Did any of those egghead scientists ever stop to ask if maybe those tens of thousands of fish PREFER to be poisoned to death? Martin Stoyanov/Getty Images



I'll guess that lady is probably "Gerri", or "Jerri" rather than Jerry. I would know; I have an Aunt Geraldine.

So long and good luck, Matt; hope the DOT projects annoy you less at your new vocation.


"The Magnolia Millionaires"

I still don't understand why the Stranger characterizes D7, which is 56.3% renter occupied, in this manner. This district has a larger percentage of renter-occupied dwellings than any other district in Seattle. D3, in contrast, is just 54.9% renter occupied.


yeah Adams's fascist proclivities
were Bound to catch up with
him sooner or later but my
Fave was Dogbert: the
25-lb Ultra Fascist.

oh. so like George
was Larry David
Dogbert was
/is Adams.

oKay then.

and may the Wind
be at your back Matty!



It's not Magnolia renters who have blocked nearby low-income housing for the past 11 years It's white single-family homeowners, led by white supremacist Elizabeth Campbell, who yell at public meetings about "those people" invading their private enclave.


Yeah. It isn't an invoncenience, it is a safety measure. What a privelege to complain about your office visit when most people of color cant afford the assessment to get the drugs.

Comments like this are why I always get skeptical of white allies. You don't realize your privelege.

I am a black male LMFT with large social media following. This is the problem with the mental health system. One, its broken. Two, it still works for people like you and yet you still complain.

How priveleged do you have to be? You already have a diagnosis that serves as an excuse for your behaviors. While people of color get told they are being lazy. Now you're complaining about your "inconvenient" office visit. Sit down. I am so glad I have a platform to expose this because its disgusting. White allies in Seattle are the damn worst.


No one else is tired of Matt's screeching hatred of cars and non-stop biased diatribes? Thank god he's leaving. Maybe Hannah next?



Or maybe YOU could simply stop reading the blog since you dislike the writers? Challenging concept, I'm sure. I know I find myself several times a day accidentally reading breitbart, then posting comments there requesting they replace the writers that I dislike with ones that I don't. Gosh, I wish I could stop doing that!


Bon voyage, Matt and best wishes in your new (continuing?) endeavors.

Scott Adams has been poking the bear for years. His schtick wasn't creative any more and rarely funny. It started going downhill once he became famous and stopped being a cubicle rat. COVID was a steep cliff that he loved to jump off of too. I'm sure his syndication pricing reflected his past glory and not the dismal present. This last rant was the excuse that newspaper editors needed to finally give him the boot.


Good luck in your career transition, Matt. You’re a talented writer, especially on your chosen field of queer media, and I hope you achieve even greater success than you already have. In giving you a platform and paycheck, the modern Stranger continued a tradition of great in-house writers, which is now, sadly, ending.

Bon Voyage!


Yes to low income housing in Magnolia, so the new neighbours can take the #33 bus - which runs every 30 minutes and stops mid-evening, and so they can shop at the nearby Metropolitan Market for their $28 per pound steak!


Good luck Matt - I’ve enjoyed your writing. Here’s wishing you the very best!


26 Dayum the #33 runs have improved. It was once an hour when I lived there.


@13 So your solution to an inequitable mental healthcare system is to support making it harder for everyone to get access to medication because some people have more barriers to access? And you're a licensed therapist who supports calling ADHD an "excuse" and making it more challenging for patients to access medicine?


@14/18 fwiw it's a real poll https://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/lifestyle/general_lifestyle/january_2023/not_woke_yet_most_voters_reject_anti_white_beliefs

I didn't get into the methodology or who was actually surveyed so hard to know what to really make of the data. It seems designed to be controversial though.


Today's top news: Dilbert creator loses job over offensive YouTube comments; Our reporter asks "Why not sooner?"
Related Stories: Cancel Culture : Fraud or Hoax?


