You DID vote already, right? Tomorrow is the last day to get your ballot in. Here are The Stranger’s endorsements. Meanwhile, five other states are voting on decriminalizing marijuana, and Pennsylvania is finally near the finish line on the grueling Oz/Fetterman race… though it may be a few days or even weeks before every ballot is counted.

Bundle up. We’ll have nighttime temperatures dropping into the thirties all week long, so bust out your heavy blankets and bring in your delicate plants. No snow in the city, but there’s already been plenty up in the mountains with more to come today. Several stretches of highway were shut down by reckless drivers who failed to put chains on their tires and caused collisions. Here are the rules for chaining up if you’re heading into higher elevations. And remember, it gets dark an hour earlier now.

Grounded. Climate activists in Amsterdam made their way onto an airport tarmac to block private jets from taking off and landing. Imagine if something similar were to happen here! Anyway, here’s a list of seven Seattle-area airports that accommodate private jets. 

Wait, come back! After laying off thousands of workers, Twitter is now asking some of them to return to the office, as some were laid off “by mistake,” according to Bloomberg. It’s like the company is pulling a reverse-George-Costanza, pretending that the firings never happened. Or, if you like your television references even more dated: Who’s their head of HR, Emily Litella?

What destroyed Dustin Procita’s house? A home outside Sacramento burned down Friday night, and it looks like it might’ve been hit by a meteor. At least that’s what the homeowner is guessing, since cameras captured a flaming object falling from the sky that night. Could it be true? Well, we’re in the middle of the Taurids meteor shower right now so … maybe.

Imagine trying to explain this to a chicken. Thirty-one-year-old Philadelphia server Alexander Tominsky has eaten a rotisserie chicken every day for over a month, and this weekend a crowd assembled on an abandoned pier near Wal-Mart to cheer him on as he ate his fortieth. As far as I can tell, it’s not a sex thing. (For him.)

Singer Aaron Carter is dead at 34. No cause of death has been specified, though his brother, Nick, released a statement reading, in part, “addiction and mental illness is the real villain here. I will miss my brother more than anyone will ever know.”

We need to change everything. The Seattle Planning Commission just released an 11-page report that will be utterly fascinating to urban planning nerds, and to everyone else one of the most boring things you have ever read. But the impact (if decision-makers pay any attention to it) could completely transform Seattle for the better.

The short version of the report is that the way we’ve thought about city streets for the last century should be put in the garbage, that we need to acknowledge that we’ve created giant dead zones on every single block, and that it is possible to start bringing roads back to life by prioritizing people instead of moving and storing private vehicles. Great stuff. Now, let’s see if the people in a position to do anything about it will take action, or if we can look forward to another hundred years of cars in Pike Place Market.

Here’s why Paris works and Seattle doesn’t. Local architect Andrew Grant Houston, who knows a thing or two about local decision-making, wrote a timely article about how Paris has figured out how to move fast and solve problems related to housing, transportation, and public space.

Green Lake bike lanes are looking good. The project is coming together pretty nicely, and there are more concrete barriers coming soon. Until then, here’s a pleasant autumn tour. The before-and-afters are impressive!

Georgia blew up a little bit. A chemical plant along the Georgia coast is on fire this morning, with thick plumes of smoke hanging over Glynn County. There have been no deaths, but a firefighter was hospitalized. 

Congrats, beer nuts. The Washington Beer Awards were just handed out. Winners in various categories include Chuckanut Chuck Light, Brothers Cascadia Brewing, Grains of Wrath, Whistle Punk Brewing, and Laht Neppur Brewing. I haven’t had a beer in many many years, but I think the names are all very fun.

How is this STILL going on? Some angry motorist is continuing to trash the safe-streets sign and planter at Cloverdale and South 46th. It’s close to where a driver hit an elderly pedestrian a few days ago, sending them to the hospital with “pretty significant trauma.”