The majesty of spring: Enjoying the weather, Seattle? We’ve got another nice day ahead of us, according to the Weather Channel. Temperatures will inch up from the upper 40s to the low 50s throughout a mostly cloudy morning, but come 3 pm you can expect mostly sunny skies and temperatures peaking in the mid 50s. Oh, and the sun will set at approximately 7:23 pm.

Today’s the day! Former president Donald Trump expects a New York grand jury to indict him today. If he’s right and the grand jury decides he broke campaign finance law when he paid out porn star Sormy Daniels, then Trump would be the first U.S. president ever to face a criminal charge, which is wild. Like, the first one? Really?? Stay tuned!

Jan 6 Two: Electric Boogaloo: Trump called his supporters to spring into protest should he be indicted. He's got cred from sparking an insurrection following the 2020 election, so cops in major U.S. cities are preparing for potential mass mobilization of right-wingers. New York City has ordered every single NYPD cop to suit up and standby, Capitol police in Washington, D.C. declared a state of emergency, and Los Angeles cops expect a protest outside the city’s federal building. So far, not much to report of ACTUAL action. The AP sort of called that earlier this week as Rich noted in Slog AM yesterday, but maybe they’re all sleeping in for the big day ahead or something!

Silver lining: In the aftermath of the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, Seattle homebuyers wonder how the economic flop will affect their loans. According to the Seattle Times, it's too early to know, but there’s a few theories. Some speculate the failures could slow down interest rate hikes while others say the economic instability will scare off homebuyers and further cool down the housing market. 

Camping ban: Lakewood City Council joined Kent, Tacoma, and Edmonds in banning public camping and drug use in a meeting last night. The Mayor of Lakewood said the ordinances are not meant to criminalize poverty... even though people who get busted for sleeping or for using outside could get thrown in jail for 90 days or pay a fine of $1,000. 

I cannot resist: KOMO published a poll asking its readers if they would support a camping ban in their town. After 24 hours, 90% of KOMO readers voted “yes,” 5% said “no,” and 4% said “depends on how it is written.”

Eviction shooting update: The Stranger has been keeping track of an eviction that left a tenant dead and a cop injured. One additional update I’ll add here: A friend of the victim told KING 5 that she barricaded herself in her apartment because she faced eviction over $13,000 in back rent. (Court records show she owed about $6,300.) I can’t help but wonder how much money the County and the City paid in equipment and labor to attempt an eviction that would ultimately cost the tenant her life. 

Very nice! Young artists designed limited edition Orca cards to celebrate the new RapidRide H line, which improves transit to downtown from Burien, White Center, and Delridge. The designs look pretty friggin’ sweet, and you can grab yours at the King Street Center Pass Sales Office.

One last hurrah: Check out the latest and last Seattle Sticker Patrol video on Instagram. 

PSA: Thousands of Apple Health (aka Medicaid) members could lose coverage if they don’t reconfirm their income and household size for the first time in three years after the feds let renewal requirements slide during the pandemic. Check here to see if your info is up-to-date, and then wait for a reply email or letter, which will give you a renewal date and next steps to keep your coverage. 

Fox News mad: Fox News wants a restraining order to keep one of the network’s producers quiet because they’re afraid she’ll leak attorney-client privileged information about a $1.6 billion defamation suit against the outlet for spreading fake news after the election. Read NPR’s full story here.

Speaking of: A Delaware judge will consider arguments from Dominion Voting Systems and FOX News in the massive defamation case. The judge may rule on parts of the case today in what’s called a “summary judgment” since both parties are convinced their arguments are soooo airtight that the judge can just go ahead and make a ruling without a jury’s input. Whatever the judge decides will be a big fucking deal in deciding which questions the future jury will answer.

Baby's first veto: President Joe Biden vetoed a Republican effort to repeal a new rule that lets big business consider environmental and social impacts of their investment decisions. 

Crossover episode: Yesterday, Russian President Vladmir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping met up to start a three-day discussion. Xi intends to “play peacemaker” and attempt to broker a resolution for its ally’s yearlong war in Ukraine, according to Bloomberg

I demand love, healing, and a fat check for emotional damages for Amanda Bynes: Amanda Show star Amanda Bynes checked in to a 72-hour psychiatric hold after roaming LA streets naked. Fans took to Twitter yesterday speculating that she, like many other child stars, may be dealing with the lasting affects of trauma. The fans noted her close relationship with Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider, who has been accused of sexualizing children on his TV shows, including Bynes in a controversial hot tub scene. 

Have you heard this? I think I made some empty promise a while back to cool it with Taylor Swift at the end of the Slog, but she released a song that didn’t make the cut for her 2019 album, Lover. It's fun and all, but it sorta sounds like a Meghan Trainor song imo.