Sounds like Inslee is disrupting and dismantling the dominant hierarchy.


The Chinese government uses US social media to police their own people abroad, as well as to set up spy rings wherever their government oligarchs purchase property in the US. It's not the Chinese people that are the problem; it's their government that traces them around the world.


Target bows to conservative bullies. This is, of course, how then win. If you have concern for your staff, then spend money on better security. Which you should do anyway.


Major Twit
announcing something something
on Twitter.


Good for you Jay Inslee. This is a familiar pattern of an overzealous progressive turning a noble idea into bureaucratic overreach. Better yet, abolish the office all together.


@5: Well, I guess a lot of people are taken aback by how quickly merchandizing that targets a projected surge of children with gender dysphoria would occur.


Why is this country allowing an extreme minority to dictate terms regarding everything from whether the U.S. government will default on the debt (a problem created by the extreme minority - starting with Reagan who increased the debt limit 18 times and ended with Trump who added 25% of the ENTIRE debt during his four years with tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy and corporations raking in BILLIONS) to people shopping at Target to one parent objecting to a poem written by a brilliant young Black woman for the inauguration of President Biden?

Seriously, it's time to stop pretending these terrorists can be reasoned with . Their demands need to be ignored and they need to be schooled on the reality of what it means to live in a society with other people. I am offended by white supremacist assholes, every piece of shit with a gun fetish who celebrates mass shootings as some sort of freedom, and the endless stupidity of most of the people in this country - but hey, I'm not going around trying to get them cancelled because they are allowed to be white supremacists, gun fetishists, death cultists, and stupid as fucking dirt. We are literally allowing the least of humanity to dictate terms of existence. Fuck them.
Enough already.


"[Target] is removing some LGBTQ-themed items and clothes from its stores after homophobic and transphobic customers had 'violent confrontations' with staff."

the -Phobes
the ###Bullies###
and the Neo-Fascists
tho I re-repeat myself
Now Make The Rullies

Fists !
not Votes
our Reichwing
is on the Steroids

but they mean no
Harm . all's they
Want's your

& a little

you Knew they
had Gawd on
Their Side




JFC, arrest the TB Lady already.


@9: "Seriously, it's time to stop pretending these terrorists can be reasoned with ."

Joe Biden does not have that luxury, sorry to say.


How is it racist and xenophobic to disallow foreign nationals from snapping up commercial and residential properties? The fact that Stranger writers are so wildly blind to how detrimental foreign investment in real estate is to US citizens honestly shouldn't shock me, but here we are. China is so fucked up that its citizens are willingly hiring coyotes to illegally ferry them over the southern US border and get them the fuck out of CCP-land, but now we're ok with those same oligarchs (or whatever the Chinese version of them are) buying a shit ton of property here? Hell nah Vivian, go read a book.


@12 yes, agreed. It’s clear the 17 prior admonishments or whatever from the judge aren’t compelling this idiot to turn themselves in, etc so just find her and drag her sorry ass to quarantine already.


@16: I imagine there are some identity issues that would make her arrest and forced medical treatment problematic from a social justice standpoint.

don't know what else it could be - bodily autonomy advocates threatening to sue?


re Tb and the Covid:
what do you mean
there's no Right
to Inflict?

also: what about
the 2nd Adm?
can there Be
a Worse


Never heard of this DeSatan guy, which Russian oligarch who lost his superyacht at Cannes is backing him?

Oh, by the way, 90 percent of the superyachts have been seized, and we're coming for all of them. All of them.


"Drove twitter into the ground..." I wish. But seemingly literally everyone still uses it. Even @fakedansavage. Antifa groups still use it, despite the replatforming of fascists and implementation of fascist policies... Leftist groups still use it, despite the banning of hundreds of leftists... Journalists still use it, despite the banning of dozens of journalists... It's the crackpipe liberal America can't seem to put down no matter how bad it gets. They need another hit.