In my case, I read Slog because I've been reading TS since the very beginning, and I complain here about the writing (at least in AM/PM) because it really has become simply a neverending list of nonsensical grievances (cars shouldn't even exist? LOL) rather than an alternative to the outrage machine on the right.


@21 - You too???


Matt! You’re writing is amazing and I really like watching your videos. I’ll especially miss your masked face reading comics for some reason. Looking forward to all the great things you produce. Thanks for joining my fav paper for a while. You’ll be missed.


The woman who died in a crash on US 51 (which runs down the middle of the country) was from Centralia, Illinois.


@36 -- it's getting to the point
where one cannot even shout
"Jews shall Not REPLACE Us!"
without getting called a
Nazi. Cancel Culture
was Quite a thing
in the 1940s too.


@42 Yeah, Matt linking to a random incident from last Friday in which a car hit a tree in Irvington, Illinois, is a bit of a head-scratcher. I think Matt's anti-car zeal got the best of him.


@35, @37: Article 25 of the Declaration meant governments could not punitively take away persons’ homes, as the government of our most evil enemy, Adolph Hitler, had made a policy of doing. (As also had our very good best friends, Josef Stalin and the British Empire, but nothing to see here, move along…)

For context, see for example, the very next Article:

“Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.”

Notice that housing and education are both human rights, but only elementary education (of these examples) must be provided without charge.

Putting it another way: throw down a tent in Medina, toss garbage all around it, decorate it with stolen property, and declare the town owes you a free house. Then take your results to the United Nations. ;-)



A shitload of radio stations have made an executive decision to stop playing Kanye's music. That's an independent decision made by each individual station, same as the newspapers who dropped Dilbert. If you're upset by this I think you need to reach out to those radio stations and newspapers to complain to them.


@46: Scott Adams has a long history of unpleasant behaviors, but so long as his comic strip amused readers, folks were willing to ignore his personal issues.

As he admitted in one of his books, readers supplied most of his material, and of course his material was about life in an engineering office. Nowadays, most engineers work from home, and our interactions no longer look funny (or even legible) when drawn within the tight confines of a comic strip. Apparently, his humor declined as a result, to the point where even Adams’ own longtime newspaper had recently dropped his strip.

It’s a bit like Seattle’s own CM Sawant. Had she actually represented District 3, she might have earned a pass for stealing office supplies, opening City Hall to COVID, and leading an angry mob to Mayor Durkan’s family home. Instead, she sponsored almost no legislation, declared certain citizens of District 3 unworthy of representation, and pretty much ignored everyone else there, too. When her behavior then turned unethical, dangerous, and embarrassing, “her” constituents signed for her recall, and almost declared her unfit to serve. (The actual residents of District 3, almost certainly, had done this, but her paid vote harvesters obscured the result.) Americans will tolerate some bad behavior if the job gets done, but bad performance plus bad behavior will get you canned. I can’t honestly say I oppose this idea.


@45 Reading the article, the crash apparently took place in the other other other Washington (Washington County, IL). I'm guessing it's an automatic Google Search gone wrong or something like that.


I see the usual snowflakey suspects are being triggered by a bogus Rassmussen (seriously?) “poll” -which of course was Rassmussen’s intention, as per their usual.

Well, that and providing Fox “news, “ AM hate radio and social media with an official source of confirmation bias and a rationalisation for their bigotry.


Wow, thanks Matt. I was having a couple of terrible days, but the news that you are leaving has turned my frown upside down.

Clearly Matt was a product of when The Times of Covid stole TS' revenue source and they took anyone they could find. I don't mind if he enjoys having anonymous sex with (hopefully) other adults in giant stuffed animal costumes (Freudtastic!), or mugging the camera incessantly at the local comic shop for free books. But his "News" reporting as a "journalist" has been wan on facts, and heavy on reinforcing political biases for revenuin' clicks. As shown in this very article linking to a car death in Ill. Great work, homey!

