"The review found that
Louisville cops use incredibly
racist language to refer to Black people... "

slave patrols
by any Other name

"... and insult people with disabilities."

well they're also

with WMDs.


"… Adidas lost about $540 million after cutting ties with rapper and rampant anti-semite Kanye West. They can’t sell the shoes!"

see: Sarah Silverman hosting the Daily Show
eviscerating the unwoke Reich and
co-addressing Adisas's footwear/
issues (at c. 4:30):


Kemp shot at the building itself? Jesus, Shawn. Sober up.


The US locks more women up than any other nation because we lock more people up than any other nation. Per Capita.


"The Washington State Legislature does not care that your landlords are bleeding you dry and pushing you out of the cities you call home.

or maybe the representatives that actual use logic to make decisions rather than feelsies realize that imposing onerous rent controls on landlords drives down rental stock (see Seattle). Limiting increases to 7% and pushing forth a 6 month cap will only ensure that every six months renters receive a notice that their rent will be going up 7%. Instead of artificially trying to restrict price they need to focus on growing supply and that is what they have been doing.


"Seattle Parks and Recreation will survey 30 parks around town to scout out two additional off-leash parks"

Every Seattle park is an off leash park, am I right?


The day Mitch McConnell dies is going to be a great day for America.


@3, right?! The Stranger scraping the bottom of the so called “progressive” media barrel for new blood. Sad to see this publication trapped in a stubbornly extreme left bizarro world that in some ways mirrors and is as toxic as the far right.


good lord what's with the proliferation of idiots lately


Mitch McConnell
Is Hospitalized After
Tripping at Washington Hotel

damn. experimenting with psychedelics
at His Age (82). musta been a quite
a Shock to his psyche.

he likely just Dropped in
to see what condition
his Condition was in:


@7, No. The day Henry Kissinger dies is going to be the greatest day for America.


Where are all the snowflake wingers coming from all of a sudden? Is there a hidden enclave in the city we can find to be part of or at least observe the circus of decidedly not conservative conservative idiots? Never a solution ever for the community and clearly do not care about the city and those who live here. Most of all, they do not seem to care about any legacy -- no conservation at all. It's your world and your creation.


@15 " Is there a hidden enclave in the city we can find to be part of or at least observe the circus of decidedly not conservative conservative idiots? "

Windermere and Broadmoor. Maybe Magnolia on a bad day.


@17: "we tried the snowflake extreme left-nut policies - and they failed."

when was that? I think I blinked and missed it.


@13 Maybe you should start your own news blog. Then you can gripe about whatever strikes your fancy.


@15 SLOG has been cesspool of MAGA dipshits, Rightwing trolls and lonely cranks for years. It’s just that the “normal” people rarely comment here any more when it became clear the Stranger had utterly given up on moderation.

Combine that with the pandemic that left all these useless piles of shit underemployed with nothing but free time and, like a whiskey still filled with dog shit, all you’re left with is concentrated sock puppet dog shit that do nothing but comment here twenty times a day.


I will celebrate when McConnell dies. I hope it's soon!


It shouldn't take the death of someone to be great day in America.


It’s so funny to hear the professor cry about “trolls” as he uses his 2nd? 3rd? screen name?!

Can someone explain to Hannah that the constant property tax levies and meddling by the city has directly caused the rent increases as much or more than any “greedy landlords”?


@25 Cheesehead_NW You're not the only one looking forward to a world without Mitch McConnell.

FYI the current Governor and Lt Governor of KY are Dems.


BOO, Washington State Legislators, on saying no to rent increase caps! Alex Ramel is correct: millions of renters will be forced out of their homes because of this ill-determined decision.
This on top of a statewide welcoming of duplexes and quadraplexes everywhere, and not only the death of single family housing, but forests, farmland, and open spaces STATEWIDE!
Pull your heads out, grow a pair, do your jobs as elected representatives, and stand up to the RepubliKKKan minority for fuck's sake!

@8 Brent Gumbo, @14 ScandalMgr, and @25 Cheesehead NW: The day BOTH Mitch McConnell AND Donald the Orange Turd Trump are dead, I'll be celebrating for years. I think the entire world will.
Agreed--I hope it's soon. The fate of this dying planet can't wait.

