Happy Friday: Here’s what the weather will look like over the weekend!

Woohoo! This morning, state Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz put an end to net-pen fish farming in Washington state waters, a practice that has already been banned in Alaska, Oregon, and California. The ban is supposed to protect salmon, but the farmers are not happy about what it will do to their industry. The Seattle Times has the full story. 

In other fishy news: Senators from Washington and Alaska called for a federal fishery disaster declaration in a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. Why? Alaska cancelled this year’s crab harvest, and now fisheries in the two states have lost $300 million. 

Plane crash: According to the Seattle Times, two passengers died when a single-engine plane crashed east of an airport in Snohomish County. So far, we don’t have a ton of information, but the Times' reporters said they’ll keep us updated. 

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Good day for some of the worst men you know: Uniqlo opened in the Macy's building downtown today. Personally, I like Uniqlo. There’s a Uniqlo skirt in my dresser right now. But, Jesus Christ, one of the top ten worst men I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing is obsessed with Uniqlo, so I must be a bitter bitch. I’m sorry to yuck your yum, but I cannot resist. 

Who's excited for next week? The budget season is heating up! If you’ve been sleeping on my budget coverage, first of all, shame on you. And second of all, let’s get you caught up! Get ready for a bunch of links.

So, our pro-business, pro-cop mayor unveiled his budget, and, unsurprisingly, it sucked for the progressives. He wanted to cut pay for human service providers, fund the Seattle Police Department's bloated staffing plan, and ramp up his already ridiculous rate of sweeps. The council got a chance to propose changes–some better than others–and then earlier this week, Budget Chair Teresa Mosqueda synthesized all of that into her counter-proposal. Not everyone loves this package, but there’s still time to make changes. On Monday, the council will vote on the last round of amendments.

In other council news: Earlier this week, the Federal Way City Council voted to change the City’s shopping cart ordinance, making it illegal to bring a shopping cart on sidewalks or other places that would obstruct the right of way. If the cops catch you with a shopping cart on the sidewalk, then you owe $50 and a visit to community court. Plus, they’ll take all the stuff you put in the cart. Who could this possibly be targeting? Oh, that’s right. Unhoused people. It’s times like these I hope there’s a God and that those council members will have to answer for their sins. 

Whittier crash: The 22 year-old who drove a car into a group of Los Angeles Sheriff Department recruits got released from custody last night because cops didn't have enough evidence to hold him. But he's not off the hook yet. Investigators are trying to see if the guy did it on purpose because he hates cops or if it was just an accident that injured 25 sheriff recruits. 

Student loan forgiveness is not dead: The Associated Press reported that the Biden Administration is poised to ask the Supreme Court to reinstate the President’s plan for student loan debt forgiveness. The Biden Administration seems confident it will get its way. Let’s hope so, because borrowers only have until January before payments restart. 

Jayapal doesn’t want a new job: After Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced yesterday that she will step aside from leading the House Democrats, everyone’s wondering who will replace her. As of this morning, US Rep Pramila Jayapal took herself out of the running by announcing she will run to lead the Progressive Caucus for a second term, KOMO reported.

If not Jayapal, then who? Earlier today, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries from New York, the fourth-ranking House Democrat, said Friday that he will run to fill Pelosi’s role as Democratic leader. According to NBC, if Jeffries wins, Pelosi, the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House, would pass the torch to to the first Black Speaker of the House. 

Trump probe: Today, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to oversee the many investigations related to former President Donald Trump. Politico has the whole story. 

They hate to see a girl boss win: A judge found ex-Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes guilty of defrauding investors, which helped her raise nearly $1 billion. She was sentenced to 135 months in prison starting at the end of April next year. 

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