The theocrats who work in this building don't want us to see how the former President made his money. GEOFF LIVINGSTON / GETTY IMAGES



Pack the fucking KKKourt. At this point, it's the only way to circumvent the corruption by these dishonorable fucks. We the People demand neutral third party arbitration, not a fucking church of cronies on demand.


If I understand this correctly, it's a stay pending a SCOTUS decision on whether to hear the appeal: "Petition for a writ of Certiorari". Like Thomas just gave Lindsey Graham in his effort not to testify in GA's Election Fraud investigation.

It doesn't mean they'll hear President Asshole's appeal, but it means he gets another delay.


'14% don't know how they feel. Support breaks down on predictable ideological lines: the planet-melters hate the idea, and liberals like the idea."

As always, the centrists who never know how they feel about anything ever, keep their heads jammed up their asses which is defacto support for regression.


@ the delay is the point. Works every time. He just has to run out the clock until the House flips.

There is federal law that says the treasure "shall provide" tax returns at the request of specific House committees. It's cut and dry administrative issues and nothing SCOTUS should have been anywhere near, this time or the last time. It's a fucking joke, and as usual Trump will have the last laugh.


@2 the delay is the point. Works every time. He just has to run out the clock until the House flips.

There is federal law that says the treasure "shall provide" tax returns at the request of specific House committees. It's cut and dry administrative issues and nothing SCOTUS should have been anywhere near, this time or the last time. It's a fucking joke, and as usual Trump will have the last laugh.


^ @2


@2; Yes delay, that's the plan, tRump is planning on putin winning the U.S. midterms, if his stooges win, then no subpoena for putin's house pet, simple as that


"The President told gas and oil companies they need to increase production in an effort to lower the price of gasoline"

he couldda just
tole 'em to

30 fucking PERCENT
of OUR OIL but then
Big Fucking OIL'd lose

such a Quandry
'specially when Big
Fucking OIL's making

sic 'em Joe.


@3: Don't despair. Apparently vandalizing famous works dissipates greenhouse gases and makes the planet cooler.


Banning the sale of gas powered cars by 2035 seems a realistic goal.

Good thing Washington State has lots of carbon free hydropower. I hope no one was counting on eliminating any Snake River dams.

Probably be a good time to start planning a next generation nuclear plant somewhere in our state. Replacing all gas powered cars with electric is going to require some serious megawatts. I would hate to replace the petroleum burning internal combustion engines with coal-fired power plants.


@3 until there is a solution for where the power is going to come from for all these electric vehicles (and replacing gas appliances/heating) these bans are just platitudes. This was the headline right after Newsome announced the ban in CA: Amid Heat Wave, California Asks Electric Vehicle Owners to Limit Charging. (

Given the push to eliminate natural gas and hyrdro power here in WA (the latter due to salmon concerns) there is no way the state can possibly generate enough power for the vehicles we have today much less the demand in 2035 without embracing new energy sources.


@ 4,

Yeah, funny how "laws" no longer apply to fascist Republinazis anymore.
They also somehow repealed the first amendment over the last two years of anti-CRT-Don't Say Gay-book banning hysteria.


I'd love to know the demographic breakdown of who commits gun violence in WA. I am sure it is super surprising.


@13 the ban is for NEW vehicles, you’ll still be able to buy used.


ICE to EV conversion kits are getting better and less expensive and I sure they will get more refined as time goes by. They aren't quite where I want them to to be before I try my hand at one but I reckon someday maybe.


The current SCOTUS behaving exactly as any sane person knew and feared they would.



It's bizarre how many people seem to be overlooking this point. You'll be able to buy nice, well maintained gas powered vehicles in good condition for the next 30 or 40 years, at least.


Yeah, but 38% supporting the Inslee's "plant" to ban gas-powered cars and 48% opposing doesn't seem to me to be "predictable ideological lines" in the state of Washington. "Predictable" would be closer to the reverse of that, wouldn't it?


speaking of Nightmares:

"Videos posted on social media platform Twitter showed the [pedestrian] bridge—which sways when people walk on it—thronged with visitors, some of whom appeared to be vigorously shaking its suspension cables."

Vigorously shaking the bridge's
suspension cables?

and in S. Korea where
151 are known dead from
a Crowd Surge there were cries
from the rear of "PUSH PUSH PUSH!"

while people up front
were getting Crushed

we have some Serious
Sociopaths out there
& too many of them
are running as "Re-
publicans" denying
Democracy to all
but their Chosen
Few who appear
to have their
very Own

with His
Mandate to
Kill all the Unbelievers.



@20 Spot on. Odd how the Stranger once again can't do basic analysis. It means the gas car ban isn't actually that popular in a deep blue state. Maybe the Stranger should try to figure out why.

Oh... and which of you dimwits typed this nonsense:

"...lower share of gun violence victims, which could be a result of violence intervention programs championed by the likes of Leesa Manion..."

"Could be"? So you have no evidence but, hey, but it's possible!! That's some seriously lazy "journalism." But we all know the Sloggers aren't real reporters.


