What an asteroid looks like 11 seconds before impact. NASA/John Hopkins



you don't even Wanna know
Giorgia Meloni's (R)
'thoughts' on

but let's just say
she's* NOT

*like ALL the Far Right
she has NO Use
for 'them.'


Now would be a good time to leave Tampa.


In much needed good news, Cuban voters overwhelmingly approved same sex marriage and adoption.

This is an historic victory, decades in the making, in a part of the world that is generally hostile to LGBTQ rights.



@1 -- with
to the Ts!


@4: No worries. That initialism train is a tiresome relic of yesteryear anyway.


Maybe this will serve as a reminder to the alphabet crowd that their 'rights' aren't any more significant than the rights of any one else for that matter. In other words, you're nothing special due to your sexual preference so get over yourselves.


Let's hope Meloni's run ends the same way as Mussolini's too


@7: Yes in regard to the first sentence, but No in regard to the second. First of all, it's an orientation, not a preference. To test, try getting horny over a naked man and report back (assuming you're male - conversely otherwise).

In regard to the initialism, I've heard a trans activist point out (correctly I might add) that the gender (for the T) and orientation (for the GLB) shouldn't be lumped together.

But perhaps my real peeve is politicians who just lump all of us together as a glob and think they've checked a box.


@10 If one preference is as good as another, no preference is better than any other. It logically follows preferences are meaningless.

Just validate everyone, not matter what they choose. We can't say any kind of behavior is better or worse than any other, in the area of sexual preference, or anything else. Pay your taxes, or don't pay your taxes. Park blocking the bike lane, or don't. Who are we to impose a standard on people about which parking choice validates them most. Validate whatever someone chooses.


"After a two-and-a-half year closure because of the panini": When eating on Amtrak, never order the panini. They're worse than the fish in "Airplane".

"Worldwide democratic collapse is kind of a bummer": And like climate change, it's coming along faster than I expected. I wasn't expecting a Mussolini revival before maybe 2030.


@11: However, when a large portion of the population hates portions with particular orientations (not preferences) it risks incivility and harm for all of society. That's the difference.

It's like a group of people who don't like chocolate (clearly a minority preference) should have special rights.


*It's NOT like ...


Yes, I worry about the ID - arguably the last authentic downtown neighborhood in Seattle.
The crime hasn’t done them any good.


@11 and @16 you guys should fuck. You’d feel better and maybe leave the rest of us alone.


Still living rent free, the poor dear


The far right is on the rise in Italy, scream the left media! OH NOOO! People want to live without the religious oppression of Islam wrecking their cultures. Meanwhile, the left supports the women fighting for their rights in Iran, right? Are we sure on that, because IRAN is an ISLAMIC DICTATORSHIP, FAR MORE RIGHT WING than anything in the West currently. But none of that matters, right, because ISLAM good, while rightist christianity bad because why? Race is fashionable? Iranians are caucasians also, in case you uneducated twerps don't know. The people of Sweden and Italy want to protect their HARD FOUGHT SECULAR MODERNITY FROM THE MEDIEVAL CANCER THAT IS ISLAM. If you don't understand that, you don't understand history. Now, if they actually turn from here to oppressing LGBT and other groups (possible but unlikely, and who is the biggest oppressor of LGBTQ on the planet? ISLAM and CATHOLICISM), then fine, call them fascists. I'm just so tired of my fellow leftists being so stupid on this topic. You're left and free because of CENTURIES of fighting religion for SECULAR FREEDOM. WAKE THE F UP! You're fighting the rightist movement here in the USA which includes catholics and protestants both. Sorry, but you also need to fight Islam. Go to an Islamic country, pronounce on a street corner that you're gay/lesbian or trans and see how it goes. JFC.


want to live
without the religious oppres-
sion of Islam wrecking their cultures."

so True
and some prefer
good ole All-American
red-blodded Evangelicals
stripping Fully one HALF the
American Citizenry of their Bodily
Autonomy and 'so-called' Right to Privacy

NOT the taliban.

whew! Really
Dodged a


as I recall it all ended
Well for Mussolini*
with his held
High up on
a Pike

*but Slightly better
for the Citizenry
after Losing
nearly a
tion of


oh and Adios
LGBTQ should
The trumfpster
steal the Next one

the far right
Don't Cotton to
no Un-straighties

nor Unions
nor off-Whites
nor Democracy.


oh oh and Biden Says Social Security Is on ‘Chopping Block’ if G.O.P. Wins Congress

Adios Social Security
& Adios Medicare
& Goodnite

we're too Stupid
to what the


"You're left and free because of CENTURIES of fighting religion for SECULAR FREEDOM. WAKE THE F UP"

Secularism isn't the hard fought ground of atheists and agnostics won by facts and logic. Its really more of a detente between the Catholics and the Protestants who realized after 130 years of warfare Europe was ungovernable. Besides its really hard to exploit the rest of the world to its full potential with that kinda crap going down on the home front. Religious freedom was an organizing principle of the American revolution, it wasn't the cause.


@6 guesty and @17 pat L: It's sad about the loss of Viet-Wah, and of all the crime in the International District. Is Uwagimaya still there?

@8 Brent Gumbo and @13 PrincessAngeline#2 for the WIN!!

@18 shoobop: Since their posts are often so closely together I'm guessing they're already roommates, most likely squabbling over who gets bottom bunk.

@24 & @25: You can just rock me to sleep now, kris!
I can't handle another Err of 2017-2021, and neither can life on planet Earth.


Italy’s PM is flipped every 6 mos. To a couple of years. I wouldn’t worry too much, she won’t last long


@28 Fascists tend to not respect things like elections.

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