Rest in Peace: Stephen "tWitch" Boss, best known as a former contestant and judge on “So You Think Can Dance,” and a DJ on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" died yesterday at the age of 40. His tragic death has sparked a renewed conversation about mental health. Take care of yourself. 

Not quite ACAB: Washington police academy is increasingly realizing that at least some cops are bastards. So now, they’ll “more aggressively remove” police recruits who show red flags of someone who is “psychologically unfit,” to carry a gun and harass the homeless. We'll see if that helps any more than training or whatever else they do to make cops less likely to kill people.

Let kids have fun! Seattle Public Schools delivered some tough news earlier this week in a memo to students and parents. All snow days will be remote learning days this winter. Some parents are pretty peeved because their kids struggle to learn remotely. And I’m sure the kids are disappointed that they won’t get random days off to play in the snow or do whatever kids do when it's cold. But the decision is not without reason. More days off could cause make-up days to stretch into July, which would totally suck.

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Governor’s budget: Yesterday former King and current Gov. Jay Inslee announced his two-year budget. It's a big, long budget that I have yet to look into at all (sorry not sorry) so I’ll let the Seattle Times break it down for you. 

Free shit: As part of a plan to prepare for an expected spike in COVID-19 cases this winter, the Biden administration announced it will resume its free at-home COVID test program, which those fuckers paused in September. Go claim your four free tests!  

Speaking of COVID-19: As you may remember, the Chinese government lifted some of its strict protocols in response to mass protests. A few weeks later, cases of the virus in China surged and people are panicking

SeEkInG tHe TrUtH aNd RePoRtInG iT: In one of the most important Seattle Times reads of the year, Tan Vinh and Owen Bargreen share more than 20 cheap bottles of wine you can get at Costco this holiday season.

Should I just spread rumors? I’m so stoked for city council elections next year and, in the past few months, I’ve received more and more phone calls from people telling me rumors of who will run. I obviously won’t just spread unverified rumors on The Stranger dot com, but if you are running for council next year, you should probably tell me first ;)

ICYMI: As the millennials say, Daniel “Ballard Dan” Strauss “did a thing.” Did I use that correctly? No disrespect to the millennial community. At least not in this blurb. Anyway! Council Member Strauss finally extended his “pandemic-era” measure to exempt some affordable housing projects from the dumb, very stupid process of design review, which makes producing housing slower, more expensive, and not any prettier. Also credit to Council Member Teresa Mosqueda, who co-sponsored the bill! And the Mayor, I guess. 

But wait there’s more: In its last meeting of the year, the city council did more than just extend design review exemptions. In fact, the council passed what The Urbanist called a “smorgasbord” of land use policies. Check it out

The evil Bernie: Some French guy surpassed Grimes's former husband, Elon Musk as the richest man in the world/public enemy number one, even though the dude lost money this year (the former number one just lost way more). His name is Bernard Arnault, and he’s the chairman and chief executive of Louis Vuitton. If you haven’t heard of the “wolf in cashmere” don’t sweat it. Considering all the headlines saying some variation of "New phone, who this?" I don't think anyone has.

Not Tom Hanks! The guy accused of beating Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer back in October apparently had a “hit list.” He wanted to kill the President’s son and infamous laptop-haver Hunter Biden, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and, for some reason, Tom Hanks. 

Uhhh: I’m no expert, but this sounds bad. According to the AP, Southern California is absolutely fucked. The nation’s largest water supplier declared a drought emergency, which could lead to mandatory water restrictions for potentially 19 million people in the next few months. No word from the AP if how this drought may or may not affect SoCal’s neighbor, Mexico.

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