Ship Canal blaze destroys about 30 boats: At around 2 am, a fire started at a Lake Union boat-storage facility. Flames climbed nearly 70 feet in the air. Over 80 firefighter units sprang into action. After about three hours, they controlled the fire. Lots of boats did not make it. Someone found one "approximately 40-year-old man" in a nearby boat, and paramedics took him to the hospital. Police say they'll investigate him. Check out these otherworldly pictures: 

Starbucks workers plan venti-sized demonstration: According to a press release from Starbucks Workers United, workers plan to rally outside of Starbucks HQ to demand livable wages, respectful workplaces, and the right to organize without getting (allegedly and actually) union-busted by their coffee overlords. The protest comes a day before the local coffee chain's annual shareholder meeting and right as new CEO Laxman Narasimhan takes the wheel from Howard Schultz, who will be busy next week in the Senate HELP Committee testifying against union-busting accusations.

Landlords can look at tenant criminal history: The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a mixed ruling in a landlord-led lawsuit against 2017's "Fair Chance Housing” ordinance. The law sought to reduce housing discrimination by preventing landlords from checking the criminal records of prospective tenants. Now they can look up your record, but they cannot refuse to rent to you once they find whatever they find. A lower court will now suss out things further.

Thank you, spring gods: The weather will abide by the calendar for today, with temps reaching a balmy 60 degrees. Tomorrow, however, you can get fucked, says the weather, which will yank us back into the 40s and 30s and make our seasonal affective disorders short circuit. 

Two dead in West Seattle bridge crash: An 18-year-old man and woman died early Wednesday morning in a car crash after a pickup truck reportedly drove the wrong way on the West Seattle Bridge. 

Oof, it's a violent morning in the Puget Sound area: One man is dead and another is injured after a shooting at Gasworks Park last night. One person is dead and a cop is injured after a shooting outside an Everett Fred Meyer. A fire in Everett seriously injured three people

Is this biblical? Someone tell me if the Book of Revelations mentions anything about a pod of dolphins washing ashore in New Jersey and dying. This happened to eight dolphins this week, and it doesn't sit right with me. No one, let alone a majestic dolphin, should have to die in New Jersey.

Update in the Ballard shooting: The King County Medical examiner ruled that the woman who died during a shooting involving three sheriff's deputies died by suicide. The woman, who went by the name Eucytus (Eucy for short), died from a gunshot to the head. Eucy was in the midst of a months-long battle with her landlord and allegedly owed over $6,000 in back rent. The Stranger's Ashley Nerbovig has more context on the shooting here

Inmates flee Virginia jail: Two prisoners dug their way out of a Virginia jail using primitive tools such as a toothbrush to chip away at their cell wall. After the hole was big enough, the escaped. Authorities found and apprehended them shortly after at an IHOP. Hopefully they at least got to tuck into a Cinnestack or two before the sun set on their escape. 

Bomb cyclone slams California: In the latest insane weather event to hit California this winter, a bomb cyclone is wreaking havoc up and down the entire state. Intense wind and rain buffeted San Francisco to the point of overwhelming 911 lines. Santa Cruz County is a mess. Snow keeps falling in the Sierra Nevadas. Southern California doesn't know what to do with all this rain. My brother texted me yesterday asking how we deal with this type of shit constantly in the northwest. They're losing their minds without the sun down there. But, also, I can't minimize these storms. One meteorologist described the winds as "a scorpion’s tail descending from the sky."

Oklahoma wants to out trans teens: The Oklahoma State Legislature is close to passing a bill that would require schools to alert parents of any "gender identity changes" in students, thus potentially outing students to their parents and whittling away one of their last safe spaces in a world that is increasingly hostile to their existence. Laws like this are already in place in Florida and Alabama. It's bad out here in the "land of the free."

In other Oklahoma news: The state's supreme court walked back part of Oklahoma's near total abortion ban today. The court ruled abortion could be okay if the pregnancy risks a pregnant person's health. Previously, the ban only allowed abortions in the event of medical emergencies. 

Our story begins where all good stories must: A mix-up in a Dutch warehouse. JPMorgan Chase believed it had purchased $1.3 million worth of nickel from the London Metal Exchange. Unfortunately, these bags of nickel were simply bags of stone. If JPMorgan had a nickel for every time this happened, well, at least it would have some nickel. 

World Baseball Classic ends in dramatic fashion: Japan beat the U.S. 3-2 in the World Baseball Classic final yesterday. The craziest part was that the game was decided by Shohei Ohtani, a dual-threat pitcher and hitter on par with the likes of Babe Ruth, striking out all-time great Mike Trout on a full count. This is particularly fun not only because both these guys are powerhouses, but because they're teammates on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (but also fuck the Angels). Anyway, sports is poetry, and here's what this moment sounded like on the Japanese broadcast: