Hopefully they won't wear riot gear to give out parking tickets. Karen Ducey/Getty Images



"the blue-no-matter-who crowd"? voting Smiley this year, are we?


I agree with blip.

Ever since the passage of the 26th Amendment every campaign that has focused on the 18-28 crowd has suffered a massive defeat.

Obama actually did better with that demographic than any previous presidential campaign, but he wasn’t solely focused on them, so his victories weren’t dependent on them.

Voting is part of what the millennials call “adulting” (not sure what Gen Z calls it). You do it every time even when you’re uninspired. Pick the candidates who most closely align with your views and vote for them.


Disney puts women who are fat and frumpy in roles like older family members, faerie godmothers and best friends. So, no, they are not just "villains and extras".


It is incredibly lame of Hannah to link to a KOMO story about Meta/Facebook, when her former colleague who was a primary instigator in getting AG Bob Ferguson to take action, and who writes a blog about it, was not linked. Lame Hannah, Boo!

The link you should be looking for (that should be in the blurb) is https://wildwest.substack.com/p/update-its-a-246-million-fine-for


The problem with trotting out Obama is the "young crowd" when he was popular are now in their late 20's and 30's so if you are trying to reach the actual young crowd I don't know that he even resonates anymore. He's kept a pretty low profile since leaving office so many of them may not even realize who he is, after all many of them are low information voters which is why party of the reason it's hard to them to turn out.


Hannah Krieg, Baby! What if everyone called you Baby with an exclamation point? You would hate it and call it sexist. Then why do you and Jas continually believe that adding "baby!" to a press release will turn it into a news headline? Do you want to work at the Stranger the rest of your careers? We have hope for you two but you gotta start learning and improving.

Nobody who has launched a journalism career from The Stranger used "baby!" in belief it created a readable, interesting headline.


Lindy West has done OK for herself since leaving and some of her throw away articles here were laid down with what can only be described as keyboard abuse. I've never seen anything like it in her articles published else where. I suspect the ability to write within a style guide when required is more important to future employment prospects than having been able to goof off at the Stranger.


Hey Hannah,
The Washington Post is owned by a billionaire tool bag who makes sure that nothing is ever said bad about its owner or his company. So it is a bit rich to hear the Washington Post complaining about another billionaire and you using it as a source for your article does not help your credibility.


The young adult demographic is the most expensive to reach and the least likely to vote. Why even bother with a "how do you do, fellow kids?" style campaign outreach?


Funny I'll bet Hannah was in love with Elon before he took a stand for free speech. Guess the Stranger staff isn't down with that concept. Let that sink in Hannah!!


It’s becoming easier to stop thinking of Putin as a mean, assertive, chauvinistic asshole and more as a madman. Does he want to restore Russia to its former bad, old, USSR days or does he want to start a fucking world war?

Elon Musk. The only reason we pay attention, unless you work for him, is because of his wealth, right? I mean, look at him. He’s been King Jerk ever since he found riches. And like a demented Richie Rich, he drags us and the press along on his merry pranks. He-he-he-he. So part of this is because, as an individual, you never ever want to anger a very wealthy person who could legally, financially wipe you out with a few strokes of a pen. That’s what super-wealthy people can do – even in America, or more appropriately, like in America. Warren Buffet cracks a fart in a boardroom, and throngs of financial press will say, “Mmmm…Mr. Buffet that sure smells good!” Because you don’t want to anger him. Or because you have no choice other than to respond that way.

But we could start ignoring their asses, couldn’t we?


I like the "baby!" This isn't the NYT, which, despite their strict adherence to professional writing rules, still generates a lot of dreck and is usually willing to be complicit in the destruction of democracy if they think it will get them clicks.


Obama outreach - would that it were so simple!

Nice music taste - sad I missed that show at Barboza, but alas, he is a bit old for hannah..


"which prohibit employees from having gay sex wtf": As somebody who had the misfortune to be raised by fundigelicals, I feel like maybe I should point out that ... that's how fundigelicals are. They claim to believe sexytimes are for one man and one woman who are officially married till death do them part. Anything else is an abomination in the eyes of The Lord, who will send you to HELL FOR ETERNITY!!! if you don't repent. Of course, "claim to" is an important qualification, as the parade of Jimmy Swaggarts, Ted Haggards, Jerry Falwell Jr.s, etc. and the prevalence of adultery and divorce among fundigelicals indicate. Anyhow, SPU was founded by Free Methodists, who are very much fundigelicals, so all that nonsense is very much part of its past and, evidently, its present too. Also, as every "conservative" knows, employing you is at most a step away from owning you*, so if your employer disapproves of something, you'd better not be doing that.

*As historian Corey Robin summarized, "[T]he priority of conservative political argument has been the maintenance of private regimes of power." That means bosses over workers, as well as whites over non-whites, men over women, and the rich over everything.


@14: Explain how reading text and viewing images destroys democracy.


@18: Reading propaganda destroys democracy?

No, mere knowledge of it doesn't make your argument because you'll never know the disposition of the reader. Liberals and progressives assume they have these supernatural powers, which in the final analysis is the real danger to democracy.



@20: Your premise would only be valid if there were not sources for alternate views. And if you blame the gullible, well, that's their brain, not yours.


@1 blip for the WIN!


@2 Max Solomon: I'm definitely not. Tiffany Smiley's scruples are so thin one could read a newspaper through them.

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