Good luck to you going away! Somewhere else, hopefully. But I won't get my hopes up that you move back to LA and get every 10th fact wrong in the real news stories you probably won't be writing any more.. Without correction! What journalism...


@57. You can't sue for defamation if you don't caps 'white supremacist'.


TFW you see "Dow" in your Slog headlines, and trying to figure out which Dow you're talking about, and thinking of two that were not even the one it was

Dow Jones...? Dow Constantine...? Oh that Dow.


* Thinks whites should segregate from blacks - check
* Thinks black people are "a hate group" - check
* Thinks black people are a cause of crime rates - check

That sufficient, your honor?


Thank you so much for all the excellent writing Matt! Gonna miss you here but excited to see your writing and videos everywhere else!


Ohioans should be suing the fucking shit out of Norfolk Southern Railroad for their inexcusable greed, profiteering, and blatant disregard for public health, safety, and the devastating environmental impact from the recent train derailment. The regions' water supply is now dangerously impotable, surrounding marine life has been wiped out, and people have been exposed to toxic chemicals from the spill. If this stays "business as usual", the state's RepubliKKKans must have paid MAGA bucks to keep their attorney general quiet.

I, for one (along with others who have commented already) will NOT miss the comic strip, Dilbert.
Scott Adams stopped being funny for me two decades ago once he turned into a cruelly misogynist neofascist, whining about how he can't get a date to save his pathetic trolling incel life in a KKKorporate KKKubicle.
Puh-LEASE! Like the death of Doug the Thug Ericksen, the end of Dilbert is good riddance.
Even Adams' right hand stooges, Dogbert and Catbert have lost their ability to infuse any comic relief.

Wishing you all the best in your new adventures, Matt! I've enjoyed your columns in The Stranger. You will be missed.


@66 -- ❤.



I've listened to & enjoyed some metal bands whose politics I suspect would be rather abhorrent were I to meet and hang out with their members. I suppose it's probably simply incumbent upon each individual consumer to weigh their own personal values as measured against the enjoyment they derive from consuming the artist's work. Just this week, the fine folks at philosophy talk tackled this issue with far more scrutiny and thoughtful critical analysis than I could possibly hope to provide. Have a listen.


Also, I'd maybe be more inclined to engage with you here if you didn't have such a dumb user name. Just my $.02 of course, but you should consider changing it.


@65: So, is he, or his uncle, an old racist Asian? Or they both are? Do tell.


great question tensy
and in other News:

Biden’s Semiconductor Plan
Flexes the Power of the
Federal Government

Chip makers seeking subsidies will need to ensure affordable child care for their workers, limit stock buybacks and share some profits with the government.

The new requirements represent an aggressive attempt by the federal government to bend the behavior of corporations to accomplish its objectives.


for a Centrist
this is pretty
fucking Pro-

well done
Smokin' Joe!

now just make sure to
keep that smokin' gun
that's Ukraine NOT be
a Mushroom Cloud &
we'll be Good as Gold


@64 70s: Bring on Erin Brockovich!

@65 shoobop(re @32): Thank you and bless you for beating me to it. Batshit keeps chasing his tail because he can't get any. I guess the cable went out again at raindrop's, AM/ PM ran out of cheap beer, and shadow games on the wall have become boring. Life for Batshit hasn't been the same since his Uncle Goober's still blew up in '03.

@66 PrincessAngeline#2: Why, thank you! Will do. Your equally spot on comments make my day, too.
We're in the same district? I'm in #40. Maybe if The Stranger ever had a public live forum...?
You never know. :)

@68 kristofarian: +1 Seconded! :)


Sure. You desperate the Art from the Artist.

But you know if, in a purely fantasy example if they were alive and still murdering, you actually did buy one of Hitler’s or John Wayne Gary’s paintings you know you would literally be funding murder. And if you do it’s probably because deep down you’re a fellow traveler. And everyone can think you’re a pile of shit for doing so.

So. The point is nobody is entitled to employment or funding to support and help spread their aberrant, racist or dangerous ideologies/behaviors.


