quotes', 'Cray cray', 'Game changer', & 'Haters gonna hate'.


Lindsay's behavior is so conspicuously "claiming the mantle of most draconian" that he's likely being blackmailed.


@21, "Right and wrong are totally in the eye of the beholder." if you think it's OK to murder someone..........??


@21, "There is no universal standard that makes caring only about yourself bad."
So you can let your dog shit all over your neighbor's walkway?
So you can dump your garbage in the ocean?
So you can generate electricity from bituminous coal & pump all kinds of crap into the air?
So you can car jack somebody if you need to get home from the bar on Fri night?
Obviously I'm confused.


What? You mean you can picket and negotiate a strong union contract all while not damaging the community that pays you for your services? No!


@17 - show me something that suggests Lindsey cares about anyone but himself.


Wait I thought we could easily replace all the workers that we fired over the Covid mandates. You telling me now that it’s not the easy replacing people with specialized skills? So weird.


@28, "Both sides are appealing to some uber-standard, above mere legislation, as justification for passing or repealling such laws, calling them evil or good.
So what is that uber-standard they are appealing to? Is it universal? If they are different standards, which is better or worse?
Or is one value as good as any other, and therefore none is better than any other? What value is embraced has no consequence, meaning or purpose. Just validate each one in their belief about what they value in the name of inclusion.
In the latter case, whatever laws are in place are nothing more than what 50%+1 could prevail in cramming down the throat of the 50%-1, with the coercive power of the state, until a future election flips which group or coalition won and which lost."


I don't even know where to start.

Perhaps you should go to a church or a deserted park for a little quiet time & see if there's anything inside you.

Failing that, try some basic, 6th grade education in religion or ethics or philosophy. And when I say religion, before you tell me it's all bullshit, I'm not talking about the Jimmy Swagarts & their money grubbing churches. I'm talking about the Mother Teresas and the Gandhis.

If your entire life is relative, I hope you've got some good moral, ethical seat belts. Even politics is not all relative. That's exactly why Trump is such an absolute horror of a human being. Because the entire universe is relative to Trump.


@30, Do standards give meaning to life? That's pretty deep. I never actually thought about that particular question. But there are standards.....some of which I think are absolute.
How about for starters, The Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I'm under the impression that's so old it has no author other than the human spirit.
My next candidate would be the two commandments:
"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.' The second is this, 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no other commandment greater than these." (You'll have to decide for yourself what that means exactly. But for me it means, first, love of truth, justice, equity, righteousness, wise dealing, charity, and second yourself & others.)

If you're looking for written authority, I look to:
The Bible - Like it or not, all our laws, customs, & all of western civilization are based on, among other things, the Bible.
The Upanishads are helpful.
Sorry, I've never been able to crack the Koran. I didn't start trying until I was in my 40s or 50s. It was too tough a nut & I never got around to finding help. (Other than looking up The Brightening***....which I've only heard of because it's quoted in Lawrence of Arabia. You take your learning from wherever you find it.)
But none of these are Chemistry textbooks or books of magical incantations. They are literature which need to be understood by learning & meditating on their meaning. All of which starts with your instruction as a child from your parents & school.....which is why people who think you can just have children & they will raise themselves don't fare well.

If you can get a thorough understanding of all the references above, you probably won't need to ask me for more.

(Yeah, yeah....I of my favorite expressions is "Do unto others before other's do unto you." But that's supposed to be a joke.)

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
BY the noon-day BRIGHTNESS,
And by the night when it darkeneth!
Thy Lord hath not forsaken thee, neither hath he been displeased.
And surely the Future shall be better for thee than the Past,
And in the end shall thy Lord be bounteous to thee and thou be satisfied.
Did he not find thee an orphan and gave thee a home?
And found thee erring and guided thee,
And found thee needy and enriched thee.
As to the orphan therefore wrong him not;
And as to him that asketh of thee, chide him not away;
And as for the favours of thy Lord tell them abroad.

A beautiful sentiment, is it not?

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