Texas mall shooter kills 8, injures 7: A 33-year-old man opened fire with an AR-15-style rifle in an Allen, Texas mall on Saturday. Officials are investigating the shooter's motive, potentially tracing it to his suspected white supremacist and far-right ideologies. After police killed the shooter, they found a patch on his chest that read “RWDS." Politico explained RWDS stands "for the phrase 'Right Wing Death Squad,' which is popular among right-wing extremists and white supremacy groups."

Crickets from the Texas Legislature: Remember just over a week ago when an angry neighbor killed five people—including two children—outside of Houston? Or nearly a year ago when 19 elementary school students and two teachers died in the Uvalde shooting? In the past two years, Texas has had over a dozen mass shootings, and lawmakers have increased access to firearms. Gov. Greg Abbott, who must be tired of attending vigils at this point, attended the vigil for the most-recent shooting (the mall one) and said "there would be no new effort by his administration to limit access to firearms—because it would not work," according to the New York Times.

Hurricane Ridge Day Lodge goes up in flames: The Olympic National Park ski lodge, built in 1952 and closed for renovations since March, burned to a crisp Sunday afternoon. Part of the planned renovations included upgrades to fire detection and notification systems. No word yet on what started the fire. 

Is the only positive news sports? The Seattle Mariners beat the Houston Astros 3-1 yesterday and won the series against them, so that was good. And then, in their playoff journey, the Kraken beat the Dallas Stars 7-2. They're now leading the series 2-1. Is there some deeper meaning we can find here in these Seattle vs. Texas victories? Maybe if Texas wants to win against us at sports they need to pass gun reform laws. It's a cognitive leap, but they should try it out just to see if it works! 

Sorry I made the sports political: Here is a video of sports and not politics. 

Man dies in White Center shooting: At around 3 am Monday morning, a shooting killed a 41-year-old man in White Center. Police are searching for the suspect. 

Sound Transit is back to normal: After 10 days, the light rail will actually function like a real transit system again. Presumably, the hole in the Westlake Center transit tunnel is patched up enough and trains can run both directions. The trains will be running every 10 minutes on Monday, and then we're back to eight-minute peak service on Tuesday. Look, I'm glad Sound Transit didn't let any ceilings fall on our heads, but I'm dreaming of a day when minor construction snags don't derail an entire city and—picking nits here—our peak frequencies aren't eight fucking minutes.

Seattle adds 31 new EV chargers: Yet, none of these new electric vehicle chargers will be further south than Columbia City. By not putting electric vehicle infrastructure in places where low-income and minority people live, Seattle City Light is widening the EV gap and making it even harder for people who haven't already to transition to EVs. 

Trailhead Direct returns! Starting on May 13, you'll be able to hop over to Mount Si, Mount Teneriffe, and Little Si on a King County Metro shuttle during weekends and holidays. The service runs until Sept. 4. 

Someone built an ice cream stand outside of Auschwitz: A few days ago, an ice cream and waffle stand opened on private property about 700 feet outside of Auschwitz, a concentration camp that killed 1.3 million people—most of them Jewish—during the Holocaust. Auschwitz Museum spokesman Bartosz Bartyzel called it “an example not only of aesthetic tastelessness but also of disrespect for a special historical site."

Nightmare fuel: A Chesapeake, Virginia 17-year-old died on Saturday after a nearby dune collapsed in on a hole the teen was in, burying him alive under several feet of sand.

No wait, this is nightmare fuel: The water systems in California (and across the nation) are super easy to hack, reports the Los Angeles Times. Things like dams and water treatment plants rely on antiquated software and weak passwords to defend them against cyber attacks. People could hack in and change chemical balances or open up floodgates and sluices. There's also very little centralized regulation to beef up these measures uniformly. Upgrades are happening, but slowly. 

It'll be hot this week: Rain today, but then it'll be dry, dry, dry. We could hit 90 degrees in Seattle on Sunday— just in time to make your mom all sweaty for Mother's Day. Moms love to sweat. 

Trump won't talk: Donald Trump refused to testify in the civil suit brought against him by columnist E. Jean Carroll, who says Trump raped her in 1996. Carroll testified for several days. Trump has not even attended the trial. The jury, however, watched a deposition Trump made in October, where he vehemently denied Carroll's claims. The jury will likely start deliberating on Tuesday after closing arguments today. 

This is kinda off-topic: But, have you watched the new show Jury Duty yet? Where one guy thinks he's doing jury duty but the entire jury is actors and the whole trial is fake? It's one of those ridiculous shows that restore your faith in humanity a little bit. I loved it.