@12 kristofarian: Damn is right. I hope McConnell dies in the ICU. Otherwise it's like Dick Cheney's heart transplant adding on another 40 years of lies and corruption.

@16: Go look in your bathroom mirror, Karl the MAGA Fungus.

@26: ....said someone whose previous avatar image was of Bozo the Clown puking psychedelic barf into a toilet. It's a wonder you're not sticking to something. Oh, the hypocrisy!


why one Earth might a Putin*
wanna Sabotage a lefty
newsrag? what's In it
for Them?

*Our Billionaires'd
NEVER conceive
of such thing


not to say there's no Pro
Bono culture warriors
love Nuthin' Better
than to have tS
hanging off
their Belt.


Damn....the crazies are out early today. Crazy aunt in the attic usually posts late at night with a bottle of gin in one hand. The rest of them are just extra triggered. Wishing death on anyone is never a good look....especially for the "tolerant" far left.

@3 Karl.....give the nice lady a chance please. Innocent until proven guilty still applies to TW writers.

@6 Lucretia... waffles won't roll....the obvious answer is pancakes. What time should I be over?

@20 Rocker.....stop confusing people with facts.

@31 Karl....I'm confused. I thought he was an MMA fighter/slum lord.


@27. It shouldn't, but it does. McConnell is extremely high in the rankings of people who've done the most damage to the country. But if you wanna carry water for a neo-confederate, have at it.


@23: Or, the Stranger went from a fun alt-weekly with some political writing, to a bitter, mean-spirited, far-left propaganda outlet which worships CM Sawant, hates the SPD, opposes enforcement of almost all laws, treats homeless thieves as the only persons in Seattle who should have rights, mocks crime victims, and isn’t above lying in service of those destructive agendas.

Longtime readers who actually care about Seattle have used the Stranger’s comment section to oppose all of these tendencies, and especially to supply the actual facts the Stranger’s extremist ideology routinely ignores.

(Two sides to every story, our oft-banned prof’. And this version requires no name-calling.)


Expanding on @7, the proposed rent cap legislation would not have prohibited rent increases on a unit after a tenant voluntarily moved out. In addition to the responses listed by @7, if passed, this legislation likely would have led to more short-term leases, so property owners would retain greater flexibility to increase rents.

If you want affordable housing, you need to build it at taxpayer expense.


love Hating tS?
here's another
Option for ya:

1 Progressive Talk Show

8 US Talk Host

7 million weekly listeners
290,000 YouTube Subscribers
210,000 Facebook Followers
195,000 Twitter Followers
NY Times Best Selling Author

Hartmann Writes more books*
than most people Read.

with a three-hour talk-
show - where those
who Dissent are
put in Front of
the Line.

*Love footnotes?
Thom's your


sorry Fungusmungstus

but we're gonna
need a Link.



Pretty sure most of us here wish Roger/the prof would adopt a kinder, gentler tone in his commentary. Though that's obviously not his style and if you're willing/able to look beyond the tone, he generally argues in good faith and consistently makes salient, well thought out points, backed up with links to support them. As opposed to someone like Neale frothingham, who repeats oft-refuted points and fallacy ad nauseam (his posts here today are fine, but there's a very clear and undeniable reason he's the all time record holder on this site for profile bans and it's not because he's uncivil.) Honestly, I personally don't mind the prof's tone and think it's kinda funny actually. Over the years there've been a couple RWNJ's who've had the same or comparable styles, and I certainly was never offended by it at all. I'm sure I argued with them based on the content of their posts, but if they're well written and crass (and the prof's generally are) who cares? If he carries it too far, he'll obviously just get banned again.

I'm curious about you though. Back in early January you went on record here bitching about the blog's writers taking off the New Year's Day holiday. I gave you flak about it in that thread, though you never replied. Curious if you'd do so here and stand by your comment shitting on them for taking off the holiday? And if so, why, oh why, on earth(!!!), would you continue to frequent a blog who's writers you despise so much so that you don't think they deserve a New Year's Day holiday!? Don't take this personally or anything, but that makes you seem like kind of like a piece of shit person. Even Tucker Carlson would probably agree on that point.


