Not even the weather.


Hoping the next two weeks of what promises to be an endless slew of anti Jim Farrell content from TS staff works out for them as well as the NTK campaign did.


If Republicans want to dump money into where they see a fissure between Progressive and Moderate Democrats, I say thanks for the money, assholes.


Won't anyone think of the mom & pop real estate developers?!?!


Will Casey, I think you need to do some reading on how charitable donations from “big business” works…your conspiracy theories that big business is one-sidedly trying to pay for the election is hogwash. You should instead give convincing arguments against Jim Ferrells history, policies, and experience compared to Leesa Manion, not sketchy screen shots, otherwise it gives the readers an inclination that heavy marijuana usage was involved while writing this blog. Stick to facts and not conspiracy theories. Writing like this makes The Stranger look like an alternate infowars tabloid… You can do better!!!


There’s not much more one can say about the exuberance of Philadelphia sports fans. Veterans Stadium actually has a jail. I suppose you have to give them this win. There isn’t much else to do in Philadelphia except sports fandom. I think it’s arguably the most depressing large city in America. I’ve heard that orientation at Penn includes a big warning about not straying too far afield from campus.

So after all this Yahtzee with baseball, we are left with Houston and Philadelphia. Is anyone going to watch?

One of the many reason why I adore Jon Stewart is because he has always put his money where his mouth is. So goddamn rare and reassuring these days.

Polls drive me crazy, and I’ve had to turn that shit off. Pollsters can come up with any numbers that satisfies the entity paying for the survey. That’s one thing. The heretofore respected polls like FiveThirtyEight told us there was a 74% chance of President Hillary on Election Day 2016. That’s another thing. People lie to pollsters. But what gives me anxiety is that they demonstrate, if you believe them, how wishy-washy the American voter is. One week voters love Biden for his handling of the Pandemic. Next week, they hate Biden because gasoline is $6.00/gallon. Enough of that crap. Just get informed. Have the courage of your convictions and vote.


“Remember about this time last year when Trump's biggest donors in Washington teamed up with their buddies in the real estate world to buy our local elections?”

While this will, always & forever, be the only official reason given here to ‘explain’ why most of the Stranger’s candidates were blown out last November, a simpler explanation is available — and was, even then:

“Voters hate The Stranger's vision for Seattle so much, they elected a Republican for the first time in 30 years.”



@7 Lumen Field has a jail too. It's fairly common for stadiums to have them.


This article says it all about local Seattle/King Co Law Enforcement elections. We've reached a point where some progressive politicians become enablers for criminals on the street, and liberals are called 'Trumpers' by The Stranger.


@6 Political donations are not charitable. They're not even tax-deductible. They're done entirely in self-interest, not out of pity.


In addition to drunk drivers, the biggest threat to kids--and EVERYONE--on Halloween is RepubliKKKans--especially if they manage to steal the midterm election with their usual pigfuckery. Gerrymandering, voter tampering and suppression, redistricting, and dumping shitloads of outside cash on pro-Trumpist RWNJs is all they can do anymore. RepubliKKKans are not only horrible people, they're cowards as well as sore losers.

Rock on, Dr. Oz and Jon Stewart!!

@1 kristofarian: My guess is that at least 99.999999999999999% of all Seattle landlords are record-profit-lusting RepubliKKKans, originally from blood red neofascist states or outside the U.S., and hellbent on ensuring that only MAGA billionaires can live and vote in Seattle.

@7 Bauhaus I +1 for the WIN!!! Bravo, kudos, and well said. I couldn't agree more.

@8: And yet you're still here, reading The Stranger, tensy. Is it a slow day down in Elmer's mom's basement?


Digging into the independent expenditures for Manion's campaign is equally instructive. A surprising amount of her funding can be traced back to WSAJ, which is basically a bunch of personal injury lawyers. (The largest contributor to Fuse Votes is Justice of All PAC. The contributors to Justice for All PAC are almost exclusively personal injury law firms and lawyers).

And don't worry, Manion's campaign is spending a bunch of money on those stupid mailers as well. You'd think campaigns would have learned those mailers most often get tossed in the recycling bin without so much as a glance, but for some reason they still throw a lot of money at direct mail.


@12: “And yet you're still here, reading The Stranger, tensy. Is it a slow day down in Elmer's mom's basement?”

Your sparkling originality continues to impress, dear.

But you didn’t really respond. Which explanation seems more plausible: did out-of-town right-wingers buy Seattle’s elections, or did Seattle’s voters tire of failed solutions, and of the Stranger’s failed candidates for having nothing new to try?


@12. My god… you’re a complete idiot. Yeah, 99.99% of landlords are not republicans from red states. The fact that you believe that shows how out of touch with reality you are.

