Rep. George Santos's freshman term in the House has to set the record for being the most chaotic. Alex Wong/Getty



SPD's so-called “Traffic Collision Investigation Squad”

Why the quotation marks? Do you think SPD made that up just to mess with you, dear?

This is just a tragedy all the way around. I feel bad for the driver, the pedestrian, and both their families. I wish The Stranger would stop pimping this dead woman for one of it's dubious pet causes.


Do we really need to spend money on speed bumps when all the roads are already a bumpy mess?


Responding to an emergency does not negate the responsibility to drive safely and does not give responders carte blanche to ignore traffic laws.


I am deeply frustrated whenever I see an ambulance slow at an intersection. I understand that they need to do this, because getting t-boned or hitting a pedestrian would be horrific. But if everyone actually respected the sirens then it would be unnecessary. I never saw emergency vehicles with sirens on slow at intersections before I moved to Seattle (though I'm sure other large cities have the same problem).


To be clear, I said that ambulances slow at intersections because they actually do. I never see cop cars slow at intersections. They are not trained to increase public safety or value human life. They are only trained to inflict pain, as if kidnapping people and locking them in cages somehow increased the amount of justice in the world.


Sad that Who is she? got bounced from two more gigs at Kraken games. But the comment by Jas that "Climate Pledge Arena hates punk!!!!!!" is pretty silly. If someone at TS wants to do some actual "journalism" they might start by finding out what the agreement with the arena actually says. Management says they weren't professional and were drinking. The band doesn't help themselves by saying "we weren't drunk" which is basically an admission they were drinking and something drunk people say. If the contract says no drinking then they were in breach......but a real journalist could track this down. And finally, you can't live in the area and not know that Bezos and his minions are a little sensitive. Going to his house and calling him an asshole is not a good career move. Go Kraken! and good luck Who is She?


surrounded by 5Klb of Comfortableness
and Mantovani in a world harsh with
Fakers Lobbyists get rich quick
spinmeisters and Pedestrians
who're no Match for your
Impositions it's easy to
assume Dominance or
just Forget to LOOK at
where you're headed

and oh was that a
Speedbump? that's funny
I'd Never noticed one there before

on One side

uh oh.


Yes. The Kraken ownership was shocked — SHOCKED I SAY — to learn that the consumption of ALCOHOL goes on at hockey games! Which is tantamount to shooting heroin at mass!

“What’s next?!” asks Jeff Bezos. “Are we going to tolerate FISTICUFFS at hockey ball? How will the ice pitcher strike out the quarterback?!” Continued the billionaire, nervously fingering his pearl necklace and fanning his trussed bosoms upon his fainting couch made of elephant ivory and orphan bones.


@6 International population is a fair point. I'm not sure how things work abroad, I seriously doubt there is any sort of universal system for emergency vehicles. That seems like a difficult problem, though an important one to solve.


«Last year, State Rep Lauren Davis got a domestic violence protection order against lobbyist Cody Arledge for "an escalating pattern of obsessive and threatening behavior"»

"Cody" has to be the dumbest redneck name of all time. Any intelligent people ever named "Cody"?
I've met a few canines named "Cody".


I'm disappointed in Santos. Stand by your lies. Have the courage of your prevarications; you're just as good as the rest of your party.


@13 I am too!

He should take his queue from the "I Hate The Stranger Troll Club" who post their enervate lies here everyday and refuse to back down no matter how many times they get busted.

Like the tech bro troll last week who in his false bravado claimed he got a $14M stock "severance" in the same breath he insulted the working class.


well you know how
them tech bros are

and now i hate all codys



Ha ha, "being unprofessional" is pretty much as accurate a description of "punk" as I think anyone could manage to provide. So if Bezos banned them for that reason, then I've no qualms at all with Jas' characterization here. And going to his house and calling him an asshole is exactly what I'd expect a punk who's been invited to his house to do. Seems like a solid career move if you ask me, though I suppose YMMV.


@1 Catalina, I meant to chat with you the other day about what you said in these quotes, but I've been caring for sick animals and humans.

"It's quaint to think that lithium batteries are the final solution when it comes to battery technology. It's the same mindset that thought that we would never be able to exceed the technological triumph of the incandescent light bulb."

Ask a chemist and you'll find out that this postulate is untrue. Lithium is the final word on portable chemical batteries with the elements we have. As element 3, it is the lightest metal (absent the crushing pressure of Jupiter which metalizes hydrogen,) limiting options for innovation.

Lithium's electrical properties were investigated decades ago because it is highly electropositive, which means it can take a lot of charge, and it's by far the least dense metal at only half the density of water. Lithium is 534 g/l while the next least dense, potassium, is 862 g/l. Water is 1000g/l, aluminum 2710g/l, iron 7874g/l, and platinum 21450g/l just for a little context.

As heavy as EVs are now with lithium batteries, every other battery option to power them is worse. There's research going on right now investigating sodium batteries. The appeal is obvious, as sodium is ubiquitous in the environment rather than being concentrated in evaporite deposits. Sadly, though, studies are showing that sodium's advantage in electropositivity over lithium is overwhelmed by its weight penalty. Sodium-ion chemistry might have promise in static battery installations to smooth out discrepancies between power generation and demand, but it is very unlikely to be used in transportation where kilograms matter.

If you want to exceed lithium chemistry in terms of kWh/kg, your choices are now and are likely to remain 1. fuel and oxidizer as we use now, 2. nuclear reactions.


@11 install MIRT on every stop light.


@6 Depending on how long she had been in the US, the solution could be as simple as her looking the wrong way for the siren. Americans who go to the British Isles are often hit for failing to look right before crossing the street. Kandula might have made a similar mistake in failing to look left.


@17 but the greatest scientific advancements come when we find something that fundamentally shifts the way we do things, not incremental improvements over the way we already think (not to discount the importance of incremental improvements). I imagine you could construct a similar argument for the maximum power of a chemical explosive, but once we have nuclear explosions the argument becomes irrelevant (not to be like "bombs are cool", it was just the first example that came to mind).


@17: more like this! I am so tired of friends and acquaintances announcing they are getting an electric car with that self-righteous tone of voice and the blind idealism that comes with it. It merely shifts the damage from producing carbon here to fucking over the earth in some other country to get at their lithium.


I was at the Vancouver/Kraken game that Who Is She played at... they were absolutely godawful. I'm all about supporting local bands, but they sounded like a group of cats in heat and played like a group of kids that found a drumset and a guitar in their parents garage (maybe that's the sound they're going for, idk). One of the worst "house band" experiences I've had at any sporting event. Maybe they did drink, maybe they didn't, but I promise it wasn't the lyrics because none of us could understand anything they were saying.


@7 I hadn't seen cops slow down at intersections either ... until an hour ago. I was northbound on Aurora and a cop Southbound slowed when he had zero visibility for cross traffic. the cop definitely had lights, but I'm not 100% sure about sirens. And it was good that the cop stopped--a car blew through the intersection and would have T-boned the cop.


@5 - You must not have lived in the Dallas area then. Whenever I responded code-3 (lights and sirens; no code-2 with lights only in Dallas) anywhere, I always slowed dramatically at intersections and lay on my airhorn to make sure everyone on the cross-street was stopping. Hell, I'd come to a dead stop sometimes if it was difficult to tell. If I could see both directions a significant distance, I might slow just slightly if clearly no one was coming, but those sort of intersections are rare in a city.

Every cop I knew of or rode with did the same thing, even during pursuits. Some officers neglected to on some occasion or another and paid the price. But that was by far the exception rather than the rule.

Yeah, people are required to yield to emergency vehicles, but as an officer you have to assume not everyone will. Some people are hard of hearing, some have their radios turned up loud, some are yelling at the kids in back, some are confused as to where you are, some are just dicks who don't think they should have to yield and so on. It's the officer's responsibility to account for such drivers.

As to this Seattle PD accident, it's impossible to know who was more at fault without an accident report. Maybe the officer was looking at something on his data terminal on the center console, maybe the victim just strolled out into the street without looking, maybe they both did those things. No sense assigning blame at this point. None of us was there.

And just about every city of any size has a unit that specializes in vehicle accidents in which there was serious injury or fatality. I'm quite sure Seattle has a "Traffic Collision Investigation Squad." Ours was in our Traffic Division.


@26. Good summary. One other cause I just considered: tall towers reflect siren noise and mislead people on its direction. Never trust your ears if you can't see the emergency vehicle when you're in the urban canyon.

Does someone want to console Matt Baume that his beloved cityscape might have factored into this death?



The "some are confused as to where you are" one gets me sometimes and it sucks. It's a shitty thing to hear the sirens blaring, sometimes even noticeably in close proximity, and wanting to get out of the way, but simply not knowing which "way" that is. Though there's usually someone else around who's even more clueless than me, and blocking the emergency vehicle's right of way completely, to ease the burden of guilt I might incur.


Herrbrahms dear, you are obviously much more well-versed than I in chemistry, but my point remains: Today's batteries are vastly different than what we saw twenty years ago, and batteries twenty years from now, be they lithium or not, will also be different. It just seems like a very weak argument to assume we won't see any other technologies emerge, or alternate supply routes emerge.

Speaking of that, I get all kinds of emails about electrification of transportation and battery storage, and this one caught my eye. The government is spending hundreds of billions on EV and battery technology as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. I'm excited to see what will happen.


Seventiesrocked dear, I'll spare you the wonky details, but through a happy quirk of history, from a time when the utility was pretty much left alone to be a utility, City Light has a very robust distribution system with a lot of room for expansion.


@10 Oh look, we found the idiot that flashes their “I don’t like sports” streetcred by using to soooo edgy “sportsball” lingo.

I realize you’re too stupid to understand the difference between fans drinking at the game and a contracted band drinking when it’s prohibited in their contract. But you should try to think a bit harder, as challenging as that might be.


mosqueda Is the last blood sucking parasite left in the city council. She needs to quit and leave politics alone. She’s toxic. we don’t need crazy council members who bully people by saying they should kill themselves.


Morty it is always refreshing to read your rational analysis.

I understand the Stranger is looking for a Criminal Justice reporter. You should think about applying.


that's a


EVERY bootlicking member of the GOP should step down, not just George Santos.


Re: traffic. My beloved VW and I try to avoid it as much as possible, especially I-5 and bumper-to-bumper intersections. We're both quirky, over 40, and prefer the road less travelled. I can't imagine driving through Seattle anymore.


And when the fuck is the Orange Turd's favorite ho, Marjorie Taylor Greene, going to get a long overdue rabies shot in the butt?


Can't we honor George Santos Kitara for being the first drag queen elected to congress? They should introduce a bill for that. DQ of the Month or something.

Also, where's the behind the scene story of the stalker and the congresslady? Seems like there should be more gossip there. Are there no ethical prohibitions to not date lobbyists? He seemed like such a sensitive liberal man too, but I'm sure he has creeped out other ladies in his past too. This is not something people start in their 50s. Also, quite the age difference...weird.


@23 punk bands are supposed to suck. Punk super bands are supposed to suck hard.


@24 @26 Glad some of them are. Hopefully the ones around me start doing it, whenever I see them they just blow through the intersections.


@32 you mean a punk rock band drank alcohol at hockey game?! No!

OMG! This has never happened before. You’re trying to tell me that a rock act employed at a sports stadium that sells booze actually drank booze?! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE EVER! Think of the children! Who come to watch men on skates knock each other senseless while crowds of drunks spit insults at them. How dare a punk band jeopardize the sanctity with such unprofessionalism as the drinking of alcohol at a hockey game!

How could the Kraken have anticipated this unprecedented breech of protocol by a punk band they researched so thoroughly and hired?!

And dipshit the joke was that clearly that snowflake Bezos doesn’t understand hockey. If you understood satire then… oh who cares.

I on the other hand played hockey from ages 13-16. And should you ever want to put on some skates I’d be more than happy see how well you understand inertia and the coefficient of friction.

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