The Stranger is so far up Taylor Swift's ass. Beyond where any tween has been. They are in danger of meeting the Great Woman herself in there...she's been lost for years.


I'm an adult and fully against banning IC vehicles. Every time some idiot complains about greenhouse gas and how bad gasoline is for the environment, I casually remind them that mining for lithium and the other rare metals required to produce EV batteries does significantly more damage to the environment. That's before we even go into the issue of not being able to recycle said batteries after they come to the end of their life, a mere 10 years after production.

Did everyone just casually forget that Cali told EV owners NOT to charge their cars during the heatwave? Or that the government is looking into removing the hydroelectric dams on the Columbia? You gotta pick a struggle and stick with the narrative.


@8 is right. Last week, the US exported over 11 million barrels per day of petroleum products, about half of that crude, the other half refined products.


Why, just the other day I was robbed of a loaf of bread by a French guy with a gun. He just needed to feed his poor starving children due to the pandemic.


For the last few years there has been a running gang war in the south end between 2cd generation African young men. Given that they are a couple of known groups going at each other makes a community based solution leading to a reduction in shootings by coming to some resolution much more possible. However this is not the dynamic in which most of our shootings play out.


Turnip? I automatically type Orange Turd when referring to Trump and its bootlicking loyalists.

Tiffany Smiley is best suited as a ho-stess of a bad game show on Fox TeeVee. McConnell's bitch is certainly not senatorial material.

@1 GarbGarblar: Agreed.

@2 Max Solomon, @3, @4, @5, & @6 Brent Gumbo, @7 Merchant Seaman, @12 Original Andrew, and @18 SwampThing : This whole overblown Orange Turd-induced shitshow makes me sick.

@15 siirf and @19 mike blob: Bingo. This is Reason #1 why my beloved VW will be my last car, ever. New cars, in addition to being expensive, are too microchip dependent and break down too easily. They're built to be disposable. Who the hell cares about front seat butt warmers or a SIRI-activated GPS system? The metal on the auto body is razor thin. In a crash, the driver and any passengers would be toast. Too many new cars (to me, anyway) look like Storm Troopers on wheels anymore. Is this the automotive industry's attempt to aptly portray the Evil Empire of the fossil fuel gluttonous GOP?


@28 Huh a high proportion of gun violence is minority and gang-related. Do you really think it's eastside tech bros shooting each other.


Black males aged 15-34 have a firearm homicide rate 13 times higher than White males of the same age group. Per 2015-2019 stats in WA state (EVSVG)




@30 "The metal on the auto body is razor thin. In a crash, the driver and any passengers would be toast."

Auntie modern vehicles are designed to direct the force of the impact around the passenger cabin.

Take a look at old crash photos of Detroit steel from the '50s, '60s, and '70s. It might look like the car survived quite well but upon closer inspection you'll see the entire engine block has been transferred into the front seat, or the back seat is in the front seat and the front seat is under the engine.

Compare that to crash pictures of modern vehicles. While the outside of the cars is crushed, the passenger cabin is intact.


I live in the south end and news stories consistent with the feud of which I spoke haven't been crossing my path recently, so it seems some community based resolution has occurred.

I'm still voting Ferrell.


I'm so happy that Seattle is blessed with this local, alternative outlet to provide us arts & events coverage -- and by "coverage," I mean "endless fawning praise" -- of the music product that occupies every slot in the Top 10.


@11 is so badly wrong, it hurts.

Just one small section of one county in WA could easily produce enough solar and wind energy to power all the vehicles including trucks and trains in our state for 50 years, from one month's output.

You can literally build and get operation an entire solar farm of that size in six (6) weeks.

We do it all the time.

Renewables are at WORST nine times cheaper than the cheapest fossil fuels. Only exception is when they can't offload natural gas (METHANE) from ships in harbor in the EU or Louisiana and have to sell it at a loss so someone will take it away.

Wake up and smell the 2022 energy market, comrade, your days are over.


@37 -- but distinct13Rufugee
says it with such Gumption
it's GOTTA Be True!

I thought he was pulling
yet another FOX on us.

a Pox
on FOX
and it's




I wasn't really responding to you per se. I've noticed a lot of people on social media and elsewhere who seem to think they'll not be able to buy a gas powered vehicle after the ban on new manufacture, which is what strikes me as bizarre. Sorry for the confusion.


@37 uh sorry you’re gonna have to provide a source on that. I have never read that anywhere and if that’s true that would be amazing.


@10 - even if we DID power EVs on coal-fired power plants, it would still be something like twice as efficient and half as carbon-polluting. Burning fuel in millions of individual engines is the least efficient way to get power where it is needed that you can imagine. So we'd win from the get-go even in the reddest most coal-burningest states, and it would be even better everywhere else.

Also, yes, lithium mining has environmental impacts. you mine the lithium for the car once. And that's it. Drilling/extracting oil or mining tar sands to fuel your ICE car is an impact that never stops. Perhaps you remember a little fandango called the Deepwater Horizon? It would take a lot of lithium mines to even come close to the impact from that incident. And think how things would have been different if Cap'n Hazelwood had been in charge of a lithium truck instead of the Exxon Valdez.

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