Windy weather for Western Washington: Last night into early this morning, Western Washington got hit with gusty southerly winds. But the fun doesn’t stop there! The National Weather Service also issued a Winter Storm Warning to the Cascades of King County and mountain regions of several other neighboring counties. That snow could reach the lowlands sometime tonight or Friday morning, according to KOMO

A message to the State Legislature: More than 100 students, including those traumatized by the recent shooting at Ingraham High School, rallied on the steps of the state Capitol to pressure legislators to pass two bills related to gun safety. This comes with only a week left for the House and the Senate to pass bills off their floors in order to keep the bills moving through the Legislature this session.

Watch out, Washington workers: In January, the state Employment Security Department (ESD) said that more than 130,000 workers may have to pay back a collective $1 billion of their pandemic era unemployment benefits if a review in late March finds out they got overpaid. According to the Seattle Times, the department tried to manage those workers’ expectations, saying this week that ESD can only promise to cancel the debt of about 21,000 of those workers. The rest will just have to wait and see if there’s enough money to avoid paying back thousands of dollars.

More bad news for workers: Seattle Public Schools (SPS) warned 30 employees at its central office that the district might lay them off with possibly more notices to come for employees that work in schools. Why? The district said it needs to save some money in the face of a projected $131 million shortfall in the district’s 2023-2024 budget. The office building layoffs could save SPS $33 million, and cutting a few dozen in schools could add about $11 million to that pot of money. 

I’m not sure if this will make you feel better, but I’ll try anyway: KING 5 reports that a Woodinville family drove all the way to San Diego to adopt Harvey, a husky with a facial abnormality. That’s 2,500 miles. Shelters often have a hard time finding homes for dogs like Harvey because adoptive families can be pretty shallow. Still, do I think that’s probably too long of a drive? Yes. Do I think they probably could have found a dog with a facial abnormality somewhere closer? Probably! But still, there’s something heartwarming about a typically overlooked dog finding a family that wanted him so bad they drove thousands of miles. 

How the City lets cops watch you: With unanimous approval from the Seattle City Council earlier this week, the cops can keep watching civilians in six different ways! I'll let Real Change tell you the rest.

New candidate just dropped: Social equity consultant ChrisTiana Obeysumner announced they will jump into the Seattle City Council race, hoping to represent many marginalized people in District 5, which spans north Seattle.

Mr. Schultz, Bernie would like a word with you: Big Baby Howard Schultz wanted to send someone else to testify in front of Congress about Starbucks’ labor violations. Not on Bernie’s watch!

The liberal agenda: Yesterday, US Senate Republicans banded together to overturn an investment rule they deemed to be too “woke.” CNN wrote that the rule, designed by the Biden administration, gave retirement fund managers the greenlight to think about environmental and social impacts when they pick investments. Admittedly, I am no expert on this topic, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that seems fine? But Republicans struck it down nonetheless, sending it back to the president, who might veto the first vote of his presidency. At that point, Congress could try to rally two-thirds of both chambers to override the veto, but that’s very unlikely to pan out.

The benefits of airport security: Pennsylvania airport security found an explosive in a checked bag headed to Florida. The owner of the bag now faces charges from the feds for possession of an explosive in an airport and attempting to bring that explosive on a plane. NPR has more details. 

Murdaugh trial: Prosecutors called Alex Murdaugh a “family annihilator” in their closing arguments in effort to sway the jury to find Murdaugh of killing his wife and kid in 2021. The defense will give their closing arguments today

Nessel speaks out about anti-Semitic threats: After a criminal case against Jack Eugene Carpenter III went public, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said she was among those targeted in Carpenter's alleged online threats to kill Jewish elected officials last month. Carpenter could go to federal prison for up to five years if found guilty of "transmitting an interstate threat."

They meet again: For the first time since the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken saw Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in person at the G20 summit. They only chatted for about ten minutes, according to Blinken, but I can’t help but wonder if he knew they would bump into each other and he dressed really spiffy like when you know your ex will be at the same party as you. 

Disrespectfully: Hailey Bieber this. Selena Gomez that. We should all be mad at Justin Bieber for pitting his wife and his ex-gf against each other. He says the craziest shit about being soooo inspired by his ex. I would be insecure too! Whatever. Enjoy this classic Selena bop: