Air update: If you coughed up a lung leaving your house yesterday, I've got good news! You'll cough a little less today. According to Accuweather, the air quality can be classified as fair as of 6 am. This means the air is "generally acceptable" for most, but if you have a sensitivity, you might not want to spend too much time in that level of smokiness. Long-term exposure can cause "minor to moderate symptoms" for some.

But Hannah, I still feel icky: I know. There, there. Imagine I am gingerly putting an N95 on your face before kissing your forehead. That's how much I care about your health. And you're so right and so valid to still feel icky from the smoke. According to experts who spoke to the Seattle Times, the band of really bad air is very narrow, so websites might not report that your particular street has much lower air quality than the neighborhood more broadly. So, if you feel like the air quality in your area is bad enough to stay inside or mask up, don't let any weather service gaslight you.

Checking in with business: Leave it to KOMO to ask the cop's most valued constituents, Seattle business owners, what they think of the new police chief. You know, Adrian Diaz? The "new" chief who held the position during the two-year interim as the City spent our tax dollars to do a nationwide search? Anyway, the business owners seemed fine with the choice. Now, the city council will just have to make the thing official with a vote. 

Suspicious boxes: Yesterday, the bomb squad investigated reported suspicious boxes near the Capitol Hill Starbucks roastery. Later that day, the cops told Capitol Hill Seattle Blawg that the items turned out to be "non-hazardous." Woohoo!

PLEASE CARE ABOUT THE BUDGET: I know the City budget is boring as all fuck, but it's important. How much money should we give cops? How much money should we spend on affordable housing? If you care about the City, you should care about this. At noon today, a coalition of progressive organizations called the Solidarity Budget will present its proposed budget, then the Mayor will present his official budget next week. But organizers can still pressure the council to bring the Mayor's potentially horrifying proposal closer to what the Solidarity Budget organizers want. 

Should I stay or should I go? After USC and UCLA decided to ditch the Pac-12 for the Big Ten in 2024, the pressure is mounting for UW to make the jump, too. Seattle Times reporter Mike Vorel dives into how likely the Huskies are to make the switch, and if it's even a good idea for the team. 

Midterms, baby! This morning, I pulled my head out of SECB endorsements long enough to check out this new Crosscut/Elway poll. Speaking of which, I will never forget how mean some of y'all were to David Kroman when he wrote about a poll that predicted Bruce Harrell would win the Mayor's race. ANYWAY! The poll asked Washington voters about the upcoming election and found that voters care most about abortion, the economy, and political polarization. Also, it appears that Republicans have gained some ground since Crosscut/Elway's last poll in July. In that previous poll, Sen. Patty Murray held a comfortable 20-point lead over Tiffany Smiley. In the more recent poll, that lead dropped to 12 points. 

Speaking of Murray v Smiley: Podcaster Brandi Kruse asked Twitter who should moderate the coming debates between the two candidates.

I saw a lot of people suggest the golden-trio: Kruse, Jonathon Choe, and Jason Rantz (who commented to say he would not be fair lol). I would suggest Rich Smith, known to make candidates squirm in SECB meetings, but I don't think Kruse would call him mainstream or fair. I think Melissa Santos would do a great job and satisfy Kruse's requirements. But also, fuck it. Let's put a wild card in. My fav college reporter friend, Jake Goldstein-Street from the Everett Herald. I'd watch that! [Eds note: Thanks, Hannah. My vote is with Jake, too.]

Bye-bye fake vax doctor: A KING 5 investigation busted Ellensburg doctor Anna Elperin for selling fraudulent vaccine waivers to help people skirt vaccine requirements at work and school. Now, a Washington State medical board has ruled that she cannot practice medicine in the state of Washington until the Department of Health resolves her charges in eight ongoing investigations.

A fourth victim comes forward: After three victims accused a Port Angeles doctor of sexual assault, the Department of Health suspended his license. This week, a fourth victim came forward to accuse the doctor of assault. On Wednesday, he pleaded not guilty to the new charge.

White supremacist pleads guilty: The fourth and final defendant in a federal court case pleaded guilty to beating up a Black DJ to the point of unconsciousness while calling him slurs at bar in Lynnwood in 2018. The assailants are white supremacists, and they brutally attacked the man to commemorate "Martyr's Day," which honors some other white supremacist shit-bag who got shot by federal agents on Whidbey Island in the 1980s.

Olympia sweep: The City of Olympia is removing over 70 people from an RV encampment near a local hospital. KOMO reported that social workers and City employees offered 20 of those people a tiny shelter. So, at best, 50 people got a shitty overnight spot, and at worst they got absolutely nothing. Sounds familiar!

Iran protests continue: After morality police killed Mahsa Amini in Iran's capital city, her father said authorities lied about her death. Outraged, protesters took to the streets, which officials tried to mitigate with internet blackouts and lethal force. As of this morning, CNN reports that security forces have killed at least eight protesters. 

Stop cooking chicken in NyQuil: Seriously. You're scaring the FDA. 

Midnights Mayhem with Me: Taylor Swift continues to torture fans with a new Tik Tok series where she announces track titles on her upcoming album "Midnights." Sporadically throughout the next month, fans can meet Swift at midnight to watch her use a bingo cage to randomly select a ping-pong ball labeled 1-13 to correspond with each of the 13 tracks on the album. On Tuesday, Swift revealed that the 13th track is called "Mastermind." Fitting for her. 

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