@20 - Thankfully, I never cared enough to sign-up for it. Being a luddite has its advantages.


@9 xina for the WIN!!! Keep on rocking the house!

@13: Yes, President Joe Biden DOES have a legitimate way of dealing with unreasonable crackpot RepubliKKKans. See Article 4 of the 14th Amendment, raindrop dear, the Senate majority, and Biden's power to veto. RepubliKKKans. If you can't reason with 'em, beat 'em at their own game, and make 'em take their own toxic medicine.

@20 K: You can't mean me, either. I have avoided Twitter ever since DJT, the Orange Turd boasted about posting on it daily. I know I'm not missing anything good.

@21 Morty: WORD.


The TB case is complicated. On the one hand, I am sympathetic to the concern that entering public spaces with an infectious disease presents a risk to the community. On the other hand, "take treatment or be locked in your home 24/7" sounds a lot like forced medical treatment, which is a dangerous precedent. I disagree with mandated vaccinations, though I encourage everyone to get vaccinated and believe it is important to spread reliable & accurate information about the beneficial effects and low risk of vaccines. There's not a good answer to the tension between the two concerns.


The launch is getting off to a very bad start, audio dropouts, Elon and his assistant are whispering trying to figure out what's going on, feedback reverberations. They're complaining about server overloads...


Now Elon's playing trippy 'stand by' tones
They stopped
Dead silence
The Elon says "what?"
More dead silence
"So many people!" they say
dead silence


We are uncertain of the effects sustained voltage will have on acid fast bacilli, but here at Uncle Bauhaus’s Magical Electric Spa we are most willing to do a comprehensive study. As a by-product of that, we may be able to make the woman from Tacoma see that the lives and health of others supersede her apparent need to be Typhoid Mary.

Know what? People are going to hate me for saying this, but I don’t see much wrong with that restrictive Florida law about infrastructure oversight. We aren’t talking about prohibiting Chinese-Americans from buying property close to sensitive areas – just Chinese Nationals. We have seen recently how the Chinese government tries to insinuate itself in this country (and others) like with those places posing as help centers but are, in fact, PRC police stations. And by the way, should you attempt to acquire some land near a sensitive area in China? Not only would you be forbidden to do so, they’d arrest your ass and send you to a work camp for trying. You want to purchase land next to a water treatment plant? Get your American citizenship and surrender your Chinese passport. Renounce the Chinese government publicly, then you can buy all the shit you can afford. This law isn’t so much restrictive as it is wise.

Further proof that Catholic doctrine and its attitude about sex turns people into monsters. Ain’t nothing sexier than an innocent virgin, eh? Be he/she 4 or 14. “Yum,” says Father(?) O’Malley.

Adios, Ms. Tina. Oh, the joy you brought!


@9: "a problem created by the extreme minority - starting with Reagan who increased the debt limit 18 times and ended with Trump who added 25% of the ENTIRE debt during his four years with tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy and corporations raking in BILLIONS"

I'm with you on this one. No more debt limit increases. Leave it as it is and let that "extreme minority" learn to live within our means.


For all of you pro Chinese exclusionary, we’re talking about folks who are in our country working for US companies - they’re here legally, why should Florida have the right to treat them like state enemies? If (and when) these folks sue, they’ll win (this is virtue signaling at its best).


@29 - I want you to find employment in Teheran and apply for a work visa there. Then, I want you to start looking for places to either live or start a business that happens to be in close proximity to an Iranian airbase or a research facility, and when the Revolutionay Guard notices this (and baby, they will) and runs you in for questioning and you perhaps disappear, then we'll talk about being treated like an enemy and suing the Iranian government because your rights have been violated.

