I wonder if the play will capture the militant-freshman-orientation energy of the early days. RS



‘The play, called "11th & Pine," will feature "six composite characters who reconvene years after CHOP to discuss its aftermath."’

Do they talk about the young Black men who died violently in the CHOP, at what was ostensibly a Black Lives Matter protest?


two readers' comments on
'Markets Tumble as Bank Fears Go Global':

"Maybe us regular people should stop putting up with these endless boom and bust cycles of capitalism? There's a lot more us us vs the uber wealthy who perpetuate these endless cycles due to their insatiable greed.

If we all recognized our power and refused to produce wealth for the capitalist elites, via our labor, then we could have a shot at ending capitalism once and for all. We won't do that though. We'll continue to be distracted by nonsensical social issues and continue to fight with one another for scraps of wealth."

and (excerpted)

"Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men, for the nastiest of reasons, will somehow work for the benefit of us all."
--economist John Maynard Keynes


some say it's all about
the Cruelty but for
Some that's just
a little Bonus.


Good to see that football coach back on the field. Indeed, the prayer falls under he and his players' First Amendment rights to free speech and free exercise of religion.


And any student who feels pressured to participate is just an ass kissing wanna be Pharisee.


«The play, called "11th & Pine," will feature "six composite characters who reconvene years after CHOP to discuss its aftermath."»

Terrible idea for a play: people meeting to discuss something. BORING.
Drop these composite characters directly into the unfolding events - now that is treatment for a play.


@6: How were they pressured? It was out in the field with players running and exercising all over the place. Far less pressure than kids' hearing their teachers' saying you can pick your own gender.


3 Leading his team in "prayer" is State-enforced religion, moron.


there is NO
Peer Pressure
in High School
everyone Knows


but what if fb's your way outta Bremerton?
& they want you to come Pray to their god but when
you look around & there's damn little Evidence of Jesus

so do you join their Prayer Circle & Realize that
hell, Christo Fascism's just around the Corner
and hey it might beat the fuck outta joining
the Army & Maybe Jesus'll give me a Hand
if He's not too busy. so why not?

but what it were Elsewhere
& (obv) the Wrong religion?
What Would Christians Do?

their support for Their Religion
does that Include their
support for Other's?

let the Lord work
His Mysterious Ways
OFF the Public School
Grounds. or Open to ALL.


we'd be on to interstellar travel by now if we weren't constantly hamstrung by insecure religious morons and their desire to foist their regressive bullshit onto everyone else


@2 Still stumping on the end of capitalism and the rise of socialism and the worker's paradise. Tell me who will organize the means of production? Will it be the government or a worker's union? Haven't thought that far ahead. You are too busy stirring the "hate pot" and angry somebody has more than you do.

First, that isn't a quote from Lord Maynard Keynes.... Its nowhere in his work, lectures or speeches. Read his work before you pretend to quote him as a source. More likely its an observation of Adam Smith related to the invisible hand.

Second, point to one successful example of communism... economically, socially and most importantly in terms of human freedom. Former USSR, China, Cuba... .. well come on. Show us your working model. If memory serves they had to build a "wall to keep their citizens from defecting" to the west.

Margaret Thatcher — 'The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.'


One of the arguments against the prayer on the field was that by not participating a player could receive a less than favorable decision regarding play from the coach, whether real or imagined. Having that hang over the players heads can have a soft coercive affect.

Controversial social constructions and their beliefs should be kept to a minimum in public schools. Both Christians envelope pushers and gender activists both want what they believe to be is in best interest of their students. The public schools need to be kept as ideologically neutral as possible.


The CHOP play is in really poor taste. I'm sure it will full of anti police rhetoric and gloss over the murders of the two young men, the privileged kid from Kirkland who took a baseball bat to a cops head and one of our council members remarking on the justified anger in the crowd as a man with a bullhorn behind her encourages officers to take their own lives. Such fun memories.

What does it say about the fentanyl crisis that we have inmates who are locked up overdosing? If it's that easy to get nowadays that even inmates can get their hands on it I don't know how you really combat it other than going after the supply.


great comment skiddy

'The problem
with socialism is
that you eventually
run out of other people's money.'

speaking of Bailouts Re-
cessions and oppo research

yeah good ole Maggie Thatcher
the rupert mudroch of once-GB

"socialize the Risks
and Privatize the

for the


@12 -- I KNOW
what the fucking Fuck.
slowly noosing Us into the Abyss

'spose this it True of
AlL un-Earthly Civilizations or
just this stupid Glorius little Blue Planet

tho that'd Explain why we're not currently being
Farmed by Extra-Terrestrial 'Republicans"
they're much too Busy hobbling
their Own Worlds

that's Disappointing.


@16 Ah, yes... Kriso-bizziarian....

Still waiting for you to show us a good example of that socialist utopia and worker's paradise. You let me know when you find one.

Oddly, its the government regulations which tend to cause these massive problems. We have how many banking regulations and laws, massive legions of government employees working it would appear ineptly to safe guard the system... and yet not a single bank examiner or federal official caught the problem before the collapse..... Hmm, Just like the 2008 melt down.

