Fundraising for a foot: The Seattle Police Foundation, a nonprofit that raises supplemental money for the police when their bulging budgets can't cover something, needs financial help solving a foot-based mystery. With an extra $20,000, the foundation believes it can discover whose foot and Air Jordans washed up on Discovery Park shores five years ago. The money would pay for supplemental DNA testing. 

Southbound I-5 lanes closed near Fife: At around 2 am, authorities say a man carrying a pink stuffed animal fell from the 54th Street cross bridge onto I-5. Multiple vehicles struck and killed him. Officials closed down all lanes, but they should open in a few hours, the Washington State Patrol said. In the meantime, they've diverted traffic off the freeway. UPDATE: all lanes reopened at around 7:10 am.

What is going on with that drug possession bill? Such a great question. The Washington State House voted down a compromise bill that would keep drug possession as a criminal penalty while increasing funds for treatment. The bill failed 43-55. Everything is even more complicated since the state Supreme Court invalidated WA's felony drug possession law in 2021, and the stopgap law allowing lawmakers to find a replacement (which they failed to do) expires in July. The Stranger's Rich Smith has the story here.

A big week ahead: Starting Tuesday, Seattle should see our first 70-degree day this year. This week will be the warmest week in over half a year. Break out the sunscreen and parasols.

Transit workers sue King County Metro: Two supervisors at King County Metro received a talking-to from their boss after an operator complained about the supervisors speaking in Amharic, their native Ethiopian tongue. Their boss told the supervisors only to use Amharic in private and said using it in the workplace meant they weren't “presenting and acting like a professional." When they complained, the two supervisors allege they were retaliated against. So, they're suing for discrimination

Post-prom pandemonium: Nine Texas teens were injured when someone opened fire at their after-prom party Saturday night.

Killer cop released from prison: Kim Potter, who killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a 2021 Minneapolis traffic stop, will be released from prison today. Potter was charged with first- and second-degree manslaughter and sentenced to 24 months in jail plus a $1,000 fine. However, a judge ordered her to only serve 16 months in prison and the other 8 months on supervised release. 

Gov. Ron DeSantis is doing press conferences from Japan: He still claims he's not running for president. While he's globetrotting, Florida is under a state of emergency from the flooding that happened earlier this month. In Japan, on his non-campaign-related trip, DeSantis met with the Japanese prime minister and praised the country's military expansion. Normal tourist behavior. 

Delaware legalizes marijuana without governor's support: Recreational marijuana use is now legal in Delaware. Gov. John Carney refused to sign the legislation. He refused to veto it, too. The symbolic gesture doesn't impact the legislation, but it shows Carney is still a big square opposed to legalizing weed use. He vetoed similar legislation last year. Clearly, the veto strategy wasn't popular.

Another day, another missed aurora borealis: The Northern Lights were visible as far south as Iowa last night as they danced above North America and parts of Europe. We would have seen the light show in Seattle if we weren't shrouded in cloud cover.

Here they are in Wyoming

Here they are in California: 

47 dead in Kenya: The victims likely died because a cult leader from the Good News International Church allegedly told them to starve themselves in order to meet Jesus. Authorities found the bodies buried in the Shakahola forest. 

Cruise sued for corpse mismanagement: A Florida woman is suing Celebrity Cruises because of how they handled her husband's dead body. Last year, her husband died of a cardiac event while sailing on the Celebrity Equinox to the Caribbean. The cruise told the woman they could remove the body and ship it back to Florida from San Juan, Puerto Rico, or they could store it for her for six days until the ship returned. She picked option two. Unfortunately, the cruise did not put the body in the ship's morgue but inside a drink cooler on a different floor. By the time the cruise docked in Florida, the body was in advanced stages of decomposition. Oof. 

Take me to SatanCon: The Satanist convention happening in Boston this coming weekend might just be the largest gathering of Satanists ever. The event is sold out. It will feature panels, a Satanic Ball, drag shows, and a concert from the Satanist band, Satanic Planet. 

Tucker Carlson and FOX "parted ways" on Monday morning, according to CNBC. The news comes after the company paid three-quarters of a billion dollars to settle a defamation lawsuit from Dominion. Looks like Carlson spread one last falsehood on air before he went: At the end of his show on Friday, he said he'd be back Monday. 

RIP, BB&B: Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy on Sunday. The store asked the court for permission to auction off its assets. Stores will remain open for now. At least Bed Bath & Beyond's legacy will live on in the movie Click, where Adam Sandler finds a magic remote control that can manipulate life after stumbling across an eccentric inventor (played by Christopher Walken) in the "Beyond" section of Bed Bath & Beyond.