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Banning journalists and shutting out rivals? Must be some more of that free speech stuff Elon loves so much.


Can we just start calling it the Twainweck?


this is what happens
when the world is run
by a Musk Melon.


Musk is also offering shares in Twitter to the same investors who funded his takeover of the company, at the bargain basement price of $54.20/share (the same 300% premium he paid).


the Ped accident incident vid
was Amazing -- there truly
IS a War on Pedestrians.

& they're Losing badly.

if musky's fanantics
tell him to Go will
he just say no?
and Mean it?

his Reich-wing fantasies
he can make True if he
can figure out that
tiger he's got
by the tail

here's to


@ 4,

Looks like E-loon Mush, noted bizniss jeeneeus, already lost all of the Saudis' munnie.
That seems bad.


84 years? 1938? How does one know that?


Today in vision zero: This morning I was returning from The Polyclinic (calm down, it was just a routine physical) and two completely strung-out people who were sharing a common blanket decided to make the intersection of Terry and Cherry into an all-way stop by abruptly staggering out into the middle of the road and causing two emergency stops.

Then, traveling along 12th Ave South, at S King Street, another strung out person decided to stop all traffic by performing an interpretive dance to the music in his head.

If we really want to have fewer traffic fatalities we need to acknowledge that there are a lot of impaired, or just plain stupid, pedestrians. Slowing down or reducing traffic is not going to solve that.


Blaming a pedestrian for getting hit by a car is slut-shaming. All the power is on the car-driver's side of that transaction. Shame on you. If cars could only travel at 20 MPH there'd be fewer fatalities, too -- no matter who wandered out into the road.

You want fewer traffic fatalities? Fund public transportation until no-one wants to drive anymore. Spend the money on infrastructure to completely separate pedestrians from traffic. Pick one. Do both! Clearly, we have the money.

It's like the guns, people! Fewer guns means fewer people getting killed by guns. Fewer cars means fewer people getting killed by cars. It's just too damned simple.


Good thing Matt and the other anti car hysterics grow all their own fruits and veg, refine textiles for their clothing, etc - I think Matt’s comics are delivered by flying unicorns as well.


Sadly, P22 attacked several dogs (and ate one) in my neighborhood adjacent to Griffith park in Los Feliz. It had become a bigger problem when he also sent one of the owners to the emergency room. Of course, it was because the cat was so physically distressed, and was now going after easy pickins. But @ a holiday Latkes party Sat, one of my neighbors tearfully suggested we should create a statue to commemorate him, to which I suggested perhaps P22 with a chihuahua in its mouth.


@9 It's cute you think funding public transportation will eliminate cars. Show me one major city in the world that doesn't have any cars. I guess NYC, right? Great subway and not a car to be seen on Manhattan!!!! Oh wait. Even cities with great public transportation systems still have cars.

Might want to do a reality check on you Car-free-world wet dream.

Oh, and FYI, pedestrians have a responsibility to abide by laws, as well. Walk into on-coming traffic and get hit... that ain't the car's fault, baby. But continue with your unwinnable crusade.


“Blaming a pedestrian for getting hit by a car is slut-shaming.”

The perfect opening to one of the dumbest slop posts of all time. Bravo!


I guess Believe The Science doesn't include physics when it pertains to pedestrian vs. cars.


@9: there definitely ARE pedestrian or bicyclist or scooterist deaths where the vehicle operator is at fault.

but anyone who's spent time on the mean streets of downtown, or aurora ave., or the ID, or the CD knows that crazy motherfuckers are cluelessly, or recklessly, and sometimes defiantly walking directly into traffic. that's what i now scan for at every intersection with a green light - is one of our drug-addled neighbors perched on the curb about to do something irrational?

it does keep my speed <25 mph.


I have been on double/articulated Sound Transit buses that were forced to lay on the brakes HARD due to some idiot wandering into the path of the bus. Said pedestrian then had the gall to flip off the driver - as if the bus wasn't supposed to be there.


Matt I don’t know if you are doing better this week or just made a focus of not coming across too upset this week but just wanted to say that if it’s the former I’m glad you are feeling better. .


Welcome to SLOG "I too have an irrelevant anecdote about something so let me share it" Day!


@22: Try being cheerful, tis the season you know.


@1 Brent Gumbo, @5 kristofarian, @6 Original Andrew, @8 Catalina Vel-DuRay, and @12 PrincessAngeline#2 for the group WIN! +5 100% Agreed.

Pedestrians meandering listlessly on suicide missions across busy intersections such as Aurora Avenue North, Terry and Cherry, and 12th Avenue South at South King Street? This is beyond sad. I am in agreement with PrincessAngeline#2. We need to be addressing the issues of the mentally ill left homeless and fending for themselves. We need to shelter the homeless--especially now during an Arctic cold snap! Building contractors and developers need to pay their fair share towards this, and being held accountable for pandering only to the wealthiest of property owners. No more luxury condos at $5 million a pop!

E-loon Muskrat is hellbent on owning and destroying the world, provided its Lord and Master, Darth Vader, the Orange Turd doesn't beat him to it? All I want for Christmas is true, long overdue justice served upon the Orange Turd and its equally corrupt billionaire henchmen, enablers, paid off judges, lawyers, fixers, six appointed for life Extreme Court neofascists, down to the stupidest and most gullible of MAGAt rubes.
The Orange Turd's criminal conviction for its involvement in the January 6, 2021 insurrectionist attack on the U.S> Capitol is long overdue and must happen NOW!


All this is happening because too many corrupt criminal psychopaths with too much of other people's money are being let off scot free, consequences be damned.

@23 raindrop: Gee--is my above posted comment cheerful enough for you?


@25, sure, cheers!

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