Interestingly, the more regulations and purported government interventions, the greater the crises and magnitude of failures. The scale of these problems is only growing.

You are most welcome of the lecture. Its only by repetition and reiteration that a foreign concept gains acceptance on a reluctant or ignorant mind.


Weird, I thought people said locking up the addicts would solve the problem. How many overdoses happen in Vancouver's safe injection site again? Just an unrelated, random question.


@28 -- so many Lies.
so little Time.



@12: Hmm. Spiritual passion and science are not mutually exclusive, Leonardo Da Vinci is one example.

On another note:
Life's a F***ing Fantasy for Santos - A Randy Rainbow Parody


@4 Notice the crickets? The ideologues of both left and right seem to always go walkies when faced with contradictory facts.


Chop Play? Been to ones like that before in DC. Usually, painfully bad wish fulfillment and message hammering, unless you are a true believer. Rambo for the left.

My bet, smug aging neo-hippies talking about how it changed everything creating better tomorrow and leading to President Sawant, while other characters like the sad former cop lament their badness.

Anyone else wanna guess?


So does the 1st Amendment cover this prayer too? (asking for a friend!)

Praise, Hail Satan!
Glory be to Satan the Father of the Earth
and to Lucifer our guiding light
and to Belial who walks between worlds
and to Lilith the queen of the night
As it was in the void of the beginning
Is now, and ever shall be, Satan’s kingdom without End
so it is done.


"hamstrung by insecure religious morons"
That and, you know, the laws of physics.


Re: Praying coach creep

Vox thoroughly debunked the Supreme Klux Kourt's lie-filled "opinion" by Kneel Gosuck, including photos.



@2 - You wouldn't happen to be one "Willy P" over at the NYT's comments section, would you?

@5 - Maybe a school feeding them well-balanced, nutritional meals of appropriate portion size could go some ways in helping address the childhood obesity problem, as opposed to continuing to let 'em eat the crap far too many parents send them to school with or what they can find in nearby vending machines. If so, that cuts down on obesity-related medical issues, thereby saving you costs with respect to insurance premiums and tax dollars that support ER visits and medicaid claims.

Or, you know, the inclination of you and the fine Senator-fellow from MN, "Fuck those little, free-loading rug-rats!"


@19: “Weird, I thought people said locking up the addicts would solve the problem.”

Weird, I thought you had to provide quotes and urls when you made a claim like that.

(Let us know when you find the “our only possible options for drug treatment are safe injection sites or jail time” article.)


For the record, there was a brief time this morning when today's AM Slog was the next post after yesterday's AM Slog. They were back to back until several "4:00 am" posts were retroactively time stamped.

It's understandable how publishing can be delayed, but please don't play games with us. Being up front and truthful is a better look.


The usual suspects cheering on a corrupt, dishonest and theocratic supreme court hellbent on demolishing the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment, along with decades of well settled precedent.

As for the sensible and honest among us, we’ll just have to wait for the inevitable whining (and shadenfraude) one this crooked court’s decisions comes back to bite them.

Which it will. And when it does, we’ll be ready with something like the Herman Cain Award.


@28 "“Weird, I thought people said locking up the addicts would solve the problem.”"

It did. The addict who died in Thurston County Jail will never again; shoplift, commit strong armed robbery, or assault anyone.

They were successfully removed form society until they no longer posed a threat to society.

That they chose to commit suicide is not the concerting of the Thurston County Sheriff Office or the people of the State of Washington.

I honestly don't see the problem. Crazy MoFo commits suicide in custody.

So what?


@27 - likely a charade
an Imposter a Usurper a
Downright fraud a shiffless Cha-
racter def a Wannabee an ungainly Clod

nah. if they
Published My tripe
they'd publish Anyone's.

do you know*

they have Letters
Guests' work etc
& LOVE a Man
w/bona Fides.



"So using an alternative to the capitalist model doesn't overcome the desire of consumers to have organic goods sold at as close to cost as possible." --@4

well they can choose Price
and eat garbage like the
Rest of Us or they can
spring for Better let
the Market decide

perhaps they'll price themselves
outta Work. robots are coming
who Needs human beings
anyways? they're

let the mkt


Everyone knows Julius Caesar was killed just outside the abandoned precinct house at the CHOP.


If there is a silver lining for Californians impacted by the extremities of insanely massive snowfall and atmospheric flooding, consider this: hopefully if your reservoirs are full this summer it'll end your drought and water rationing woes--at least for a while. Maybe it'll result in green, poppy covered foothills?
In the meantime, if you can---stay off the freeways, forget flying out of LAX, and avoid the San Gabriels!

@33 kristofarian: My local Community Food Co-op works for me.


@19: What’s the connection between a safe injection site and overdoses from smoking fentanyl tabs? Just a related, non-random question.


@31 Sir Toby for the win!!!

@19 Go read 31.


@4 Seventiesrocked, ok they technically have legal status as a non-profit. They maintain this status because the dividend is "earned" by buying stuff. And it's technically not profit because they don't distribute cash. They give you credit with which to buy food. A thing that everybody needs in order to not die. Its functionally a for-profit venture with a large number of investors, no matter what BS people have decided to write down on a piece of paper.

Still better than traditional chain grocers.

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