@1 Considering your desire to be taken seriously here, I find it endlessly amusing you are using the New York Post as a reference.

"Two years after Seattle officials let the city burn"

Yes, this is an article to be taken seriously.

Their sources? "Some busdrivers said." The only driver who put their name in the article didn't mention anything about being in danger.

I never said it wasn't dangerous. I'm saying police are blowing the danger it poses to them out of proportion. They have access to PPE that bus drivers do not.

You'll also notice how the article does not say any bus drivers were rendered unconscious, unlike claims by the police.

In conclusion: get fucked.



Lots of arm waving and posturing about student loan forgiveness but nothing about reining in tuition costs. Colleges and Universities with large endowments continue to gouge students. Government shrugs. Why?


"I'll just watch [the Golden Globe] clips on Twitter."

Back in the day there would be a slog live chat for awards shows so people could comment away in real time while enjoying the spectacle live.

Seattle is dying.


@1: Do you remember your request for evidence of your idiocy the other day? You need look no further than your comment here.


I've lived here 30 years, lived in Wallingford, and attended UW, and I've been to Northlake exactly once. I think the issue is the lack of windows. No idea how Big Marios addresses that, but the building needs a refreshing/sandblasting.


@8: you provided a link to the risible NY Post as opposed to the 5 links to a variety of sources across the political spectrum and including one from the NIH provided by Mr. Gumbo in reply to you. In addition I have known people who were prescribed fentanyl for long term use & I promise you from personal experience one cannot be affected by it merely due to proximity. You sir, are a gullible fool.


@7 I'm not reading all that word salad. As someone who deals with this shit for a living while you wax philosophical on the internet all day (and probably don't even live in Seattle) I don't need to justify the reality on the ground to you. Good day.



Brent has never met a junkie they can’t make an excuse for.

No matter what kind of damage the derelict causes Brent will defend them.

Running like a lunatic with a machete?
Brent says not their fault.

Igniting a fire that burns down a business?
Brent says not their fault.

Assaulting a woman with a baseball bat?
Brent says not their fault.

Brent has endless compassion for crazy junkies but absolutely no compassion for their victims.

The only possible explanation why is that Brent must be a crazy junkie themselves.


@12: You mean "he".



Uncertain. I used to think
“he” (from the name and Avatar) but have read posts suggesting “she.”

So I chose to go with they as it’s correct regardless.


You all are pretty obsessed with me huh?


Northlake Tavern's pizza is not good. It's too focused on toppings, not on sauce and crust. As a SE Wallingford resident, I am pleased with the Big Mario's takeover.


What @9 said. Although I think I went there for three events.


@16, every goddamn pizza place in Seattle is focused on crust and sauce, often to the detriment of toppings. Northlake Tavern was one of a kind that way. There is no pizza I’ve ever had anywhere with the mountains of greasy hot pepperoni you’ll get at Northlake, or the piles of olives and green peppers on the Logger’s Special. I will miss it, although I may live a little longer in the absence of their temptations.


Good riddance Northlake Tavern! Went in there several years ago in the middle of the day but couldn't get service. They weren't busy, the bartender refused to speak to me and staff purposefully avoided the table. Never seen anything like it. I assume you have to live in the neighborhood and be friends of with the waitstaff just to get served at NT.



At most there’s only a dozen of us regular commenters, not difficult to notice patterns.

I might disagree with you on many things but that’s no reason to misgender you.


@19... Maaaayyyybe, and I'm just guessing here, because you're a fucking asshole?


'repubs' got the 2nd Amendment
we need Safe Shooting/smoking
areas - for Gawd's sake wake the
Fuck Up. otoh 'but that's just
they scream so in our
Faces they remain.

the many Rewards
of being in the
Bottom 90


Matriarchy right fucking NOW!!!!
And while we're at it, death to the GOP.

@1, @7, @8, and @22: Seriously, dude. Put down the bong and get medical assistance, STAT.

@19: David in Shoreline? Is that you lurking in the dark shadows of the Orange Turd's cavernous buttcrack? Don't tell me, let me guess....
Were you drunk, rude, and obnoxious when you went inside Northlake Tavern?


I lived here for 30 plus years, went once to the Northlake Tavern and vaguely remember enjoying one of those kitchen sink topping filled pies. Should have gone more often at the least for online take out if the service has gone down the crapper.

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