All we are doing is protecting our infrastructure from people/governments who wish us harm. I believe it's a clear and present danger.


had we protected what seems like
it oughtta be a Human Right -- Housing
from free-market Capitalism perhaps people
wouldn't be spending 1/3 of more of their Income

to keep a Roof over their head and if they get
Sick and have no Sick Pay and little if Any
healthcare - this Country puts too Much
stock in keeping Billionaires around
siphoning up most of the Wealth
WE Create as one People.

all those people living
in tents? they're only
the Symptoms

wealth inequality
will Destroy


@8 Raindrop, so still being a transphobic asshat. You seem to revel in it. You seem to take joy in hurting people. You're fucking sick.


Bauhaus forgot the /s tag


@32: You revel in making the unsubstantiated charge. The only ones hurt here and the staffers who faced the wrath, and Target marketing and sales. A little research would have predicted the result, not unlike Bud Light's saga.

The game continues, like the one you're playing. Because the adjective "phobic" means fear. Typically, the G's are not phobic of T's and vice versa. If you knew my personal history with my transgender friend, you'd be severely embarrased.


@32 Dewey cant be transphobic, some of his best friends are trans! Im glad there are people here still willing to stand up to that guy even though it seems people telling him how tragic he is is his kink.


@24 AM: That neofascist RepubliKKKans are hellbent on bankrupting ~300 million U.S. citizens is beyond insane!
Catalina Vel-DuRay is spot on, and Griz will elaborate further: RepubliKKKans are horrible excuses for people, are unfit to govern, and should be shut inside a Wall, separated from the People of the United States.


@24 AM: Things should get interesting as well as shamefully ugly.
According to an AP article in The Seattle Times, [A4: Trump Criminal Trial Set for March 25th, Wednesday, May 24, 2023], the Orange Turd and its lawyers still have to face the State of New York in Manhattan.
If the Orange Turd is convicted, I would certainly hope its RepubliKKKan stacked courts, including SCROTUS and all their Draconian "rulings" would get thrown out with dirty bathwater.


@28 Holmes: I have an idea. As for cuts, I'm in favor of slashing the salaries of RepubliKKKan Congress members, Senators, and the neofascists of SCROTUS and lower courts to the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 / hour. Let's see Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Marjorie Taylor Greene, ad nauseum try to live on 3rd World country level wages while subjected to no benefits and unpaid triple overtime.


@35: No shoobop, don't butt in. Don't help out your buddy here. Let's see how PnP digs out of this mess. I'm not one with the burden of proof here.


@39 Dewey you have more than established your dickhead credentials; the proof of concept is well established. All the petty squabbling you engage in on here and attempts to own the other narcissists who think anyone actually cares about their opinion prove nothing and establish only that you guys need to get healthy hobbies. I honestly dont mean this in a mean way but in an observational fashion. Nobody who posts on here is my buddy. I come here to wasted time during slow shifts, you losers all seem to need this space and its super sad. I wonder how you guys would cope if the Stranger made like the Portland Mercury and turned off all comments. Hopefully you would take the time you waste on here and enjoy the experience of being alive rather than argue incessantly about political perspectives and opinions (the most silly thing ever to argue about except maybe religion). I have no desire to be mean to you anymore but i do find it kind of funny that you are so toxic other people are happy to take up the mantle. It is obvious from where we sit that you are a lonely, angry, sad man and even though you are clearly and deeply mean spirited I hope you find something in your life that leads you to not be wasting this experience you are so lucky to have arguing endlessly with strangers.


@40: Well, that's what you just did: argue endlessly with a stranger.


yeah dewey can be a major
mindfuck a soul-crushing
waste of time deliberate
derailer & tangentially
challenged or Not
still Punctually
our reigning

consciously or otherwise
it's still Projection &
now you've got
Me doing it


@43: Yes, if someone wastes their time with my commentary it's their time to waste. Take heart kris, nobody's wasting their time by scrolling past your elongated vertical prattle.

@35: It was friend (singular). All other trans people I know are acquaintances. Leave it you to extrapolate plurality for the tired ubiquitous insulting trope.

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