"Colorado's conservative nonprofit, Catholic Laity and Clergy for Renewal, paid $4 million for data that identified priests who used gay hookup and dating apps."

all this Data
all so Ripe for the
Picking IF you got the Gold

now Imagine Bezos' ALEXA
& ALL the Confessions it's Recorded

gonna Be
fucking Emperor

c'mon, fess up:
do YOU Love him?


Santos is comedy gold. His lies and alleged scams was perfect training for Congress. Can't wait to see what comes up next.


Glory! and Holy!
has morphed into Gloryhole!


Where's the BORG I was promised? Is it the 2046 asteroid, and not a gallon of home-made alcoholic poisoning, then?


I had never known that was Che Taylor's home before now. I'd thought it was maybe a GF's apartment or a buyer's place.
I'm not that upset about the Catholic Laity and Clergy for Renewal outing sworn celibates. GTFO out of the RCC, gay priests, for your own sake. Your Church hates you and you're enabling it.
I encourage everyone to check out 4th between Jefferson and Terrace and tell me what businesses couldn't survive? One side is the benighted Courthouse Park and the other is a Salvation Army Day Center, a parking lot, a work-release facility, and a crappy 2-story Parking Garage. The impact on the CID can be mitigated. That's a perfect place for the station.


These deep fake videos freak me out no matter who it is.


Deep Fake Vids:
Don't believe
your Lyin'

so much for



That was my thought too. Like, it's pretty freaking funny imagining Carlson's reaction to seeing himself saying that bizarre nonsense, but the potential harm those videos could wreak on society has got to outweigh any potential value, comedic or otherwise, that they'll provide.


‘ Council Member Kshama Sawant called the incident a “brutal … and blatant murder at the hands of police.”’

What, exactly, did the good citizens of District 3 get in return for this particular moment of cringe from their Council Member?


@10: There's a quid pro quo every time a councilmember makes a statement? I didn't know that.


@11: No, but it’s fun to look at CM Sawant’s record and pretend any of it was ever meant to actually accomplish anything useful for the citizens of District 3, the city of Seattle, or anyone else.


Just blow up the former Amazon buildings near the ID station and expand there. Turn it into a super big uber transit hub. Is anyone even working in them? I don't think the latest Tully's replacement will notice.


Wow. City Hall Park and the buildings downhill from the King County Chinook Building are a far piece away from the International District Station where one would have hoped young riders from Rainier Beach could have transferred away from a ride to Ballard, and instead pointed themselves toward the University of Washington.

(Reminder, those same riders need no transfer off-train to get to UW today.)

Who is leading this masquerade?



@10/13 I know your question is somewhat rhetorical but for those who don't know, like most things CM Sawant did, it served her own purpose to build her brand as a "fighter against the establishment" and helped kept her grift going so she could funnel some more money from SA into her own pockets.


I appreciate The Stranger for covering the Sound Transit issues. We are talking about huge amounts of money here. The sad part is, most of the current plans -- even the ones supported by transit advocates -- simply aren't that good. They were never good, and they have gotten worse.

A little background. The plan is to run a new line from West Seattle to downtown. It will run in the existing tunnel, and head to the UW, along with trains from the East Side. Meanwhile, a new downtown tunnel is built for the Ballard line connecting to the existing line serving Rainier Valley.

This sort of thing happens around the world. But most of the time -- if not always -- the new downtown tunnel increases coverage. There are stations that are a significant distance from the original stations. Stations worth transferring to. Stations, basically, making it worth building a second tunnel. And yet, that was never the plan. The plan was to build two stations to connect to the existing line (at I. D. and Westlake) and one other station, very close to the existing station. This is really a bad idea. You spend a fortune, and get little out of it.

But it gets worse. Transfers are important: Rainier Valley to the UW; Northgate to SeaTac; Bellevue to South Lake Union; Ballard to Capitol Hill. But as these plans have dragged on, the transfers look worse and worse. Without good transfers, things look dire.

I am not alone in expressing my fear with these turn of events. A lot of the transit nerds, if you will, are very worried. These are expressed not only in the comments of The Seattle Transit Blog, but the articles themselves. Here are two alternatives recently suggested: -- Send all the trains through the existing tunnel, and branch to Ballard before or after Westlake. This would dramatically reduce costs, while making transfer very easy. This would make the Ballard line stand-alone. All other trains would go into the existing tunnel. The Ballard line would consist of smaller trains and thus smaller stations. This would save a lot of money, and likely result in better stations. The Ballard line could eventually be extended towards First Hill and Yesler Terrace -- places that are worth transferring to. The Ballard line would have trains running more often (because they would be automated) minimizing the wait time.

The third option, of course, is to just blow it all up. Most of ST3 was crap. It was poorly designed by people who don't know shit about transit. They may know a lot about running a city or county, but they don't know shit about transit. It could use a do-over.


@17: Thank you for succinctly explaining the issues with ST3. It’s hard to believe ST has existed since the ‘90s and still does this bad of a job at planning possible light-rail routes. It’s like they want to validate every last criticism made by right-wingers back then, who urged a vote against even creating ST. I hope things go better with ST3, but your synopsis does not encourage.


@18 -- Well said. Much of what has been built (and is about to be built) is very worthwhile. But then they just build crap, or somehow make it crappier (like UW Link, which is still essential, but should have a station at First Hill).


@2 Bazinga I would be more amused if he wasn't literally entrusted with the power to determine when the state is allowed to use violence.

@7 Phoebe in Wallingford Yeah... I remember a long time ago reading a news article about deep fakes, and they showed one that had Obama saying something horrendous like quoting Mein Kampf or something. It was clearly labelled as a fake and put out to raise awareness about how powerful they are. I do not know of any attempted disinformation campaigns using deep fakes to literally put words in other people's mouths, but it's only a matter of time. If the government is serious about cybersecurity then they will invest in educating the public about use of PGP keys and sign all official statements.

@17 Ross I'm glad that you're paying such close attention to transit issues. I, unfortunately, do not have the time and energy to be 100% educated on every single issue that the city faces, and have decided to put my time elsewhere. But transit is an important issue, both for the environment and the well being of the population.


@20: The First Hill Station was deemed too expensive. Due to the existing bus tunnel from Westlake towards Capitol Hill, a First Hill station would have meant a series of tight turns through the soil under numerous buildings, to bring the route south to First Hill, then back north to Capitol Hill. Hence the First Hill Streetcar, which was supposed to provide an equivalent route on the surface. (Why is doesn’t is another story of needless failure from ST.)

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