"I have a feeling his memoir is just pages upon pages of him playing the victim, "

You're absolutely right Hannah. That's Harry and Meghan's business model. They're horrible people. King Charles should strip their titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


Oh darn, the ongoing Republinazi terrorist attack / murder-suicide against America may be delayed another day.


"Remember: Economics is just astrology for boys." 

I love this.


"Hoping everyone that Amazon cans finds a better job right away that pays them more money and treats them better."

Han Han... they work at Amazon. They're getting paid better than the majority of the tech workers in the area already. Treats them better? I should hope so. It was super fun finding out the "secret" VP goal that basically directs managers to push people out if they're not performing at the level their peers are, regardless of how well they're actually doing their job.


As the old saying goes....even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile....our dear Hannah hit the nail on the head on her take about whinny Harry.


«Mason was killed July 15 while riding his e-bike home from work»

E-bikes: unlicensed motor vehicles operating on the streets.


“The victim’s death is just one in a long, tragic history of cyclist deaths in a city built for cars (and, in this case, a driver doubling the speed limit).”

I’m curious as exactly what SDOT can do about a driver operating that recklessly. I mean, if they’d set the limit lower, he’d have been tripling it or whatever.

“Harry couldn't decide between dressing as a Nazi or a pilot,”

One of the running themes in “The Crown,” is of the Windsors constantly making obvious mistakes like this, because they appear to be not particularly bright or honest people, and best avoided if at all possible



From my understanding many, if not most, of the workers being “laid off” are being encouraged to apply for other positions at Amazon.

AWS isn’t going anywhere.


"Hoping everyone that Amazon cans finds a better job" This is very likely the most poorly constructed sentence I have ever read. Here is a possible improvement: "I hope that all canned Amazon employees find a better job."


canned Employees?
from Whole Foods?
Bezos is surely ON
to sumpthin' there

Peak Capitalism
strikes Again.


oh and kevin MkKkarthy's now
a SEVEN times Loser. he's
getting even More
'qualified' every


The Republicans are indeed providing great comic support on how to run the government but we shouldn't pretend this is unique to them. Pelosi cut a deal with the progressive caucus in 2018 to give them more influence in return for their support ( and of course we had the Manchin/Simena fight last year where they were labeled traitors for sinking the Dems Build, Back, Better bills ( Government is messy and when you have narrow margins then small factions can hold out to get their way. This happens all the time in parliamentary systems and is not that big a deal. We are just used to the parties conducting these discussions more discreetly. There will be deals cut and a speaker elected at some point and hopefully these shenanigans drive a further stake into the heart of the Trump wing of the party.


@7 "One of the running themes in “The Crown,” is of the Windsors constantly making obvious mistakes like this, because they appear to be not particularly bright or honest people, and best avoided if at all possible"

Centuries of inbreeding and detachment from reality will do that


the Korporate Wing
of American Politics
is one tough Nut to
Crack specially when
They OWN the Fawk-
ing Checkbook.


were we to have all Your
'facts" Fax we'd likely be
better 'informed' by
watching facts-free
FOX teevee. and
That's a Fact.


@7 While I'm not a royal-watcher, I'd guess that a lack of self-awareness and introspection is a bigger deal than lack of intelligence or honesty.


HahHan, baby... no one gives a shit about your Twitter threads.


@15, 18

speaking of inbreeding


Eighteen years ago a person wore a costume to a fancy dress party. Fortunately, nothing important has happened since then, because we're still talking about it.


@3: "Remember: Economics is just astrology for boys." It would appear we commenters are not the only ones who understand the true value of Charles Mudede’s writings on economics. I too like Ms. Krieg’s funny and feminist take on it.


I still enjoy Fox News from time to time - Greg Gutfeld is a good tonic to far-lefty babble. Brit Hume still can deliver good commentary and Fox News Sunday regularly skewers prominent democrats as well as republicans.


Somewhat surprised none of the updates this week mentioned the passing of Gangsta Boo at the young age of 43. She was an immensely talented artist and deserves recognition for her advancement of women in music and an innovator in the early southern rap scene with Three 6. Rest light, Boo.


A non-functioning Congress is not amusing. And guess what, it is alarming the world. This is just another form of terrorism by the Republicans. Every single one of them needs to go. Permanently.


@2 Original Andrew, @10 and @11 kristofarian, and @27 xina for the WIN!!! +3 Agreed.

@9 collingswood: +1 Thanks for beating me to it. I know Hannah had an AM deadline, but....
And I thought a number of MY typos were bad!

@25 raindrop: Obviously you're seeking distracting misinformation, not reliable news.
Don't get the two confused.


The original meme was "Stock markets are astrology for men".


@28: I already know what the news is before I watch Fox.

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