Two people protested at a painting? TWO!!! Wow... that's really newsworthy that TWO whole people were at a protest!


Ah, Meta tries the ole vertical slice and it still looks like shit. I am enjoying watching that humanoid lose billions of dollars though.

And now let's go to The Onion for an explanation on how VR really works:


What does Van Gogh or his Sunflowers painting have to do with oil?


@3 it's an oil painting

(I'm sorry)


@3, it was created with oil-based paint, for a start.


@6: A tangential detail that probably didn't cross these protesters' demented minds. They attack priceless works of art because that's the only tactic they can think of to garner attention. They don't have the maturity of working with rational and well-meaning climate change activists who are actually making constructive changes by doing the hard work.


"That’s a lucky break for taxpayers, but it’s only a tiny fraction of the project’s full cost to taxpayers."

In light of all the angry screeds on the SLOG regarding pedestrian safety, you'd think the Stranger would be all for taxpayer funded projects that reduce traffic on surface streets through the downtown core.


The smoke patterns are weird: Where I'm currently at (north Beacon Hill) the sky is blue, but the Rainier Valley is smokey and I can't even see to Mercer Island, let alone Newport Hills.


um... Murray's district is the entire state.


@5 -- Just a reminder, getting a vaccine is not about protecting yourself, but protecting society as a whole. This is still hitting the hospitals hard. If everyone gets a vaccine, we might wipe it out. Of course with idiots like @5, we probably won't.


Report antivax accounts.


@12 It's about both, actually. I credit the vaccine, specifically the 2nd booster, with keeping me OUT of the hospital. And yes, it probably did result in my infecting fewer people during the period when I was still cheerfully out and about, asymptomatic but likely contagious, before actually getting ill.

I don't know what chart (if any) @5 is referring to, but those numbers can't be right. Several hundred people are still dying of this plague in the U.S. every day. Are you saying NONE of them are age 30-50 and unvaxxed? Seriously? Come on.


I'm throwing a can of Cream of Mushroom soup at the Sistine Chapel ceiling to protest you know what I don't even remember anymore


That was pretty good!


Time for a rain dance.

People up in BC are freaking out, too, about the lack of rain. All the systems are going up into Alaska and the Yukon. If you’ve ever visited Vancouver during October or November, you know two things: 1) Pack your umbrella and galoshes, and 2) plan for indoor activity – which, with the right person, can be MIGHTY FINE.

The city government is asking for voluntary water restrictions in one of the wettest cities in North America at one of the wettest times of the year. There’s also concern out in the Fraser Valley, with the land being so parched, and therefore hydrophobic, that when the rains do come, the runoff will bring severe flooding.

Jesus, Matt. Nothing before the end of November? Here in LA you can walk into any CVS and get the new bivalent shot pretty much immediately. Most any pharmacy, really. I wonder why the discrepancy. I can even go to my HMO and get one on the spot. November? Really?

I’m a big fan of Senator Ossoff. Not only for his policies, which are right on the money, but because he reminds me of the type of boyfriend I always wanted to have: cute, tall, smart, authentic, caring, and Jewish. Oh, and Senator Murray is great, too. Love her. Voted for her twice (1992, 1998). I’d left the state by the next election. She’s been very diligent and has represented Washington admirably.

New respect for Nancy Pelosi. Watching those clips from Thursday’s hearing, I’m so impressed her coolness under crisis and god knows what kind of pressure. She was managing that shit, mister. Contrast that behavior with the fleet-footed Josh Hawley. And people ask me why I’m a Democrat.

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Dogs are one of the best things in the world.

Have a beautiful autumn weekend, everyone.


@15: Of course there are absolutes. The difference between right and wrong is one of them, not wearing white after labor day is another.

The cringe these protesters made will haunt and torment them for the rest of their lives. @18 nails it.


Let's add up the Anti-vaxxer "logic:"
-Infectious diseases magically do not have logarithmic infection rates.
-120 million Americans with pre-existing conditions are not deserving human beings. And somehow their deaths or impairment will not effect the economy.
-Ever-contracting American life expectancy is a perfectly acceptable outcome.
- and lastly something something "big pharma profits" something.

That right there is a perfect distillation on the legacy of American ignorance and scientific illiteracy.


Also my favorite thing is when I don't quote a user name or comment number and simply say "report antivaxxer accounts."

But the antivaxxers know precisely who is antivaxxer and reply as if I did becuase they know they are using antivaxxer talking points. Totally undermining any denial.



The Seattle Times isn't even covering that story you stupid fuck.


"Contractors wanted WSDOT to pay for $642 million worth of cost overruns, but a jury just denied their claim and ruled that the companies must pay $77.2 in penalties for over two years of delays."

Damn. Seventy-seven bucks. That's gotta hurt, especially with the twenty cents added on top.


@23: that's appointments in Baume's neighborhood. indeed, most every pharmacy that offers shots is full into november.

BUT, if you're willing to leave your neighborhood for a 'vaccine' (see @34), you can get one tomorrow (or at least in the next week) at numerous Univ of Washington locations. the Montlake hospital clinic is across the street from the light rail.


Report antivax accounts.


@33: I suggest consulting with a theologian or philosopher of your choice.


@35: Na, Matt's okay on that one. The denomination of million is implied since it's compared with the other million dollar amount.


@35 Um, ok?


@23 Bauhaus I: Amen on the rain dance and forever remaining Democrat!! Nice, well behaved dogs are cool, although by nature I'm really more of a cat person, myself.

@26 PrincessAngeline#2 and @27 mike blob: TarZany is another hopeless MAGAt who crawled out of the Orange Turd's cavernous buttcrack to spew misinformation. If we ignore him, maybe he'll crawl back in and die there.
I have reason to believe Elmer (a.k.a. Raindrop, a.k.a. Dewey) runs a pathetic little shelter for homeless MAGAts in his mother's basement, somewhere amongst the mice, spiders, Twinkies, and canned peas. He appears to be taking in so many lately. One would think changing SLOG account usernames as frequently as Elmer does would be exhausting. Elmer and his ilk certainly are desperately dedicated little trolling incels, aren't they?

Dearest House Speaker Nancy Pelosi---oh please please PLEASE!! I wanna see what you'd do to the Orange Turd (but live, please--not on Twitter)! Let me know if you want or need any assistance. I'd be happy to help make the world's biggest piece of shit squirm and yelp like a whipped puppy. The entire GOP deserves it. It's time to roast the Orange Turd and its batshit crazy bootlickers until every last one is gone. Film at 11!

Welcome, Senators Patty Murray and Jon Ossoff!! Bless you for all you do.
Tiffany Smiley can go crawl back up her turtle pimp, Mitch McConnell's fetid ass and die there.

It's a good thing I just got my Omicron booster and annual flu shot. COVID is not done yet, folks. I haven't been driving lately because of the smoke, mostly from the Bolt Creek Fire. WOW---that photograph of Seattle looks more like a setting in industrial Los Angeles! We could seriously use some rain. Hopefully when precipitation returns to the PNW my beloved VW will be safely back in protective fall and winter hibernation. Dress warmly, folks. When Nature says it's time for monsoon season to hit again, she's not kidding around.

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