Snoozing on the job: Two pilots from Indonesia's Batik Air both fell asleep for 28 minutes during a flight from the island of Sulawesi to Jakarta. The plane veered off course. There was no damage and no harm done to any of the flight's passengers. Still, not exactly what you'd call an ideal situation. Though, snoozing pilots aren't uncommon. According to a recent survey of European pilots, "3 out of 4 pilots fell asleep while flying a plane in the month before the survey."

DOJ to investigate Boeing blowout: The Department of Justice opened a criminal investigation into the January Alaska Airlines flight where the door panel blew out mid-flight. The DOJ has allegedly contacted crew members and passengers from the flight. It will use this investigation to review whether Boeing complied with a previous settlement centered on the safety of the manufacturer's 737 MAX 8 planes, which caused fatal crashes in 2018 and 2019. One snag so far is Boeing's lack of records for any of the work done on the door panel of the plane that experienced the blowout. 

More Boeing bad news: A Boeing flight from Sydney, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand on Monday experienced "strong movement" that injured 50 people onboard. While the circumstances are still foggy, the airline operating the craft, South America's LATAM, said there was a “technical event during the flight which caused a strong movement." 

Russell Wilson is still technically Seattle news: So, I will update you on his life. The former Seahawks quarterback spent his stint at the Denver Broncos playing like hot garbage. They cut him. Now, Russ will schlep himself, his wife Ciara, and his love of god to Pittsburgh to play for the steelers for a $1.2 million contract—the league minimum. Meanwhile, the Broncos still have to pay out the remainder of Wilson's $39 million deal he signed with them. 

Grab your tinfoil hats: Okay, I'll admit it. This stuff with Kate Middleton is weird. To catch you up, Prince William's wife hasn't been seen since Christmas. She reportedly had an abdominal surgery in January. Her fans are questioning where she is, why there are no pictures of her, etc. So, to celebrate Britain's Mother's Day, Kensington Palace released a photo of Kate and her kids supposedly snapped by William. Normal, right? Wrong. Shortly after circulating the photo, newspapers and news sites such as the Associated Press removed it from their publications because of manipulation. If you look closer at the image, it's uncanny. There's definitely some photoshop errors going on with the cuff of Middleton's daughter's sleeve, but there's a very AI quality to the picture. Middleton apologized on Monday via social media saying she "sometimes experiments with editing." 

Man allegedly pushed girlfriend in front of subway: A 35-year-old man was charged with the attempted murder and felony assault of his 29-year-old girlfriend after he allegedly shoved her into the path of an oncoming subway in New York City's Fulton Street Station. The train struck her. She needed both of her feet amputated. This incident occurred three days after New York Gov. Kathy Hochul directed "750 National Guard soldiers and 250 state troopers and Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers to patrol the subways and conduct random bag searches" to drive down crime in transit centers, according to the New York Times

Washington's expensive effort to save salmon: In a lawsuit brought by Washington tribes against Washington state, a federal judge ruled the state must restore salmon habitat by removing obstructive pipes under highways and roadways that act as barriers in fish migration. To remove these culverts, it will cost $7.8 billion. It costs the state $1 million a day to do this work. And, according to the Seattle Times, it's not clear whether this will actually help salmon because the court only makes the state fix state-owned culverts, and not private culverts that block the fish. 

Academy Awards things: Ah, the Oscars. Oppenheimer dominated, taking home many of the heavyweight awards including Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor. The film won seven awards total. In an upset, Emma Stone won Best Actress for Poor Things over the rumored shoe-in for the award, Lily Gladstone, for her performance in Killers of the Flower Moon. Gladstone was the first Native American ever to be nominated for the category. Her peers at Mountlake Terrace High School dubbed her "Most Likely to Win an Oscar." The school hosted a watch party for Gladstone last night. John Cena came onstage only wearing Birkenstocks. Billie Eilish won her second Oscar for her Barbie original song "What Was I Made For?" and become the youngest person to win two Oscars. 

Ryan Gosling, the highlight: Okay, I'll admit it, Ryan Gosling's "I'm Just Ken" performance really was all that. Cute and corny. Slash was there. What more could you want?

Pro-Palestine protest shuts down traffic: About a mile away from the Academy Awards venue, over a thousand pro-Palestine protestors demanding a ceasefire shut down traffic, forcing some celebrities to get out of their cars and *gasp* walk to the awards show. At the show, some stars including Billie Eilish, her brother Finneas, Cillian Murphy, Poor Things’ Ramy Youssef, and Nimona’s Eugene Lee Yang wore Artists for Ceasefire pins while "Anatomy of a Fall’s Milo Machado-Graner and Swann Arlaud wore pins of the Palestinian flag," according to Vulture

Poor guy: "Harrison Ford says Indiana Jones theme music was played during his colonoscopy: 'Follows me everywhere.'"

TikTok's future at risk: The video app's fate could be decided by a fast-tracked vote scheduled for Wednesday in Congress. A GOP-led bill that would require China-based ByteDance to "sell TikTok or face a ban on U.S. app stores" passed through a House committee on Thursday 50-0. In response, on Truth Social, Donald Trump voiced his opposition of a TikTok ban, saying it would only serve to make Facebook—which he considers "to be an enemy of the people"—stronger. This is a reversal for Trump, who originally tried to ban TikTok back in 2020. As he put it, no TikTok would give “Facebook and Zuckerschmuck” more business.