@34: Damn. And the hopeless moonshine swilling Okie MAGAts are out in record droves, inbreeding like sewer rats! What's on your warped agenda today, Batshit, rabidly pushing for a new race with thick unibrows, weak eyesight, ingrown toenails, and rotting buck teeth? Still out chasing your tail? And still no takers. Which is it--loneliness or sheer boreDUMB? I'm going with a combination of both. Being brainless at 16 is no way to go through life, son. Are you still rooming at raindrop's? Nothing like free cable and all the artery clogging fast food you can pork down! I'll bet raindrop provides you with your own trough, too, to spare him from washing dishes.
One hint, Okie from Muskogee: If you still can't get a date here in the PNW, much less get laid it's because you're a clueless MAGA dumbfuck with absolutely nothing substantial to say. But hey--you could always invest in a blowup doll. That would be about your speed, for whacking off between remedial 7th grade Math and English.

@35: 70s: So you're homeless as well as clueless? Your comment makes no sense at all.


"the same Thom Hartmann that claimed the 2000 and 2004 elections were "stolen" via rigged machines and tampering."

no dude 'twer
the 'hanging chads.'
hmmm. 'karl hungus' -- aka Chad?

"How very.......Trumpy of him."
how very FOXian of You.

"On December 4, 2000, in time to change the outcome of the Electoral College vote, Greg Palast published an article in, made into a BBC television documentary shortly thereafter, that laid out solid evidence of massive electoral fraud in Florida, perpetrated against the majority-Democratic-voting African American community by Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush. Without this fraud, Gore would have easily carried the state.

Even more glaring, a consortium of news organizations found and reported on the front page of The New York Times (and other papers) on 12 September 2001, that in Florida "...a statewide recount -- could have produced enough votes to tilt the election his [Gore's] way, no matter what standard was chosen to judge voter intent."

(The Times apparently chose to bury this fact - that Gore actually won the 2000 election - in the 15th paragraph and behind a misleading headline because the nation had been attacked on 9/11 the day before.)

Not only was the election of 2000 stolen by the Bush brothers, but it was proven by the later statewide recount that - even after Jeb's knocking thousands of African Americans off the rolls - Gore still would have won Florida had all the votes been counted."

thanks for the Link!

Thom Hartmann
ROCKS. where Else
ya gonna getchyur
Progressive Radio?


feckless Dems were Shocked and Awed
by a NeocCon all-out Assault on
Florida's Election Committee

and a Wild Bill Clinton-neutered
Algore fought about as Hard
over the Recount as Obama
over MkMitch KkKonnell's
Theft of HIS Supreme ct.
appointee M. Garland


@46: Gore would have won Florida if the recount had continued. That’s why W sued to stop the recount, and his Daddy’s appointees on the Supreme Court did so, thus effectively appointing W to the Presidency. There was never any reason to traffic in conspiracy theories, because the Supreme Court’s election theft was obvious.


@48: Aaaand, of course, the required victim-blaming of the Democrats. Can’t be a good little preening left-wing Purity Troll in Seattle without that.

You know how Gore could easily have won Florida? If two thousand of the persons who’d voted for Nader had instead voted for Gore. But again, better for them to be feel-good, self-righteous Purity Trolls than to vote for the overall good of our country.


the reich wing reactionaries
on 'our' formerly-Supreme
Court declared 'counting
ALL the Votes'd put an
'Undue Hardship' on
the CHENEY/bush
Campaign.' wtff.

so gee dubya bush
& War Profiteer Cheney
LIED Us into not One but
TWO Fucking WARs & we've
just Barely extricated ourselves
after so many Lives Lost & TRILLION$

flushed down the Sewers
of the Middle East.


@46 and @48 kristofarian: It sickens me how biodiverse, peaceful, and utopian a world we all COULD be living in now had the 2000 election been fair and just. Thank you, kris and Thomas Hartmann, for reaffirming my beliefs. Anyone still out claiming that then Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush had nothing to do with shoving his fossil fuel interest protecting brother into the White House on January 20, 2001 is too stupid to vote wisely.
Independent candidate Ralph Nader's 2000 bid for #43 wasn't helpful, either. A vote for Nader basically equaled a vote for George "Dubya" Bush.


Herrbrahms dear, the incident of the speeder in Ellensburg/Yakima shows that the Washington State Patrol is as petulant and childish as every other law enforcement agency in this state.

