Just a dusting: Seattle saw some snow Thursday evening. We are like a little donut sprinkled with a delicate layer of powdered sugar. Maybe we will see more flurries Friday or Saturday, but the likelihood is low. What is more likely is things will freeze as temperatures dip into frigid territory.

Alaska passengers sue Boeing: You'd probably feel litigious, too, if a door flew off your plane mid-flight. The Six Alaska Airlines passengers who experienced the Boeing 737 Max 9 blowout are suing the company, saying they and the rest of the 165 passengers on that plane deserve compensation. They listed injuries in the suit; one experienced a concussion; others had difficulty breathing; one said they almost passed out; another, who has a seizure disorder triggered by stressful situations, seized.  

Boeing blues: In the wake of this Max 9 snafu, the Federal Aviation Administration announced it will begin "auditing Boeing's aircraft production and increase oversight of the troubled manufacturer," according to KOMO. The FAA is also investigating whether the portion of the fuselage was manufactured correctly. Meanwhile, a new report shows Boeing knew something was up with the door plugs on the Max 9. The plane that experienced the blowout had maintenance done to tighten fasteners on the door panel opposite the one that blew out. So far, loose fasteners have been found on around 15 Boeing Max 9s. 

eBay faces criminal charges: The e-commerce company faces charges of stalking, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice after employees mailed live spiders, cockroaches, a funeral wreath, a bloody pig mask, and a book about surviving the loss of a spouse to the home of a couple who ran an online newsletter that did not cover eBay favorably. The company agreed to pay $3 million to resolve the charges. Two executives faced prison time for their role in instigating the abuse. Imagine how many spiders I could have mailed to you Slog commenters during my tenure on the godforsaken blog? But I didn't, because I have self restraint.

Did you see all those City Council position 8 hopefuls? Including the bozos? Well, there were over 70 applicants to fill Teresa Mosqueda's seat as she leaves the Seattle City Council for the King County Council. You can read more about it all here. Or, maybe this is all you need:  

Measles in Philly: In the last month, eight people contracted measles as an outbreak spreads in Philadelphia. The outbreak started when a child contracted the illness outside the country and developed symptoms upon returning home. In the children's hospital, measles spread to a parent and an unvaccinated child. The parent was offered medication usually reserved for unvaccinated people to stop infection after exposure, but she refused it. Then, the parent dropped the kid off at daycare two days in a row in spite of quarantine instructions. Four people became infected. None of the infected people had been vaccinated against measles or had previous measles infections. Health officials fear more measles cases will arise. Please, please, give your kids measles vaccines. And all the other vaccines they need. We don't have to cosplay like we live in the 1800s and have no access to modern medicine.  

Flooding in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Kinshasa, the capital of DR Congo, is under water. Floods from the overflowing River Congo have killed more than 300 people in the past months. Over 200 houses are submerged. People navigate roadways with canoes. The river is at its highest point in six decades with water levels exceeding 20 feet high. 

Israel in the World Court: South Africa leveled accusations against Israel in the United Nations' top court, the International Court of Justice. According to South Africa, Israel's actions in the war in Gaza amount to genocide. Israel defended itself on Friday by saying that killing 23,000 Gazans and driving 85% of the Gazan populations from their homes was actually self defense. The ICJ could order Israel to halt operations, but it has no way to enforce its rulings. 

Red Sea drama: The Iranian-backed Houthis have been attacking commercial ships sailing through the Red Sea with drones and missiles. The group, which humiliated the US-backed Saudis by essentially winning the war in Yemen, claims these attacks are in support of Palestine. To protect the shipping lanes, the US, Britain, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and Bahrain conducted air and naval strikes on Houthi-linked targets in Yemen. A retaliatory response is likely. How do I know? Well, a Houthi spokesperson said, "It’s not possible for us not to respond to these operations."

No one likes you, WA GOP: Conservative darling Brandi Kruse tweeted some head-to-head polling about the Washington gubernatorial race. One question pit Republican Dave Reichert (who you may remember as the former King County Sheriff and Congressman from the 8th District) against Democrat and current Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Kruse focused on the two candidates' seemingly equal favorability in this poll, but what really stands out is how 52% of respondents dislike the Republican lawmakers in the State Legislature. 

Sound Transit finds interim CEO: After former CEO Julie Timm departed after just 16 months on the job, Sound Transit needed leadership. So, they've hired an interim CEO in Goran Sparrman, who directed the Bellevue Department of Transportation for 12 years and served as the Seattle Department of Transportation's interim director from 2011 to 2014, and then again for a spell in 2018. Sparrman most recently was the vice president of engineering firm HNTB.

Headline of the week? "Florida school district pulls dictionaries for 'sexual conduct' descriptions"

A recommendation for your Friday: I am so many years late to this, but I've been reading "Know My Name" by Chanel Miller. It's the simultaneously horrifying, beautiful, tragic, touching, and infuriating memoir about Miller's experience as a survivor of sexual assault. It traces her life after the assault and the court battle against her attacker, Stanford swimmer Brock Turner. While the book brutally lays bare the fucked up reality of how the system treats SA survivors, it contains nuggets of hope and beauty.