First things first: If you take a look outside this morning, the glimmer of sun and lack of rain may deceive you. Do not be fooled. You definitely need a jacket, and, if you run cold like me, then you need a thermal under-layer for the first part of the day. Temperatures will start in the upper 30s this morning, warming up to about 45 degrees at around 4 pm. Temperatures will fall again after the sun sets at 6 pm. 

SUPERRRR TUESDAYYYYY: Happy Super Tuesday to those who celebrate. If you're a Stranger reader who's registered to vote in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, or the US territory of American Samoa, then make sure you cast your ballot before the polls close tonight. With so many simultaneous elections, today is the biggest day in the whole cycle—well, it would be if either race felt contested. This time around we're just waiting to see if Nikki Haley performs badly enough to call it quits. 

Vote uncommitted: The campaign to vote “uncommitted” in the upcoming Democratic primary held a rally downtown yesterday. Supporters you may recognize include King County Council Member Teresa Mosqueda, UFCW 3000, and of course, the baddies at the Stranger Election Control Board. Think it's dumb to use a low-stakes primary election to send a message against genocide to the highest elected office in the country? I encourage to read our reasoning here

Speaking of Joe: The Biden administration filed an emergency application to the Supreme Court Monday asking the judges to temporarily block Texas’s new racial profiling law. The law would allow state cops to arrest people they think may have crossed the border illegally. The court granted his request, but I wouldn’t celebrate so soon. The court delayed until March 13, just three days from the bill's initial start day, March 10. According to CNN, the pause gives the court more time to decide if they agree with a lower court’s decision to block the nutso law last week. 

Wait a sec: The Biden Administration will end its free at-home COVID-19 test program. Stock up before Friday because people definitely still get COVID everyday!

Kamala 2024: VP Kamala Harris's staffers told NBC that she's allegedly not as into genocide as Biden seems to be. They claim that officials at the National Security Council watered down her recent speech calling for a six-week pause, making it less critical of Israel than she had initially intended. According to the staffers, she probably would have called off Israel's bombardment a while ago if it weren't for Biden. The staffers may have pitched the story just to make themselves feel better about working with such an evil administration, but some Twitter users speculate that at least a faction of the Democratic Party wants Harris to replace Biden as the nominee since he's tarnished any sliver of goodwill he had with youngsters when he ran in 2020.

Let’s Go Washington: The State Legislature decided Monday to pass outright three of the six conservative initiatives brought forward by a wealthy, farmer cosplayers’ signature-gathering campaign. The initiatives will ban an income tax (redundant), implement a “parents’ bill of rights” (sorta redundant, but still bad), and rollback laws that keep cops from chasing just any old car (bad!). The campaign’s other initiatives will go to the November ballot—repealing the capital gains tax, repealing the carbon tax, and make the long-term care act optional. To translate, the initiatives would gut public education to give the ultra-wealthy a tax break, let corporations pollute without consequence, and destroy our social safety net for the elderly and disabled. Vote no!! 

Rest in peace: The beloved owner of Full Tilt Ice Cream, Justin Cline, “moved on to the great ice cream shop in the sky” on Sunday morning, according to a GoFundMe launched after his massive heart attack last month. Cline seemed like a really cool person, rolling out ice cream flavors and promotions to support abortion care, children in Palestine, and the Black Lives Matter movement. He will be greatly missed. Read about his legacy here.

Tragedy: Janice Burgess, you brought so much joy into my childhood and then again in 2021 when the world revisited the Backyardigans's soundtrack. Thank you.

Comp plan: This morning, Mayor Bruce Harrell unveiled his long-awaited Comprehensive Plan, which sets allowances for upzones and housing growth for the next two decades. I wrote about it here. To be honest, as something of an urbanist myself, I don’t love it. His plan would allow “at least” 100,000 new units over the next 20 years. Maybe the plan will overperform, but Seattle needs more than that to address the current housing deficit, not to mention the 200,000 people expected to move to Seattle by 2044. I love Seattle so much, and I really want it to be a welcoming and affordable city to all its residents and to anyone who wants to move here in the future. A plan for 100,000 units is a plan to exclude, to price out, and to fail. 

Losing her lefty credit: US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clapped back at Brooklyn protesters yesterday who demanded she call Israel's bombardment of Gaza a genocide after refusing to do so in TV interview. She told a protester filming her that its "not okay" for them to follow her at the movie theater. He responded, “It’s not OK that there’s a genocide happening and you’re not actively against it." She said he was "lying" and claimed she had already called Israel's attacks a genocide. She said that their action did not help people in Palestine. 

Haiti: After gangs freed thousands of prisoners in Haiti, NPR reports that the country is headed into a second day in a state of emergency. Here's what you need to know.

Breaking up with Spring break: Miami Police Department is cracking down on Spring Breakers this year. In a corny little PSA, actors delivered cops’ messages, threatening increased parking enforcement, DUI checkpoints, bag checks, restricted beaches, whatever. Here’s the video: