Single-family zoning's swan song: If Washington wants to get real about housing its residents, then we've got to be building duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes on the lots previously zoned for McMansions. A bill in Olympia aims to increase the housing supply by eliminating single-family zoning statewide. This thing could happen; the bill has bipartisan support, and lobbyist groups are working to shape the bill instead of working to kill it, which is something that hasn't been true of similar bills that have failed in the past.

The bill must clear the House Appropriations committee before cutoff today. If it passes through that hoop, then it faces a full vote from the House, then the Senate, and then Gov. Jay Inslee must sign it. Who needs School House Rock when you have Slog? 

This fucking guy: Brian Kohberger, the Washington State University criminology student suspected of killing four University of Idaho students, had photos of one of the victims on his phone, authorities said. No word on whether these were photos he took himself or downloaded from social media. Police said Kohberger previously tried to connect with one of the victims on Instagram the month before he allegedly killed her. Kohberger, who literally studied crime at a PhD level, seems to be really bad at getting away with (alleged) murder. 

Choppy waters for our salmon friends: Boy, I tell you what, it's not a great time to be a salmon. In Washington, "14 population groups of salmon and steelhead" are at risk of extinction "and 10 of those groups are in crisis or falling further from recovery goals," according to KING 5. I'll give you one guess about what's to blame here. A hint: it starts with a "c" and it ends with a "limate change."

Creepy teacher arrested: On Feb 17, police arrested Pawares “Mac” Pathompornvivat, a teacher at Seattle's Franklin High School for repeatedly having sex with his 16-year-old student. According to the Seattle Times, Pathompornvivat was charged with two counts of first-degree sexual misconduct with a minor and with communicating immorally with a minor. He allegedly sent the girl over 3,000 texts and emails, many which were sexual in nature. When the student texted Pathompornvivat that she had told officials about their relationship, he called her to "get their stories straight," but she said she wouldn't lie about this. 

ICYMI: Did anyone misplace their giant orb? If this big egg belongs to you, please pick it up in Japan. Thanks!

520 closed all weekend: Heads up, commuters, the Washington State Department of Transportation will be installing the new pedestrian and cycling bridge near Montlake Boulevard. The 520 Bridge won't be traversable this weekend. The good news is construction on the $455 million Mountlake Project should wrap up in 2024. 

Where in the world is Kyle Rittenhouse? Attorneys serving a civil lawsuit to Rittenhouse, the gunman who killed two men and injured another in Kenosha, Wisconsin, can't find him. Back in 2021, Rittenhouse pled self-defense and was acquitted on all charges in the civil suit filed by the father of one of the men he killed. Now, the man he injured is suing Rittenhouse. But no one can find him. Lawyers, alleging Rittenhouse is purposefully avoiding them, filed a request for a deadline extension to serve him the suit. I'm pretty sure his girlfriend is on TikTok, maybe they can start there? 

As my mom would say, burrrrrito: It's cold out there. 

Think of the poor, frozen Californians: After nine years in Seattle, my Southern Californian roots feel fainter by the day, but I can't forget how 45 degrees in Los Angeles feels like the depths of a Chicago winter.  The cold is out of context! The people are ill-equipped! This weekend, a blizzard will buffet parts of California with hurricane-speed winds. The mountains near Los Angeles (though they're more hills than mountains to any respectable Washingtonian) could receive an unprecedented seven feet of snow. It will be the chilliest time in decades for those soft souls down south.

Not enough shelter beds: With cold weather on the horizon, the scramble is on to find shelter for people living on the streets in LA County. 

I'm anti-dog: "Thorvald, World's Oldest European Hedgehog, Was Killed By Dog At Age 16"

"Succession" ending on HBO: The upcoming fourth season of "Succession" will be its last, creator Jesse Armstrong announced. Good. I respect a show that knows when it's time to end and doesn't keep existing only to satiate an insatiable audience.

First anniversary of war in Ukraine: Today marks the anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy pledged to push for victory this year, according to the Associated Press. “We have been standing for exactly one year,” Zelenskyy said in a defiant speech today, “the longest day of our lives. The hardest day of our modern history. We woke up early and haven’t fallen asleep since.” China, meanwhile, called for a cease-fire and outlined a "12-point peace plan." The plan, however, "does not call for the full withdrawal by Russia and does not mention Ukraine’s territorial integrity," reports the New York Times

Depeche Mode performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: They're gearing up for the tour for their new album, "Memento Mori." The band performed the song "Ghosts Again" from the new album, but I thought it was kinda snoozy. So, here's "Personal Jesus," which they also performed because, hello, crowd pleaser.