Speeding at 111 mph could certainly be construed as evidence of DUI, but no - they had to be butthurt and whine about how "the legislature" is preventing them to do their job. And now two children are dead because of these stupid people's fragile egos.

We have to stop hiring manbabies to enforce our laws.


@52: kris for the WIN!!


@47 AM: How was my response to your comment @26 hateful? There was no childish name-calling involved. Reread @30. I think you'll find my description of your previous avatar quite accurate--of a clown, graphically resembling Bozo the Clown, puking technicolor barf into a toilet. Was it a favorite image you loved and lost to someone or something else and now can't use because of some copyright? Is your fwagile ego that bwuised?


@55 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Right spot ON as usual. Kudos!


@59: You misquoted, Karl the FungusAmongUs. That's the RepubliKKKan national anthem.
Now go do something about your plantar's warts before you leave a ring.


@61 AM: Okay. Fair enough. I'm sorry you lost use of a favorite avatar.
When using "KKK" when describing Republicans I do not consider this childish but expressing the truth.
The GOP is systematically racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, and cruelly misogynist. Their ilk have sharply regressed into a globally destructive crime syndicate ever since the Rise of Ronald Reagan in 1980 into the Party of Donald the Orange Turd Trump. The GOP's sole purpose is to rob everyone else--especially those of us who aren't rich white male--to ensure that five billionaires own everyone and everything on Earth. If it destroys the world in the process, they're insanely on board. The GOP are the haters. It is their hatred that is shortening the lifespan of the average U.S. Citizen, causing mass extinction, and the End of Everything.


@53: “The media paid for a statewide recount after the fact.”

Not according to your link, they didn’t:

“The study, conducted by the accounting firm of BDO Seidman, counted over 60,000 votes in Florida’s 67 counties, tabulating separate vote totals in several standards categories.”

That’s a sample. A “statewide recount” would have, um, wait for it — RECOUNTed all of the votes STATEWIDE.

So, what would have happened, had there been an actual “statewide recount”?

“…the Herald pointed to one scenario under which Gore could have scored a narrow victory — a fresh recount in all counties using the most generous standards.”

Thanks for your support.


Renters everywhere in Washington state should be happy that the hb1389 did not pass. That bill would have doubled rent for everyone within 2 years. Seattle will be seeing the rising rent this summer from sawants rent bill. You will absolutely hate kshama when you try getting a new rental unit this summer…


@46, 48, 49, 50, 51, 53, 53, 65, 66, Et al.

Al Gore would have won the election if he had bothered to win his home state of Tennessee whose 11 Electoral Votes would have put him over the top, no need for a recount in Florida.

Al winning Tennessee in 2000 is not far fetched. Remember he won Statewide Senate races in Tennessee in 1984 and 1990. Then the Clinton/Gore Ticket carried Tennessee in both 1992 and 1996.

If Al had won his home state he would have been President.

He probably could have won in Florida if he had let Bill Clinton campaign for him. Bill Clinton was at the height of his popularity in 2000. He probably would have won a third term if he had been able to run. But Gore was deeply offended by Clinton's philandering and did not use him as a campaign surrogate in 2000. That probably cost him the election.

Sure Nader was a tool and an egotistical jerk who helped Bush win Florida but the only reason Florida mattered as much as it did is because of the Gore campaign.


@67.....Not to worry Seattle Ubanite, in short order all of the housed in Seattle and elsewhere will be having new housemates from among the unhoused. In apartment buildings that have garages all of the cars will be moved out and plywood dividers will be installed as barracks for the unhoused men; they'll come into your apartments to use your bathrooms and kitchens. They'll never be able to build enough housing fast enough; there are 10's of thousands of people massing at the Southern border just waiting to get in. When they do they'll need a place to stay and the Seattle Socialist Housing Authority will place them in your homes.


Herrbrahms dear, forgive me if I don’t join in on your right-wing masturbatory fantasy. I just had my manicure, and I don’t want to mess up my nails.

When cops want to do something, they find a way. They’re just being pissy and citing groups like the ACLU to get the stupid people worked up. Officers have been coming to my dopey sister-in-laws cult of a church to whine about how they’re being held accountable for a year now. (Members of that same “church” are now going to various public school board meetings to complain about “wokeness”, even though they all homeschool and have no children in the public schools)


The "renter protection" laws that Seattle has adopted have already led to the loss of many rental units. There is hardly a rental in the city that could not be profitably turned into townhouses or just sold to an owner occupant. Seattle's insane laws like "first in time" or a ban on evictions for ten thousand different reasons help to make selling just that much more attractive than continuing to rent.