@70: Do you and @32 reside in the same neighborhood? Do you have the same uncle? Could that be why you're often so tense when commenting on SLOG? I'm asking for a friend.

@71 kristofarian: "now just make sure to
keep that smokin' gun
that's Ukraine NOT be
a Mushroom Cloud &
we'll be Good as Gold"


I love Frank Lloyd's Wright's
work and when he was cancelled
I got a Lotta books on FLW at the
Bainbridge Island Library Book Sale
for less that ten bucks. his homes still

stand. tho some Leak.

and then there's the
fascist ceramicist Kraft
cancelled by G. Reaper:

The Unacknowledged Death of
Seattle’s Most Famous Racist Ceramicist
by Charles Mudede



@article Best of luck to you!

@33 The UNDHR Article 17 fails to distinguish between private and personal property. I won't accept "some people wrote it down on a piece of paper" as proof that private property is a human right, so I won't expect you to accept it as proof that housing is a human right.

Of course, I said "proof", but rights are not an objective scientific measurement. There are no "rights particles" that I can point to when a homeless person is handed a deed.

My baseline analysis for a human right is "can a person be functional without this"? If you don't have access to clean water, you can't care for yourself or others. If you are held in slavery, you can't care for yourself or others. Similarly, if you don't have shelter - if you don't have a place that protects you from severe weather, a place where you can decompress away from the watchful eye of the public - then you cannot care for yourself or others. That is why I claim that housing is a human right.


@74: “Do you and @32 reside in the same neighborhood? Do you have the same uncle? Could that be why you're often so tense when commenting on SLOG? I'm asking for a friend.”

@70, I was referring to @65’s racist stereotyping of Asians:

“What if old Asian people are overwhelmingly right wing and just as hateful, bigoted, and reactionary as poor white MAGAs?”


Shoobop has never apologized for this ethnic slur — if you read that entire comment thread, you’ll see he not only refuses to apologize, but actually doubles down on the racism — so I’ll keep reminding everyone here of his racism. It puts his other hateful comments, like @65, in proper context.

Now that I have answered your question of me, I’ll remind you that I recently asked one of you:

“Have you one or more specific objections to what Karl TH has written? If so, please do let us know what they are.”


In the comment right above mine in that thread, you’d described another commenter as, “… a cold, sad, lonely, angrily trolling little MAGAt,” and I honestly wonder why. Could you please tell me why? I’m genuinely curious. Thanks in advance.


@84: Tensy dear, I did not read anything at @65 other than the following:

[@65 shoobop, to @32 Bazinga:"You are too stupid for words. Like the uncle who spawned you."]

No specific ethnic groups are mentioned in the comment. That, to me, isn't racist but suggests that shoobop righteously sees Bazinga as an ignorant, uneducated yokel, and I agree.
Are you and Bazinga roomies? Did he get his sensitive ego bruised or feelers hurt and come running to you in tears?
I really do think you're seriously overthinking the commentary on SLOG and come here, gearing for an overheated WWIII level hands down fight, hating anyone who disagrees with you. When was the last time you went outside for a walk or took a relaxing hot soak in the tub? It might work wonders in reducing your stress level.


@84: And, Tensy dear, that you're willing to go as far back as a previous SLOG article from October 14, 2022 simply for argument's sake strongly indicates that you must be dying of boredom rather than harboring any level of actual curiosity. With as many shallow accusations as you tend to spew on a weekly basis, I hope you don't live in a glass house.
As for my previous comments, it sounds like I nailed it the first time right on the Bazinga! You're welcome in advance.


@87: As do you, Elmer (stop calling me grizzled and I'll stop referring to you as Elmer). What's your point? I'm merely stating facts. That you feel you need to answer for tensy in the chilly early hours of the morning further demonstrates that you're running a boardinghouse for bored trolling incels. Give US a break.


@87: When was the last time you took a long, hot soak, raindrop dear?

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