Not even the courtesy of a worn-out sign apologizing for the inconvenience, Sound Transit? WC



That silly junk science statistic Will doesn't tell us how many of those cop killings were warranted and saved the lives of others.


tS's writers keep disappointing
the neolibs and cons.
Excellent. there's
always the Sea.
Times & Daily
Stormer for


If you ain't work you're asleep and dreaming.





@3: The Seattle Times did you say? And how many former TS writers now work at The Seattle Times?


how many work for the
Daily Stormer dewey?
inquiring minds're
Dying to Know.


"some of you miscreants apparently think you can navigate the passes without them, and you're hubris is shutting them down for everyone else."



wear are the grammar cops?


@3 “Sea.
Times & Daily
Stormer ”

Whoa are you actually implying that the website for a mainstream metropolitan daily newspaper is the equivalent of the website of the freaking nazi party?

That’s insane even for you.



The “professional writer” who penned this piece has also somehow managed to use his expensive JD to get a barely better than minimum wage job.

Talk about privilege!

And he also complains about student loan debt.

Talk about gall!


@11/12 Professional writer implies some level of competency and objectivity. Will, at best, is a blogger that does nothing more than insert his own biased viewpoints into articles written by actual professionals.


I would like to apologize to Comrade Musk for reporting him to the authorities for his illegal housing actions.

It will never happen again.

At least, not this year.

(counts days on calendar)


I get it -- you don't come here
for the precision of the Lingo
but to Improve it. thanks!


@7: I'd say zero. See @10.


Good time to remind everyone that this IS a free paper that basically functions as a vehicle for advertising. Might want to lower the expectations of quality reporting a bit. You get what you pay for.



All papers free or subscription function as a vehicle for advertising. Basically delivering eyeballs to advertisers.

Even for the NYTimes and other subscription based publications the price of the subscription just barely covers the cost of auditing the readership for the advertisers.

At every paper it’s the advertisers that pay for the journalism.


@15 I see you didn't read the article.
"The FBI records fatal shootings by police as 'justifiable homicides-officer involved.'"

"At a meeting in Pittsburgh this year, an advisory subcommittee for the FBI’s data collection program considered a proposal from some in law enforcement to exclude fatal shootings by police from the public database — and submit them instead to an internal FBI collection. Some information eventually would be made public, but only in summary form. The group ultimately rejected the idea. 'If the FBI stops reporting it, it’s going to look like they’re trying to hide the data,' said Princeton’s Kaplan, who, along with Walker, is a member of the committee. 'I don’t see a benefit to switching.'"

The numbers are under reported because many police departments or the state agencies who they report to simply fail to report them, not because the FBI doesn't collect the data.


It's kind of sad how much MAGAts are getting scammed by the constant grifting, in a not really that sad at all kind of way.


@15 “Shootings are PUBLIC HEALTH data. Congress has authorized other agencies to do that work.”

Actually Congress, at the behest of the NRA, has specifically prohibited the CDC or NIH from gathering data related to the health effects of gun ownership.



If the grifters were only lining their own pockets I wouldn’t care.

Unfortunately Trump, Kent et al are just as likely to use the proceeds to fund insurrection.


@17 fair points but objectivity is not necessarily neutrality. Writers can have opinions, the best ones often do. Objectivity speaks to having an open mind about your topic and recognizing there could be competing viewpoints that have merit. It's also about accurately representing the topic and not parsing facts or phrases to misrepresent something or create false narratives. Will is an ideologue, there is no nuance is his writing or room for discussion. Police are the bad guys, business owners are evil, criminals are victims of an oppressive culture. At best I would describe Will and a propagandist.


This is probably a line of thought I should just leave alone, but how scary is it that 1.7M people in Georgia thought it was totally cool to send that moron to the Senate? But then I remembered 2016. Thank you, good people of Georgia, for showing up at the polls. Most of America thanks you.

