Seattle City Council votes on whether to relaunch drug war: The Council decides today whether to empower Republican City Attorney Ann Davison to prosecute people for drug possession and public drug use. I wrote about how this policy will pull resources away from drug trafficking cases that the police chief and Davison et al say they want to focus on. In a memo to the Council on Monday, staff described how little information Davison's provided about how she would use the new City law. The memo also showed that the County had more robust resources for providing treatment to people through the criminal justice system. I'll be following the vote at 2 pm today.

Seattle Public School district leaders talk safety concerns with parents: After several shootings around Garfield High School, Seattle school district leaders held a closed-door meeting with parents and staff on Monday night, according to KING 5. Superintendent Brent Jones promised the district planned to increase signage about safety protocols, make classroom doors lock from the inside, and roll out an app where students can report safety concerns anonymously. 

Fleece feud: Patagonia filed a lawsuit against Nordstrom Rack for allegedly selling counterfeit Patagonia merchandise, according to the Seattle Times. Patagonia leveled some harsh claims at the Rack in the lawsuit, saying the store didn't tell customers about the "inferior fabrication and quality" of the fake products. Also, reading this story I realized for the first time it's 'counterfeit' not 'counter fit'. I am a product of Seattle Public Schools.  

Speaking of Seattle disappointments: The Mariners continue to break my heart. Seattle Times reporter Ryan Divish rips into the Ms in his latest column because they need to get it together for a chance at the playoffs. Divish isn't confident the team can pull off another turnaround like last season, but I believe in you all. My faith is blind, uninformed, and unshakeable. 

Sammamish city leader resigns after homophobic comments: Sammamish Planning Commission member Wassim Fayed resigned Monday after he said during a public meeting that members of the LGBTQ+ community spread disease. Fayed is also the owner of Tanoor, a Lebanese restaurant near Lake Union. Read Vivian's piece on his screed.

Windy weather day: Today is expected to be hot but gusty, especially on the water. Careful paddle boarding, folks!

Remember when DeSantis allegedly sent migrants to Martha's Vineyard? A Texas sheriff's office recommended that a San Antonio-area district attorney file criminal charges related to the transportation of the 49 migrants, according to the Washington Post. The recommendation did not name who the office should file charges against. DeSantis announced his 2024 presidential run at the end of May.

Speaking of 2024: Former Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is back and running for president. He is unlikely to win, but Politico walks use through why it might be fun to watch him try. 

Union negotiations with dockworkers drag on: Twenty-nine port authorities throw West Coast ports into disorder as they continue to deny 22,000 union dockworkers what they want in contract negotiations. Major points of contention include automation and pay, according to the Washington Post. Major retail and manufacturing groups want the White House to help find a solution.

Be in an All Star preview illustration: Good luck out there today folks. Consider sending in a photo of you on a game day to be in a cool little illustration.