Good morning: Some chance of rain during the day today, but big chance of rain tonight. My music suggestion today includes a recommendation about going to see Tkay Maidza at Neumos tonight. If you go, figure out an outfit that includes a rain jacket, especially if you plan to be out at midnight.

Excluding Trump from the ballot: A case before the US Supreme Court today asks the court to consider whether Colorado can exclude former President Donald Trump from its 2024 presidential ballot on the basis he did an insurrection, according to the Guardian. Given Trump nominated three of the judges on the court, it seems unlikely they'll exclude him. If they do, it could set off a chain reaction as states across the country remove Trump from the ballot under the Fourteenth Amendment.

For shame, Washington State Senator Annette Cleveland: Rich wrote a cutting retort to Sen. Cleveland's stated opposition to an anti rent-gouging bill that would have capped rent increases across the state at 15% a year. Cleveland argued that a 15% rent cap would leave renters vulnerable to unaffordable rent increases, but, as Rich pointed out, Washington has no rent cap right now, so we're all vulnerable to 100% rent increases, or to whatever increases landlords want. 

Anyway, Cleveland's cowardice couldn't come at a worse time. Seattle plans to allocate about a third of the dollars it allocated last year to pay for new affordable housing projects in the city, according to the Seattle Times. This means just four new affordable housing projects next year. In related news, housing advocates filed an initiative to impose an excess compensation tax on corporations that pay people more than $1 million to fund Seattle's social housing authority. Hannah calls the tax JumpStart's "Hot Younger Sister." If you want more than four new affordable housing projects next year, keep your eye out for signature-gatherers. 

Apodments: A bill in the Washington State Legislature could legalize "co-living housing," which is the new phrase they're using to describe apodments, or "microunits," or whatever you want to call a 150 sq ft apartment with shared kitchens that rents for around $800 per month, according to the Urbanist. One of the bill's sponsors, Representative Mia Gregerson (D-SeaTac), said this type of housing creates an affordable option for people and could build community for those who may not otherwise have a lot of social interaction. Kind of cute.

PCC workers finalize a contract: With their new tentative agreement, PCC workers became some of the highest-paid grocery and meat workers in the area, according to United Food & Commercial Workers Local 3000. We love to see serious organizing pay off. 

More Washington Legislature stuff: The alcohol-in-strip-clubs-and-nudity-in-gay-bars bill passed the Senate, and now it's onto the House, where Speaker Laurie Jinkins will make or break the bill. 

Howdy Bagel reopens: Daniel Blagovich has gone back to work after the tragic death of his husband, Jake Carter, who was shot and killed in New Orleans in January. Blagovich and Carter opened the all-ages queer spot and bagel shop, Howdy Bagel, in May of last year in Tacoma. KING 5 quoted Blagovich as saying he never imagined doing this work without Carter, but that he imagines Carter is proud of him for continuing. Show some love for someone going through something truly terrible and make it down to Tacoma for a bagel if you're able. There will be a line. 

Trouble in paradise: Rudy Giuliani needs Trump's campaign to pay him $2 million as he looks to offset a nearly $148 million defamation judgement against him, according to the Independent. Though the case stems from Giuliani fighting a "spurious legal battle to overturn election results" on behalf of Trump, he doesn't hold the former president personally responsible for the debt, so that's nice. Glad to see a friendship stay strong through tough times.

Nikki Haley loses to "none of these candidates" in Nevada: Haley lost Nevada's Republican primary this week, despite being the only candidate on the ballot. She secured just 31% of the vote, losing to the "none of these candidates" option, which won 63% of the vote. Reuters literally called the loss "mortifying." Still, Haley plans to hang in there.

Solar eclipse coming in April: The eclipse should last almost twice as long as the one in 2017, and it will mostly pass through the eastern half of North America. Honestly, I started out excited to write about this because I managed to see the last one in a cool valley in the southernmost part of Montana last time, but now I'm realizing I probably won't see this one. Still, for our East Coast readers, have a nice time. 

Tonight at Neumos: Tkay Maidza will grace Neumos with her energy tonight. Some of my friends will be there, and I'm jealous because I'm unfortunately already booked for the evening. So go enjoy Maidza for me, unless you're also booked for the evening, in which case watch her performance here on KEXP.