Is there some posse that travels around the country and breaks escalators in train stations? Sure seems to happen a lot. And everywhere. And on the day after you’ve sprained your ankle.



Yeah, it's appalling that thing even went to a runoff. GOP seemingly could've run just about anyone else and likely won convincingly. Thankful for their overall incompetence in the short term, but also not a great harbinger of things to come. Disband the fucking Senate already. The geopolitical boundary that arbitrarily defines the state of Georgia (and the Dakotas, Kansas, Nebraska, et al) shouldn't dictate that we live in a backward-assed aspiring Theocracy, but here we are.


MAGAts love losing their money, their house, their car, their wellbeing, their retirement savings, their healthcare....hmmmmm.
Maybe if they stopped shelling out blindly to con artists and changed political affiliations, they could start running that backward like a pickup truck in a Country Western song. They could get their money back, their house back, their car back, their wellbeing back, their retirement savings back, their healthcare back.....

Just call it a day, Tim Eyesore, and pay the State of Washington, already.
SuperBob Ferguson: $2.9 million and counting
Tim Eyesore: Zero (unless you include the stolen chair as a mere drop in the bucket for collateral, and a crying towel).
Oh, and, Timmy---ya might want to give Office Depot back their chair---just a thought---before you leave the state with your tail between your legs.

Congratulations, Senator Raphael Warnock!! And a big Thank You to Urgutha Forka and Georgia voters! Hooray that we have a solidly blue U.S. Senate 51-49.
I hope Mitch McConnell and its sock puppets, Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema suffer sheer misery from here on out. That's what they and Der Gropenfuhrer get for pushing Herschel "Toofwess" Walker, just another GOP punchline.

A 30-car pileup on I-90 near Ellensburg? How many in the multi-vehicular collision are people from other parts of the U.S. who a) moved from warmer climates and never before now had to drive in snow, b) had much more severe winter weather where they came from, but at least the snow back there was dry powder and where the loss of traction wasn't a problem, and / or c) are reckless, irresponsible idiots who shouldn't be on the road in the first place, even when driving conditions are good?

@4 Garb Garblar: You could still be asleep and dreaming at work...

@28 Bauhaus I: That horrible thought--that 1.7 million voters in Georgia are willing to put Herschel Walker into the U.S. Senate--has given me the shivers, too.
Re-elected U.S. Senator, Raphael Warnock was quoted [in The Seattle Times, December 7, 2022, Section A, page A6, Warnock holds off Walker in runoff, Bill Barrow and Jeff Amy, Associated Press]

@29 mike blob: I'm for disbanding the Orange Turd induced Extreme Court and abolishing the Electoral College.


@31, to @28 Bauhaus I, continued (Griz nodded off at her computer!):
My comment should read:
"That horrible thought--that 1.7 million voters in Georgia are willing to put Herschel Walker into the U.S> Senate--has given me the shivers, too.
Re-elected U.S. Senator, Raphael Warnock was quoted [in The Seattle Times, December 07, 2022, Section A, page A6, Warnock holds off Walker in runoff, Bill Barrow and Jeff Amy, Associated Press]:
"My opponent is not a serious person," Warnock said during the runoff campaign. "But the election is very serious. Don't get those two things confused."


@31 “I hope Mitch McConnell and its sock puppets, Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema suffer sheer misery from here on out. ”

Manchin and Sinema are Democrats.

In two years you’ll be hoping Manchin wins re-election as control of the Senate might very well depend on him being able to beat whatever godawful nightmare the West Virginia Republican Party runs against him.


Joe Manchin is a great centrist democrat and would make a fine president.


@33 STII and @34 raindrop: You both need a nap.

@33 STII: No, I won't be wishing Joe Manchin wins re-election in West Virginia. He's all about outdated coal profiteering and screwing progressives. If Manchin is the best West Virginia can produce for the U.S Senate, we're all fucked.

@34 raindrop: Did you just slip, fall, and hit your head on a rock? Seek medical help.

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