Happy birthday! Historic Pike Place Market turns 116 today. That makes the market a litle bit younger than iconic American Girl Doll Samantha Parkington, if that puts it into perspective at all. To celebrate, the market will host 16 days of market gift giveaways. I love free shit and I would love to tell you what to watch for, but they won’t reveal the surprises until the day of their giveaway, so you’ll have to check their social media. 

Labor splits in District 3: This morning, MLK Labor, the central body of labor organizations in the county, is expected to throw its weight behind cannabis grower Joy Hollingsworth in the race to replace Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant in District 3. Sources who attended the endorsement meeting said Hollingsworth supporters came out strong, with “new” delegates whipping votes before the low-turnout meeting. Bolstered by the support of the trade unions and public service workers, she just barely reached the two-thirds threshold to earn the endorsement. The endorsement is somewhat surprising since the Seattle Times and the big business-friendly Mayor endorsed Hollingsworth, but labor has joined forces with corporate-backed candidates in the past. For example, the labor council rallied behind Mayor Jenny Durkan over Cary Moon in the 2017 general election. And besides, UFCW 3000 already picked Hollingsworth a few months ago.

What about Alex? If all of business and labor join forces, then Hollingsworth will be tough to beat. But so far, it looks like labor will be split. Hollingsworth's close competition, Alex Hudson, already earned the support of SEIU 775, and their PAC spends big money on campaigns. So far, their PAC has donated $300 to Hudson and none to Hollingsworth. Plus, Hudson could still get some support from other unions, or even business due to her approval from the Downtown Seattle Association. If you're a fan of Hudson, Hollingsworth's latest endorsement actually might be an okay omen. MLK does not have history of influence in District 3. In 2019, they endorsed Zachary DeWolf, who placed fourth in the primary. But we will see who becomes the "labor candidate" when that labor money starts rolling in. 

Just a little longer: We're in for another scorcher. The extreme weather warning is still in effect until tonight at 11 pm as temperatures will hit the upper 80s again. Here’s where to find heat shelters to get through the day. Tomorrow will be much better, with a high of 75 degrees. Hopefully then the light rail will be less sweaty. 

Exceeding expectations: Washington's new carbon pricing program, which auctions off carbon allowances to big polluters, has brought in almost $1 billion. That’s a whole lot more than what the State thought the pricing program would raise. Initially, the numbers people expected to raise about $220 million in revenue, and then more recent estimates projected about $480 million. 

Oh oh oh: Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing O’Reilly Auto Parts for allegedly discriminating and retaliating against pregnant workers. According to the lawsuit filed yesterday, Ferguson asserts that the company refuses accommodations for pregnant workers as a policy. At least 22 women claim the company refused them accommodations as basic as taking a break to sit down or limiting exposure to hazardous materials that could terminate a pregnancy. Moreover, when someone would ask for such accommodations, the lawsuit alleges that O’Reilly Auto Parts would retaliate against the pregnant workers by demoting them or bullying them out of the company.

Appeals court wants to limit abortion pill access: Though nothing will happen for now, the Trumpy bozos on the Fifth Circuit ruled that doctors and other health care workers cannot prescribe mifepristone remotely and that no one can send the drug through the mail. Moments after the decision, the DOJ asked the Supreme Court to hear the case, and analysts think the court will take it up in a couple months, according to the New York Times. If SOCTUS doesn't take up the case, then this dumb ruling stands. If they do, well, then, the same people who brought you Dobbs will decide this case. 

Land for locals: The Governor of Hawaii ordered the state attorney general to figure out a moratorium on land grabs in Lahaina that's airtight enough to survive anticipated court challenges. The move will protect families from predatory attempts to buy their land while poor conditions may lead them to take bad deals. This effort to keep land in the hands of Lahaina locals comes in response to the huge fire that has claimed more than 100 lives.

Trump doing time: Authorities said yesterday that they expect former president Donald Trump and 18 others will be booked at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta some time by August 25. You know, because he’s accused of trying to overturn the 2020 election. Jail is a terrible place to be, and this particular jail is notoriously overcrowded, with people waiting in squalor for sometimes years to face trial. Trump will not experience those horrors in the slightest. While everyone obsesses over Trump’s mugshot, here’s a look at the deplorable conditions regular inmates face everyday at Fulton County Jail.

Tricky tricky: According to CNN, Trump may try to get his case tried in Federal court. This could delay the case (which he loves to do), and if he's successful, he could get a more Trump-friendly jury and he would keep the trial a little more private, since cameras are not allowed in federal court. But also, if it were me, bring the cameras and let me play the victim to my base ahead of the 2024 election. 

Another day, another transphobic attack: State Republicans in North Carolina used their supermajority for evil when they overrode the Democrat governor’s veto on three bills attacking trans kids yesterday. Those heinous laws include a ban on gender-affirming care for minors, restrictions on how schools and teachers can talk about gender identity, and finally a law that bans trans girls from competing on girls’ sports teams. 

Here’s what I’ve been listening to… unfortunately…