Sorry if my headline-picture combo made you think Jay Inslee is the new Richest Man in the world. He is not. LESTER BLACK



Big Jay's not even
a King anymore?

and Musky's
hawking tesla to
pay to get the trumpster
back onto Musky's Free Speecherina.

it's GOOD
to be born to
Parents who happen to
own an Emerald mine with
Free (or nearly so) Laborers
and be conscience-free to boot

we Should be more Careful who
we Allow to Purhcase OUR Democracy

but we Won't.

the end.


who 'edits'
this Tripe?


"He wanted to kill the President’s son and infamous laptop-haver Hunter Biden, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and, for some reason, Tom Hanks."

I agree Hannah, out of that trio only Tom Hanks deserves to live.


@4 everyone deserves to live. I do think its kind of interesting how fast this story has dropped off the radar though once we found out it was some a drugged out homeless guy and not some right wing MAGA nut job.


@3: firstly, it was in Chandler, AZ, and the story is "still developing" as they say. Hannah likely didn't see it as she isn't 24/7 scanning the internet for DGU stories like you are.

BTW, was tWitch a bad guy with a gun or a good guy with a gun?


@25: a drugged out homeless guy with a brain full of RW MAGA nut job conspiracies.


"and not some right wing MAGA nut job."

Ah. No True Scotsman, right?

When reality conflicts with your propaganda duties you rewrite reality.

He was a MAGA nut job which is clear from everything he has said in his long diatribes on Facebook. He parroted every single MAGA conspiracy of the last five years.

You realize a whole bunch of your MAGA pals ARE drugged out lunatics, right? Those two states are in parasitical symbiosis. Which you amply demonstrate here with your obsessive rants every day.


@4 -- Projecting
Again dewey &
even you dont
Deserve it.


irregardless of


Raindrop dear, what have you got against Hunter Biden and Gavin Newsom? Neither of them know you exist, and you can't afford California, so they've done you no harm.


In case you didn't know, Hannah, the Colorado River has long been a mud flat by the time it hits the Mexican border.


Re @4, It sounded like Hannah was in agreement with reasons to kill the first two, but stumped on the third. That of course is an erroneous interpretation of the sentence, for which I tried to make into a joke.

You can eye-roll now.




Washington DC Metro just announced that, starting next year, all bus rides will be free.
A good solution for a city where car traffic has gotten so bad, it's almost impossible to get around.
Now, maybe it's time for the city where I live, where car traffic has gotten so bad, it's almost impossible to get around, to start free bus rides, too.


Whew, thank goodness I wasn't evaluated for being psychologically fit when I signed up with the boys in blue; "psychologically unfit" just happens to be my legal middle name! My parents changed it. :(


@8 RogertheShrubber and @11 Catalina Vel-DuRay for the WIN! And thank you both for beating me to it.

@16 AgentSmith2: That sounds like a good idea to me, too. Free bus rides alone would greatly reduce the sharp increase in the number of traffic accidents in the greater Puget Sound area. I only drive seasonally in good weather, and otherwise walk or ride public transit.

@18 Morty: "Psychologically unfit" describes a tremendous lot of us (Griz included). I could never work for law enforcement. Methinks you're really among the best qualified and most exemplary of good cops. It sounds like your parents raised you right.

YOIKS about severe drought in Southern California! Water rationing and poor air quality both suck.
I am reminded of 1993 all over again. The hills, when visible, were a sickly dead, grayish brown.


Boomer gun nut o this thread is twisting out rationalizations for the objects of his obsession and presenting them to readers with all the enthusiam of a balloon animal clown.

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