Light rail on its way to Federal Way and Lynnwood. Karen Ducey / Getty



"US life expectancy in free fall…
We have COVID-19 and drug
use to thank for that."

the Corps-fueled

"The Taliban
was serious about
not allowing women to get an education"

they're the Same peeps
we've Here working Feverishly to
retain both Patriarchy & Stockholm Syndrome

"Let's hope this war ends soon."

and NOT in
Atomic Hellfire.


1st news I've seen about Sen. Cantwell in I don't know how long. Good job, Maria. Bring home that bacon.


And it's not even an election year. This abrupt change in behavior could mean she's on drugs or has mental health challenges manifesting as attention seeking.


Life expectancy is crashing because it makes the kleptocratic 1% rich by killing Americans with drugs, guns, carcinogens, and lies against single-payer healthcare in support of for-profit medicine.


Do better coverage: Protests shut down construction of the illegal border junk wall several days in advance of Ducey agreeing to take it down.

Protests stop wall construction editorial:

Coverage from a non-corporate perspective:


"Ducey spent $82 million in taxpayer money to build the wall..."

such fiscal, much conservative


Would you rather Cantwell register as an Independent and get lots and lots of media coverage?


FYI the Form 1099 -MISC threshold for reportable income has been $600 (in the calendar year) for years, so changing F 1099-K to the same dollar amount makes the independent contractor threshold more uniform.


@8: Media coverage gives the impression to the electorate that their elected leaders are engaged. The more coverage doesn't necessarily parallel how good a job they're doing, but certainly Primila is outshining Maria and Patty on that front.


@9. You are unhinged.

@11. No, that’s not correct. Being paid back for dinner is not payment for part-time work, selling goods, or services. As usual, the snarky comment by the Slog author shows they doesn’t understand the details.


@5 Is unhinged. Not @9.



I'd rather she show up in the press more often than hardly ever.
I'm sure Republicans would love for Cantwell to split the ticket.


@1 kristofarian, @3 Max Solomon, @5 Original Andrew, and @8 pat L for the WIN!!

@13, and @14 Scottie Soft 'n' Brown: Are you bored into starting senseless arguments again because you're iced in, too, like so many of us? It makes no difference who you brand as unhinged. You're still a sad, sorry little trolling MAGAt. Go take a cocoa break and leave the conversation to the adults in the room.

@15 PrincessAngeline#2: I'm smart not to be hooked up to Venmo or Craigslist, and not ever having opened a Twitter account. Duly noted. I'm even doubting my benefits of having a mobile phone (posting a caveat emptor on Samsung products through Xfinity!). Thank you--I feel a little better now. I always knew the Orange Turd and its bootlicking cohorts should be paying higher taxes than I do.


NO SCOTTIE! Andrew is telling the truth and apparently that annoys you.

Are you a protector of billionaires while the people suffer under their corruption and abuse? Looks like it. Who is unhinged darling?


It's no Measure of
Health to be well-
adjusted to a pro-
foundly Sick

No matter
What the
FOX may
tell you.


@18 Ivy R. Nightscales (re:@13 and @14): Scottie is among the ~75 million Trumpwashed MAGAts beyond saving.
Predictably he'll likely lose everything due to buying the Orange Turd's willful misinformation. Then he'll blame it all on the Democrats who provided his evaporated safety nets. The Err of the Orange Turd is fueled by stupidity, fear-mongering, and easily blindsided ignorance. The Fall of the Trumpian Empire will be epic---the biggest crash in world history since Hiroshima. Scottie ad nauseum will be swept under the GOP septic tidal wave among the most dispensable of mere pawns in the Ponzi schemes of the .0000000000001%ers.
So much for being "proud to take one for the team" when it ultimately bites idiots like Scottie in the balls.

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