Also, nobody bought the last local election. Seattle voters rejected the far left. It’s not hard to figure out why if you actually want. But we know you have your head buried in the sand. NTK and Oliver lost because they were/are shitty candidates.


nyt: Texas Goes
Permitless on Guns,
and Police Face an Armed Public

A new law allowing people to carry handguns without a license has led to more spontaneous shootings, many in law enforcement say.

there's some'll say
this'll make us Safer

but not the Po-po

some might say
we'll become a Lot
more Polite knowing
everyone on the Planet's
well-Armed and Dangerous

perhaps that's True
but when that 12
yo kid pulls a
Desert Eagle
outa his

after you've just (correctly)
called him an Idiot how
'safe' will You feel?

like a Negro
at a Klan Rally?

smore Guns are NOT the 'asnswer'
in spite of what 'republicans' & the nra
try to tell you. ask a Cop who now has
to to Suspect EVERY Citizen in Texas is
overly-well-Heeled & probably Drunk
or high or just plain Crazy.

Good Luck, citizen.


I am not sure I understand the logic of this statement, "a candidate whose over-reliance on jail will likely increase crime." So if we lock up criminals there will be more crime?

Also, it looks like grasping for straws after the Fetterman/Oz debate when you think this is a smoking gun. "Holy shit: Oz says his abortion position: should be between 'a woman, her doctor, and local political leaders'"
He is saying he doesn't want a national law either way and that it is up to the States. So controversial!

Either way I am glad I don't live in Pennsylvania.


@12: Better as: "Rock on, Wizard of Oz and Jon Stewart!!"


Will -Thanks for the Seahawks celebration video!
The Mariners couldn’t win a game against the Astros, but at least they kept them scoreless for 17 innings- which is more than the Yankees did!


@14, @15, and @18: Ah. I knew it wouldn't be long before the Rain City Jacks showed up for their usual glut of trolling. Which of you three idiots gets stuck with the bottom bunk tonight?

@14: Either way, you repeatedly bash the very free source of Seattle / King County / PNW regional news source---that usually gets word around faster than The Seattle Times---that you continue to read. That was my point, tensy honey. I think you're here merely for the sake of argument. And the more heated and agitated, what, the happier your limp little shroom? Is this the highlight of your day? I feel sorry for you.

@15: No, Scottie. From your recent history of MAGAt-blindsided comments it is YOU who is the complete out of touch idiot. Do us a favor--go crawl back up the Orange Turd's cavernous buttcrack and stay there. Your equally clueless roomies will be joining you for more KVI misinformation and Fox TeeVee soon.

@18: Man, your ma's basement is an overflowing septic tidal wave of MAGAts, Elmer. What will you do when monsoon season hits? I hope your ma has flooding insurance.


@20: You're one piece of workx, that's for sure.


@19 pat L: 63 yards and Moore is....GONE!!!! Nice little Seahawks dance in the endzone.
Although the Mariners got eliminated by the Astros, they had a wonderful season. GO, Seahawks and Mariners!

Will, I second pat L's thanks for the Seahawks' celebration video.


@21: And you're one sick, twisted, trolling piece of shit, Elmer.


Compose thyself!


@24: Compost yourself.


I know quite a few landlords. None of them would be caught dead voting Republican. It's true, the reason they are in my circle is because they are NOT Repubs, but the 99.9999 % claim is just false.


@11 you’re right I shouldn’t have added the word “charitable” to my rant. Force of habit combining the word charitable with the word donation. Donations to candidates and pacs are not tax deductible and only $2,800 per candidate per election is allowed.


@26 dvs99: Thank you for the clarification. I will admit to being wrong. You currently live in Seattle and I haven't since 1997 when my rent for a one bedroom apartment in Ballard with an indoor garage space went for $560.00 / month. A lot has changed. I'm glad to hear that there are still plenty of Democratic home owners renting out to tenants in Seattle. Because of the sharp increase in income inequality, it does seem like the average working class citizen is at a big disadvantage regarding the high cost of living.


@20: “…the Rain City Jacks showed up for their usual glut of trolling. Which of you three idiots gets stuck with the bottom bunk tonight?”

Your sparkling originality continues to impress, dear.

“…repeatedly bash the very free source of Seattle / King County / PNW regional news source---that usually gets word around faster than The Seattle Times---that you continue to read.”

How does quoting an alternate explanation constitute “bash[ing]” anyone? Seattle voters elected a Republican for the first time in decades, and over a candidate the Stranger had repeatedly endorsed. The Stranger now blames Trump supporters and unnamed out-of-town bogeymen. Maybe the Stranger shares some of that blame? Why is it ok for the Stranger to point fingers, but not ok when readers follow the Stranger’s example?

“That was my point, tensy honey.”

That you’ve now written an ‘explanation’ which is longer than your original ‘point’ suggests you need to work on your ‘writing’.

“I think you're here merely for the sake of argument.”

Or, to cite alternate viewpoints. Because that was all I did. Why did this elicit a stream of (attempted) belittling verbal abuse from you? Why didn’t you just engage with what I had written? Who is interested in dialog here, and who just wants to “bash”?


@28 - It is hard for people at the low end of the income scale for sure. I think one of the biggest things that's happened is that the old houses where you rented a room along with a few other people have kind of gone away. Even back in the '80s a lot of us couldn't afford our own apartments so we shared houses. There don't seem to be nearly as many of those places left now - i think that they have mostly been sold to owner/occupants. Along with the City's refusal to allow even small scale upzones (i.e. duplexes in residential neighborhoods), the available housing at the lower end has gotten much more limited.

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