Rent control would push a lot of landlords over the edge and greatly reduce rental stock, as well as making sure that no one builds any new rental housing. And the ones that do stay as rentals are occupied by the same people forever because they enjoy the cheap rent, meaning that young people or new arrivals have essentially no shot at even finding a place to rent. If you think rent control is a good idea, go move to an area that has it and report back on your experience. It will not be good.

@37 is right - if you want below-market rate housing, it has to be built at public expense. That way the community at large, not just those who happen to own rental property, pay for housing the poor.


@72 AM: I think I see why you loved that avatar of a clown technicolor puking into a toilet so much.
If Al Gore had rightfully been sworn into the White House on January 20, 2001, the escalating horrors of increasing climate change that we are facing now would still be jokes told at parties and the plots of sci-fi movies. There is ample reason why Gore promoted his book, An Inconvenient Truth. The insatiably gluttonous fossil industry paid big bucks to shut him up.

@74 dvs99: Clearly there are no easy answers regarding affordable housing in Seattle or anywhere else. I wish I had a magic win-win solution.


herrbrahms, are you a law enforcement officer or a law enforcement officer fetishist?

You act as if the cops are helpless against a hostile populace and liberal government. As if they really are the "thin blue line" that protects us from anarchy. As if they don't have thuggish unions who protect the bad officers.

The most charitable explanation you are putting forth is that two children are dead because the cops were afraid to do their job. And it didn't even have to be a chase. They could have stopped that situation before it got where it did.

And let me close with a quote from a WSP Spokesman (and this is for you as well, Seventiesrocked dear)

“After the collision, we sent a drug recognition expert trooper to Memorial Hospital in Yakima to do an evaluation on the causing driver," Trooper Thorson explained. "It was determined at that time through an evaluation that drugs or alcohol were suspected.” He said the influence of drugs or alcohol could help explain what led up to the fatal crash."


@69: Three times since the Civil War, the loser of the popular vote has become President; every time, it has caused disasters. In 1876, the deal which put the loser in office also ended Reconstruction, started Jim Crow, and restored white supremacy to the South for another century. In 2000, it allowed 9/11, ruined Iraq, started a forever war in Afghanistan, and delayed addressing climate change. In 2016, it allowed COVID into our country, and destroyed Roe. We need to stop blaming victims of our Electoral College system, and amend our Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College.


gets a



@78: Osama Bin Laden was planning the attack regardless of who won the 2000 election.


@28 Roger the Professor also has hung out with Joe Rogan before. And, like, he's TOTALLY not a meathead, jock, conspiracy-spreading piece of shit! We should all bow to Roger and their great adventures across the globe spreading greenhouse gasses.


Cheney's bush Maladministration
were Warned by outgoing Clinton Adm.
that peeps who were learning how to Fly Jumbo Jets

were rather Suspiciously UNINTERESTED
in How to LAND said Jumbo Jets
and -- maybe -- Take a Look?

but no
they (Rs)
said they
'had that shit

& used 9/11
to Roll us Right
into Afghanistan


as Painful
as it is for me to
Say it @69's a Bingo too.

in just one
fucking Day.


as Painful
as it is for me to
Say it @69's a Bingo too.

in just one
fucking Day.






True. But the new Bush Administration was going out of its way to ignore and reverse everything the Clinton Administration had done or suggested.

If you remember back to the first months of 2001 The new Attorney General’s biggest concern was putting clothes on all the statues of Justice to cover up her boobs.

Also it wasn’t just the September 11 attacks but the Bush Administration’s disastrous reaction to it that fucked us over.


