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Hannah and Dan posted on Twitter this morning. Clearly The Stranger has a love/hate relationship with the platform.


@3 but if the stranger folks don't use twitter, how on earth will they link to their own tweets in their slogs?


«...mass shooter killed five people at a Colorado queer bar this weekend»

GOP systematically encourages gullible criminal types to grab their (readily available) guns and make terrorist attacks against right-wing scapegoats.
Same as the jihadists recruit credulous suicide bombers for their political ends.


SDOT, what's up with the curb cuts and textured ramps for blind people encouraging them to go ahead and cross right here. And then no zebra stripes? I suggest that all these ramps be eliminated RIGHT NOW (this weekend would be good). Or the requisite stripes be painted.

Your choice, SDOT. Shit or get off the pot. Or the next person who crosses at a curb cut (because that's an obvious crossing point) and then gets hit can sue the city until the bureaucrats are all homeless.


While an awful wasteland this comment section is hardly vast. It’s like 10 bored people and four magnanimous losers who don’t know that no one cares about their regurgitation.


@6 I can only surmise that the curb cuts and textured ramps at that intersection are also a guerrilla installation, but SDOT decided that removing them was too expensive and time-consuming.

Seriously, I understand the need to remove the amateur paint job, but the same work crew should have immediately laid down a professional one in its place. It's utterly absurd for a busy intersection to have curb cuts and ramps but no crosswalk markings.


You can't fault the Disney guy for issuing a warning when he was at ABC - which, ahem, is Disney now. Television caters, let's face it, to morons and to people who've spent the entire day plowing the north 40. And television, once a public trust, is now a business (and how!) So, good-bye Horowitz and Young People's Concerts. Farewell, Omnibus and Discovery. Tootle-loo, CBS Reports. Hello, Three's Company and Dr. Pimple Popper and Sister Wives.

If you are in that business, you have to be aware of who is the audience is or they won't watch - or worse, they get pissed and boycott sponsors. I know. It was the late 90s. You'd think the country would have grown up by then - after wars and assassinations and movements. I think in this case we can cut that guy a little slack. After all, there's a world of difference between, "Excuse me, y'all. There's going to be an adult situation coming up tonight wherein two women show some extended affection towards each other, Just a heads up," and, "No fucking way are two dykes kissing on my network!"

I assume children watched "Ellen," and a notice is more palatable to some than a surprised kid asking, "Hey, Mom, what's happening?"

Of course, it's almost 2023 now, and I wouldn't be nearly as generous with my forgiveness these days.


What was that Onion headline again?



It’s the only way.


Given the relative efficacy of gay men in clubs in subduing a shooter vs. police, I request that every school in Washington have two leather daddies posted as security.


Wow. As if I need another reason to celebrate never having opened a Twitter account, and never will.

It's time for Griz to bring on the red wine, dark chocolate, and popcorn for another celebrity birthday---Goldie Hawn turned 77 today. Sock it to me, Private Benjamin!

@6 Holmes and @8 CKathes: I share your concerns about the curb cuts and messed up crosswalk stripes. ?1?1? WTF is SDOT thinking? Seattle doesn't sound like a welcoming place for the average Joe and Jane to live, anymore, especially for pedestrians and people with disabilities--many of whom are elderly. And winter is coming!

@13 Oh, Roger, no!!


So again the logic with our resident Gun Turd:

“Of all the world Americans are uniquely violent so… give them MOAR GUNZ!”
[chef’s kiss]


@15: "why we are so much more violent to each other than Brits, French, or Norwegians."

Or the Swiss.

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