@80: ‘Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US was the title of the President's Daily Brief prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency and given to U.S. President George W. Bush on Monday, August 6, 2001. The brief warned, 36 days before the September 11 attacks, of terrorism threats from Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, including "patterns of suspicious activity in this country consistent with preparations for a hijacking" of U.S. aircraft.[1]’

This was part of a pattern of disbelief, bordering on denial, with which W and his cabinet had treated warnings about bin Laden:

‘President Bush's response of "All right. You've covered your ass" has been erroneously linked to this PDB. This response, however, came from a separate PDB linked to Bin Laden from several months earlier. During 2001, CIA analysts produced several reports warning of imminent attacks by Bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Senior officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney and staff from Donald Rumsfeld's office at the Department of Defense, questioned whether these reports might not be deception on the part of al-Qaeda, purposely designed to needlessly expend resources in response. After reevaluating the legitimate risks of these recent reports, CIA analysts produced a report titled "UBL [Usama Bin Laden] Threats Are Real". It was after this report that the president gave that now-infamous response.[4]’


Terms in the document include:
“New York”
“World Trade Center”
“Hijack a U.S. aircraft”


@9: "It's truly hilarious to consider the prospect of an unarmed police force.
We can't even attract armed officers"

But that's not the direction we are heading. The proposed (and soon to be law) restricting "assault weapons" has convenient carve-outs for law enforcement. No longer will we be able to look at our friendly neighborhood police officers as civilians, employed to maintain the peace and enforce laws. The practice of creating a special class with a privelege to be armed is a common practice of totalitarian governments (see Tatmadaw). Soon, being issued your own M-16 by the state will be a sufficient enticement to recruit all the cops we need. And just the sorts we will want patrolling our streets. Yeah, right.

If the state wss serious about unarmed cops, there would be no special provisions in the upcoming gun laws.


@87: "The practice of creating a special class with a privilege to be armed is a common practice of totalitarian governments"

True - so that's why civilians should have access to equal firepower.

@85: I suppose. Nevertheless, Laura was one of the best First Ladies our nation has had.


herrbrahms dear, how you do prattle on. You must be a cop, because you're a hysteric.

As for you people, and your tired old assertion that anyone who doesn't want to fellate the police is in some sort of bubble: I grew up in Iowa (nowhere near Newton) and have a house in Grant County, where Mr. Vel-DuRay spends most of his time, and I spend many of my weekends. Our neighbor there is a local cop who is not of the "thin blue line" persuasion. To him, it's a job - not a calling ordained by the lord, which demands unquestioned respect from all of us, as so many cops these days seem to think they are due.

Promise me you'll never stop imagining yourself as some sort of self-righteous victim, speaking bravely against a corrupt government, for you wear it so well.


I am genuinely impressed by how quickly this comment section went downhill.

Appreciate the democracy voucher counts! I wish there was a regularly updated official source that I could consult. Interestingly, the candidates I'm most interested in are in 2nd, 3rd, and 3rd (D3).


@92: I burn the democracy vouchers that I get immediately upon receiving. You should too.

The very idea of taxpayers paying for contributions to political campaigns based on the preferences of others is downright repressible!




@78 OMG--tensy for the WIN!!! Agreed with kristofarian (@79)on the BINGO. Well done!!
It's nice we agree on something.


@78: Not really. Jim Crow laws were not widespread until the 1890s, and they were legitimized by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1896, three years after Rutherford B. Hayes (who won by the electoral college) died.


The record of police brutality extends through decades.

It was started as slave patrols to hunt down slaves on the run. So, cops lie all the time.
One example was the press release sent out before the video sent out by a lone young girl
who exposed the murder by the cops of George Floyd.

The police press release stated that Mr. Floyd had a “medical emergency” who later died at the hospital. This is standard. People were threatening cops’ lives who were later to be found to be shot in the back.

Many people do not want to call the cops because some one could be shot by the police. It often happens because they shoot to kill. That is their training.

Also there are solutions to homelessness and reasonable rents that have been tried and proven. Social Housing is one example. Fifty years ago or so this was not an issue because for the most part low cost housing was readily available and the standard. The reason we have a homeless issue now is because it is the ECONOMY and the unavailability of a good safety net.

Ignoring that a very small percent of the population have a massive percentage of the wealth
which deprives millions of a decent standard of living will not fly. Most of the billionaires had a huge hand up and most simply inherited their riches. Unfortunately, they rule for now. History reveals that change is always on the way and people have to make sure that the change is not fascism. Because that is what we are facing today from the far right.


91 Thank you Ms. Vel-DuRay for you excellent reportage on this police issue. Its been fun to get to know your comments.


And thank you 23.

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